1. I was talking to my doctor today about my insomnia and she was saying sometimes trazadone can cause worse anxiety! She recommended Wellbutrin for me so we’ll see how it works.

  2. Yeah on top of all the stomach issues this drug sucked.

  3. I was just prescribed Trazodone three nights ago and it’s been absolutely terrible. It has made my anxiety and depression and insomnia so much worse and I fucking hate it! Ugh I feel your pain

  4. Yup I was essentially up for two nights straight. I just came down from whatever effects it had on my body.

  5. I had this happen to me yesterday. Had an interview lined up with a well known gaming company, it said remote on linkedin.

  6. Recruiters are doing this on purpose fyi. They know everyone wants remote so they’re hoping they can convince a sucker to be in office.

  7. The funny thing is I prefer in office. So I know that gives me an edge up, if it's in my local area. I actually would consider Vegas as a last resort if none of my current interviews don't work out, but I wasn't ready to say that to her right then.

  8. Why do the people who can't get jobs need to be physically segregated as well?

  9. Well what I'm thinking is that it's self-impossed. Meaning that AI was dividing the town for years until it finally split. East people are angry and bitter with the technology and West people are generally well off and happy with it's place in society. UBI makes matters even worse and more chaotic so outside help is brought in once it's exposed how bad it's gotten

  10. Harassment? Intimidation? Terroristic threats? Keep going...

  11. I have to believe that the death threats played a huge part in this delay. I wouldn't be surprised if trump himself put out the hit

  12. Check out Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign. She is the only announced Democratic candidate thus far and this issue is at the very center of her campaign. The Democratic establishment and the mainstream media are doing their best to smear her name and deny her coverage though because she is advocating for changing the current system of legalized bribery.

  13. Nope! A huge problem in this country is putting false hope in wackos the one moment they agree with something we agree with. Case in Point Trump should have never gotten anywhere close to the Presidency...

  14. Remember when a bunch of people on reddit wanted Michael Avenatti to run for President just because he was representing Stormy Daniels and attacking Trump hard? I mean sure, I liked him going after Trump, but he always seemed like a sleazebag lawyer which he definitely turned out to be. We should be better than Republicans instead of trying to become like them by picking completely unqualified candidates.

  15. Yup, I liked that too. I think most of that was he showed that Democrats could and should fight back but they still haven't listened. The messaging needs to counter the GOP hate filled racist garbage that they spend day in and day out regurgitating.

  16. This dude definitely a pedophile. Oh and tell me again how social media is censoring conservatives by preventing them to say whatever bs they pull out of their ass.

  17. If anything deserves a reddit award it's this comment. ^

  18. I mean hopefully he wasn't trying to get around the AV to install more crap...

  19. When people ask for help outside your contract boundaries your two favorite sayings will be, "That's not my job please contact XYZ tech." or "No, sorry that's not in the budget."

  20. I had a job at best buy in 2020. I had a college degree but bad experience. Then after best buy I got hired as a help desk analyst. A year after that (now) I have final interviews for cyber security and a system engineer position. However, I did get 9 certs in that time period which was almost like going back to school.

  21. And people are still shocked I don't have Facebook years after I've deleted it

  22. I just put N/A. In my head canon that means none of your fucking business.

  23. 7 years in, why are you not doing something other than Help Desk, do you love it that much?

  24. Yeah I'm working on getting out now. I received 9 certs this year. Had none before that. I've been in two crappy companies thinking it would be a step up but it just ends up being more of the same stuff.

  25. Tru tru, I figured there'd be some explanation there, and was curious of the details. What certs did you get?

  26. Comptia Trifecta + stackables, Az900, SC900, and MB 910 and a google worskspace admin cert.

  27. Any time people scream this loudly about being against a cause it's because deep down they want to belong to the cause or the movement but their upbringing and the values they have been led to believe all their lives will not allow them to no matter what. So they'd rather hate the thing that they want to be or already are deep inside.

  28. I feel like Catfish has gotten so lazy. If this were an old episode they would've contacted the "wife" to see if they're actually married before running to Angela and telling her he's married lol

  29. Yeah I miss when they try to verify with personal connections or friends or the real person from fake pictures.

  30. As a fan of the bobiverse books I support this comment

  31. If star trek legacy happens quick enough I bet they have a Kirk centric episode with William Shatner

  32. I used to work for a company that resells these. BenQ, Newline, Elmo, Sharp are all good and can be customized based on EDU or Business purposes. PM me if you'd like the name of the company, if you want a large order I can get you in touch with a rep.

  33. I think it's largely situational. A number of jobs I applied to in the past were impressed when I mentioned having CompTIA certifications but a lot of people won't tag on it. I don't think it's wasted experience as there are a lot of good things in the CompTIA certs that filled in holes in my knowledge when I got started (i.e. laser printer maintenance), but they're only one piece of the puzzle.

  34. The funny thing is, most of my jobs laser printers were contracted out and all I had to do was know a little about clearing paper jams or filling toner before calling the vendor. That's it. I didn't need to know the inner workings of the printer. Like that one PBQ!!!

  35. The laser printer questions were unexpected. I've been in IT 10+ years and I doubt I know anyone who knows the voltage specs that pop up on those tests. If you work tech for a Kyocera/Canon maintaining MFP's, sure I can see need there.

  36. I've been told at the job I have now, I can't touch the canon printers because I am not a certified canon tech so I know they have their own certs and probably a whole school.

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