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  1. Do you want to see better at night?

  2. My feet are the same. I’m assuming since I’m right leg dominant my right foot has a better stronger arch. Doing foot strengthening exercises and switching to barefoot shoes helped my left arch grow

  3. This isn't a normal feature of classical guitars, but is a normal feature of a guitar that needs a setup. When you buy a factory guitar of any kind, classical, acoustic, electric, whatever, they will often need some adjustments made with saddle height, and even sometimes some finishing work on the frets. Fortunately, setups are usually not that expensive. Find your nearest guitar tech and they will get you squared away.

  4. Just buy a case of multi purpose solution and store the contacts in a case while you shower

  5. Do they sell empty cases for contacts? Thats a smart idea with the solution. What kind of case would you recommend or could I just reuse the disposable containers?

  6. Usually when you buy a bottle of multipurpose solution it comes with a case.

  7. Zero Gravity | Louisville, KY | Dec 31, 2021

  8. I feel like most coffees from Happy Mug are 4 stars at best, but their Ethiopian Guji surprised me. My wife told me it's her favorite coffee I've made. It tastes like strawberry/raspberry jam with some blueberry notes.

  9. Usually order from happy mug and was hoping someone in this thread made a recommendation. Thanks! I'll check that one out.

  10. I'm having the same problem and I see it has not been fixed.

  11. Notion sent out a tweet saying they were having server troubles this morning but mine is back up now. Was pretty urgent at the time when I was going to review some toggle questions I made for my exam that was in an hour lol

  12. Having the same problem Did you ever get this fixed?

  13. Have you brought this plan into action, friend? I am looking to do the same thing- get a zero water pitcher to cut down on waste and use that to make my own water. I've read some so-so reviews about the water filter online.

  14. Still waiting on my black and maple EKG (not that it makes my coffee taste any better than my simple electric kettle from target, it just sparks joy) but

  15. Cool setup! Never seen somebody with an Apex before but have been curious about it. I have the OE Lido and it does great work for my pour overs. I also just started using third wave water the past week and it has changed my pour over game for the better!

  16. If you’re curious enough to be willing to stand around and grind for like 3 minutes and don’t mind all the negatives (I can combat the retention with the included brush; I just jam it up in the grind chute far enough and with RDT it all falls out) then yes, this absolutely will make a colossal difference to the clarity of your coffee. I almost guarantee it. I made the leap from a Baratza encore and can’t imagine going back

  17. Maybe next time try to add a few drop of water to your beans before tossing em in the grinding chute to help cut down on static retention

  18. Gaslighting has a real definable meaning and nobody here is being made to question their sanity. The propaganda doesn’t go that deep. This is just regular lying.

  19. Trump is the ultimate gaslighter, what are you talking about? His absurd amount of lying about things that are very much so false extends into gaslight territory.

  20. Echoing the other user- a fast of that length doesn't require electrolyte supplementation. But if you are generally low in those electrolytes I don't think it would hurt to take some.

  21. What product (s) do you use? Should I be trying to go for 100% DV? I've seen the electrolyte powders but most of them offer something like 5-30%. Thanks for your help!

  22. Salt, No-salt (KCl), and food grade epsom (MgSO4) salts. Once you get these raw ingredients there's really no need to buy those electrolyte powders in my opinion. I see them selling some at costco and most of them don't have a ton of electrolytes and have a lot of sugar. I use snake juice as my recipe. I mean yes you'd want to obtain all your daily electrolyte requirements and if you don't get it in your diet maybe fill in the rest with added ones.

  23. Our ancestors went a lot longer with a lot less nutrition/electrolytes ;)

  24. I'm alone when I say I've been doing 20 hours outside the fridge

  25. Hey! How did you end up getting HD58X for $130? I'm looking to get one and it's currently priced at $170 :(

  26. It was on sale for $150 for awhile and then I had another $20 off from creating a new account!

  27. On a side note- should the coffee brewed from cupping actually taste good?

  28. Of course they should be good, it’s the industry standard for tasting coffee. If it is good or not is really if the coffee is good or not.

  29. I read your post twice and can't really understand what you are asking for

  30. It may not be harmful to the fast but avoiding it would be better. Try making good tasting coffee. It’ol make things easier

  31. If you don't want to do grad school, don't even think about doing psychology. It's an absolute waste of time and you'll come out of school with no skills and marginal job prospects. A BS in psychology is a meme. You'll forget 90% of what you did in school after 4 years postgrad. Your degree will say "Hey I went to this place, read some stuff, remembered it, took an exam for it, and now here I am, the same person but with some fun knowledge about stuff that has really no real world application." Do CS and if you REALLY like psychology, just read about it on the side. CS has way broader horizons and options.

  32. At this point I really have no respect for this school. They’re always talking about how we’re a knights family and all this shit but they truly don’t give a damn about us outside of our money

  33. Yeah as much as it would be great it buy into that "family" idea, it is wishful thinking. You'd have to go to some really small school or something to get that family vibe. Universities are businesses. Other than a few select programs, it is no longer a institution of higher wisdom. You don't pay for education, you pay for certification, landscaping, and that new hotel they're building. Plus the president needs their half-a-million dollar/year salary!

  34. Question - why does one prefer bar soap over liquid soap? Liquid soap to me is much more convenient.

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