1. This doesn't feel like authright copaganda. This feels like what libleft thinks that authright believes. Most of the time people use the "he was resisting" explanation, it is in response to the cop's use of force, not lethal force.

  2. but it is really what authright believe. the 1st thing they say is always "iTS His fAuLT fOr noT CoMplYinG" when someone innocent got killed by a cop.

  3. I mean, that’s entirely dependent on the situation. If you’re fighting the cop and get killed you are absolutely at the very least partially to blame

  4. i don't disagree with that though. just pointing out that some people revere authority excessively, like how authright with cops.

  5. definitely the best thing I've seen this week

  6. How many of these posts are we going to see per day?

  7. different post, different people, different answers

  8. the tutturu part made me smile and giggle

  9. Never ever buy a xiaomi phone, you'll get ads in all your default phone apps

  10. you can actually turn off the ads. I'm using Xiaomi too.

  11. I always assume that only Chinese are his fans. Or am I wrong? Ramai penuh gila betul ke just Chinese? 🤔

  12. https://www.javlibrary.com/en/vl_star.php?s=aalao

  13. Ronaldo and Messi fanboys on both sides are one of the worst things about modern day football.

  14. this thing should be illegal! rasa kalau macam kat Europe ke ni dah kena fined habis dah kalau buat macam Shopee ni

  15. Man this scene is always heart wrenching. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it.

  16. Which scene is this? Sorry I don't remember.

  17. It depends on which places too. In my country Malaysia, the culture here is to let cats live their life outside too. It's extremely rare to meet indoor only cats in my country.

  18. same shit everytime. bayar dulu baru dapat. do people really fall for this?

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