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Drunk hiking

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  1. He's up there wading through the blood and bones trying to find his brother.

  2. 'Take the beans!' 'Well you take the corn!!' 'Fruit cocktail comin in hot!'

  3. He slammed himself pretty good there.

  4. I used to forget how to count. Past two, number stopped making sense. Trying to count how many people in the room, I would count myself, the person doing the counting (also me) and the person trying to remember how numbers worked (also me)

  5. The inability to comprehend time was what always threw me off. Or looking at my arms, but not able to understand that I had a body. K is such a wild ride

  6. The suits are supposed to have fans? Mine didn’t…

  7. Either did mine. I'll never get the taste of that 1970s hard foam out of my mouth.

  8. ahh yes, the classic asbestos lined suit stored in the asbestos insulated attic of the lead painted gear shed.

  9. Fuck, wait, I never even thought about that. Is that really what it is? Now I'm thinking back to when I was 17 ripping out pipes from old foreclosed buildings in Minneapolis. That is that taste. Oh shit.

  10. It'll be a 2 bloom year for sure. The way the world is going, I'd be willing to bet we see a 3 bloomer in the next 5 years.

  11. This would be one of the most surreal situations ever. Uncovering an extinct creature that was living tens of thousands of years ago. Something nobody has ever seen before. So awesome that they got it into the right hands so fast.

  12. On the fire itself it's about 27000. We might make it out.

  13. Sign says 95F. It's actually in the mid 80's (in the shade) but, in 5 or so months it could be -60F. Winters now days don't get as cold as they used to be, but it still gets down to -40* or colder. I believe the coldest I've seen it here in the 3.5.decades I've lived here was -65*. And the hottest was slightly over 100*. Pretty crazy. Not many places have the temperature fluctuation like we do that

  14. My guitar collection in my dry cabin just can't withstand the huge temperature spread.

  15. Oh hey, I was just there. Lime Complex. 18 different fires in the complex.

  16. This fire season is already exhausting, and it's only July. Please be smart people.

  17. I see you've never heard of the dog suicide bridge.

  18. I don't think anyone should consider drunk hiking as a fun activity or an alternative to one. We should all be drunk hiking instead

  19. That really is a pretty big safety hazard. One of the much better options would be drunk hiking.

  20. As a side note, that Unit Chief is a bit of a clown. The originating structure was very debatably "habitable" given the request for Red Cross for the two adult inhabitants of it.

  21. Who is the creator of smoke point app? I'm trying to download, but there are a handful named that and all have just around 100k downloads which is usually a red flag.

  22. Gabriel Schine on Play Store. I've spoken with the dev on several occasions. Top tier genius stuff he's working on. One of the current projects is ridgeline silhouette recognition for correcting error in camera calibration.

  23. Copy. Thanks! I'm downloading now. That sounds like some next level smart guy stuff.

  24. Damn I'm glad I quit drinking.


  26. 2 $150,000/ea sleeper trailers, and only let the homies sleep in it.

  27. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with the smoke when it gets this bad? Any air purifier? Or old tricks? I work at a daycare and the kids n staff are miserable and stuffy

  28. Furnace air filters on the back of box fans is an easy one. Close windows.

  29. They redropped some fries after adding new ones in guessing. Maybe they just suck.

  30. Raw. Raw raw. Untouched by the sweet oil of the 80000⁰ fryer that incinerated the other half.

  31. Owner jerry rigged the termo on the fryer to go to 790°F so that "you can cook faster and ticket times on anything on the fryer shouldn't be longer than 22 seconds"

  32. Shes actually not an MD but is able to write prescriptions, for now. Won't be for much longer.

  33. Can I ask what crate you use for him (brand, height)? I have a husky that is extremely tall for the breed (probs close in height to a male GS), and he definitely doesn't fit comfortably in the 30" height crate their site calls the largest accepted size...

  34. I use the Petmate XL which is 30" height. He touches the top of it standing up, but plenty of room when laying down.

  35. Bitcoin at 9k and I'm in

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