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  1. Things like this gave me just the slightest bit of petty ass schadenfreude when I thought of gas prices.

  2. It’s a real life Sarlacc Pit. I was fascinated with ant lions when I was a kid.

  3. Yeah, maybe something you wanted to throw out while frozen so it doesn’t stink things up before trash day?

  4. I have to keep our trash in our very hot garage in Texas. Lots of stuff gets sealed up and frozen until the night before trash day.

  5. There's no money in it for them. They're not here to help, they're here to collect.

  6. If the total US policing budget was considered a military budget it would be the

  7. We support a lot of government jobs, but perhaps in a counterproductive way.

  8. Sure but rarely are those other areas ones that enjoy qualified immunity and shoot the people who collectively pay them. Take that with the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world (Oklahoma being the highest of even that weirdly enough) and you really start to wonder if that money could be better spent. Between the 2008 rescue of big business, Iran/Afghanistan, the private prison system, and our continued escalation of the militarization of law enforcement we have squandered generations worth of wealth and missed decades of opportunities to correct the course this country is on.

  9. Texans talk a big game about how hot it is down here and how people up north can’t take it, the truth is we all just hide inside with the AC cranked.

  10. Sometimes people steal things and then panic and just want to move them quickly. There’s no real good way (that I know of) to check against them being stolen. It’s a pretty grey area. If you’re concerned about them being fake or stolen you can ask some followups regarding their source.

  11. Well at least these are electric, you're not wasting nearly as much energy as starting/stopping an ICE.

  12. I was wondering if it actually takes more juice to start/stop. The motor shuts off when it comes to a stop doesn’t it?

  13. I mean, clearly you need to tell everyone where you’re from. The logic was unfuckable.

  14. I am guessing in 2024, if a Republican president is elected, the first order of business will be to air out these agencies and put in personnel who do their actual jobs, rather than call parents at PTA meetings "domestic terrorists" or raid Trump's home.

  15. I mean, I get it, they are putting them up in places where there are a lot of wrecks and accidents. Fine.

  16. Oh for sure, they annoy me as well, but it is worth noting they have made the area around 12th and Airport a bit safer.

  17. Way out in the middle of nowhere and we notice one of us is missing, we find him a minute later at the bottom of 12ft of water. We pulled him out and did CPR for 45 minutes waiting for an ambulance to arrive. We took turns and just kept at it. EMTs took over and used this insane compressing machine. When they got him to the hospital his pulse was faint but present. His heart stopped about 30 min later and this time it didn’t start again. I used to love to swim, there were summers where I swam daily for months at a time. I’ve been swimming 3 times in the last 4yrs.

  18. You get the most bang out of your buck with the Sentinel if your team is supportive. They need to be able to push fast and hard when you crack or get a knock, and they need to keep in mind that you’ll often be lagging behind them slightly. However, if your team is bad, pushes randomly, or isn’t aggressive at the right time, running a Sentinel feels really tough, due to the slow reload and difficulty in taking on multiple enemies at once.

  19. Have a teammate play Maggie and drill them when they try to take cover. It’s delightful.

  20. Been using Sentinel only in arenas and it fucking obliterates. Especially when you get good at popping heads.

  21. I moved a few months ago to an entirely different area of the city. It’s so odd to me to not hear a rooster crowing every 5 minutes 24/7.

  22. I have been sober for several years, but the game definitely still hit different. I've joked quite a bit about getting a Volition tattoo.

  23. big time divorced dad energy right here

  24. In Austin, I was convinced this was a friend of mine for the first few seconds I looked at it.

  25. I mean I’m sure they had some sus views given the time period but I’m pretty sure that’s just the

  26. Texan here. That is not our flag. That's the one that got waved around inside the Capitol on 1/6.

  27. I’m currently getting the crap kicked out of me by angry squirrels and cats in Rimworld. It’s rather delightful. One day I will build a colony that actually works.

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