1. The only thing I can think of I didn't see yet is to remember that your fur baby needs attention too.

  2. One of my pups wanted to lay on me all the time now she just wants to lay at my feet touching me. My other lab will rarely lay next to me on her back sleeping for a few hours but most of the time is short cuddles and she will lay by my legs touching me. I think this isn't anything you're doing your pupper just isn't into it anymore. :)

  3. Yes, but does he know he is not allowed to sleep in the bed cuz it looks like you forgot to tell him? :)

  4. If all of South America agrees does that make them All American pancakes?

  5. One of mine loves to give kisses. If she really wants to and people won't let her she just licks the air while looking at them sadly. I even get woken up some mornings as she climbs under the covers to find me. :)

  6. Can confirm. Works well. Also can confirm it’s one of the loudest things I’ve ever stood near.

  7. Had a friend ask me what it sounded like? I said, “well, imagine a skill saw cutting through sheet metal!”

  8. I haven't heard that sound for probably 30 years when my dad and his buddy cut some and I can still hear it ring in my ears. :)

  9. Mine will do this when she brings the ball back if we play in the house. We also play a game while I'm working where I kick the ball to her and she rolls it back. We can do this while I'm on calls and she's super happy for half an hour playing that way.

  10. This is what happens when you feed your mogwai after midnight. :) Poor puppers hope he gets well soon!

  11. It's been a life changer for me but my options were 5mb DSL or 20mb wifi dish. I get 100 - 200mb down and about 10mb up with SL. I wish i had better uploads for some stuff at work but hey an hour break, while that 600mb file is uploading, isn't always bad either :P

  12. Anyone know if a costco in MN has Wagyu?

  13. Def an exciting design, I like it. It wouldn't look as nice but I would like those 90 degree shutoff ball valves as they would be easier for me to use. Arthritis in my hands and someone over-tightens one of those and its just hot or cold water for me :)

  14. Oddly enough they also always wanna eat after midnight :P

  15. Wayne : “1 inch Thick Top Sirloin Steak .. Salt and Pepper heavily … grill at 400 .. 4 Minutes total ..flip each minute to get good grill marks … let sit for 2 minutes… Down the hatch.. Gill marks Bahd..”

  16. I tried something different this time and rubbed with honey mustard then salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. Let sit in the fridge overnight, smoked @ 225 till 170, wrapped, and finished in the oven. Did a 2-hour rest and served with Mac and Cheese.

  17. Thanks. I was really happy how it turned out.

  18. Sous vide Char sui ribs 24h @ 152 then air fryer to finish. Golden fried rice with lots of extra veg added done in a wok, I am really enjoying learning how to use a wok correctly. :)

  19. First attempt at Tom Rim and it turned out amazing!

  20. Mine have been wanting to go for a run too, -27 here with windchill atm. They went out before breakfast and came back in both are now happy on their beds dreaming of playing outside. :)

  21. It keeps my floors clean so it can srub if it wants to!!!

  22. My yellow is 11 and unless she's hunting or eating she wants to sleep. My chocolate is 7 and I'm sure she has cocaine stashed around the house. She is all go 24/7 but she's soo dam cute. I am getting a Vizsla pup in 6 weeks and I'm hoping they will wear each other out. :) Maybe your pupper needs some mental games? I have a few food ones that seem to help them both calm down after they make all the noise focusing on getting food out of the toy. :)

  23. The best part about those sharp baby teeth is when they fall out and you find them with your feet. I've got a puppy coming in Feb also, 1st vizsla but will by my 3rd (I have two labs already).

  24. Now I want all my flights to come with dogs. Soooo cute!

  25. Don't leave us hanging did the puppers get picked up!?!?!?!? Soo cute!

  26. Yea I am getting pretty annoyed as I want ISP load balancing back again.

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