Ye’s ideology supporters have taken to the streets

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  1. My wife’s Christmas list is as long as the spaghetti noodles she feeds me from her feet, and it’s worth every dollar

  2. Nah he barely won re-election in NJ he’d get annihilated trying to run outside the state

  3. Because Soros didn’t back his campaign in NJ but sure as hell will send the Brinks in fleets for a presidency

  4. Oh lord didn’t realize who I was dealing with. Go piss up a rope


  6. Roofers AMAZE me. My neighbor just had his done, the roofers arrived at 7am, pulled off all the old shingles and took out some wood, and by the time I got home from work my neighbor had a brand new roof. To do that in this heat no less is mind blowing.

  7. I got my roof done in august, and I was baffled. At 6 AM the workers showed up and set up a breakfast buffet on my lawn. They laid out all of their tools and ladders. 7AM on the dot the boss shows up, and they were on my roof, tarped the side, and by 9 AM old roof was torn off and new roof begun. 1 PM, the roof was finished, lawn cleaned, the only thing I found was a small piece of plastic from the packaged new roof that blew with the wind. Incredible work ethic

  8. Damn you guys have some boogie ass thermostats. Where’s my guys with the broken cover and mercury bulb?

  9. I do not wish ill on people (unless they are evil/vile beings) and people can change...I never said Geno over the Eagles I just wish him success with the Seahawks as he has b en written off for years...I actually liked Geno in seems like his Seahawks teammates like him enough...I do not understand what you problem is unless he specifically did something to harm you or your family...

  10. I just don’t have that kind of respect for him. He lied to children and no showed to an event, kids hearts were broken, and then tried to punk out the rookie that hosted the event in the locker room, which is why he got his jaw broke. You think that’s a good guy? A QB punking a rookie in the locker room?

  11. Like I said people change...has he had any issues with teams or his teammates since then??? I am sorry if you think that a mistake or a lapse in judgment makes someone forever bad in your eyes but that is not the case for me...he has apparently worked on becoming a better person and teammate since that incident...I am sorry if you were personally affected/offended by his past actions...but the past is just that especially if you work on redeeming yourself... I doubt you would like it if someone forever had ill will towards you because of your past mistakes despite you working to be a better person???

  12. Dude Geno was a bully lol, it’s not like he overcame a gambling addiction

  13. What do you need done? I might save you some money. I’m sertafied

  14. These guys have been in the streets for years. When I used to take the bus to work in 2015 they were always at the spot downtown with the same types of signs and saying all the same shit. I knew it sounded familiar when Ye/Kyrie started spouting it

  15. In Philly they always had a large spot on Market Street in a dense area. In high school I went to the car show with my girlfriend and her mom, we were stopped in front of their preaching station on a corner, red light, where the dude kept saying “the white devil is a woman!” she put her fingers on her head like horns and he started going off “AS YOU SEE HOW COCKY THE DEVIL IS” and some of the black Israelites in their costumes were laughing along, it was funny and kind of felt like performance art

  16. They still do … I see them all the time on Market near the convention center.

  17. You mean you never heard of the composers of such ballads like “Fatal Menstrual Defect” and “Garlic Sperman”?

  18. Cejudo deserves it but imo chito could wait but the dudes a g he’s gonna take fight

  19. The Porsche he was leaning on was nicknamed the Widow Maker, Pelle became a statistic to the car’s dangers

  20. Notice how it's always pitbulls that randomly attack people like this

  21. But my pibble is such a sweet boy, he loves snuggling in bed with Cayden and Brayden!

  22. Sadly, I dont. I avoided touching my phone as much as I could when covered head to toe in flour.

  23. Thank you for that. I skeeve when I see people behind the counter on their phones knowing that a half hour ago they were scrolling away while blowing up the toilet

  24. $230 for an alignment is pretty cruel lol

  25. Homie is trying to sell over 50k in damages and can’t even budge on the 1 hour diag

  26. Ooooh I want to try this. Did the flavors end up working well together?

  27. I imagine it will, when I make gravy for my ravioli or spaghetti I cook down spare ribs in over about 8-9 hours, the savory of the pork, sweet tart from the gravy and dougheyness from the pasta, yummm

  28. He’s never not wearing UFC/Venum gear. That right there is a Company man

  29. WT101. No matter what I try to substitute, nothing can compare


  31. Flaviar is wildly inconsistent. I got it as a gift and loved it for the first months, prices were right, I got a lot of coupons and shipping was free, and then all of a sudden their prices became laughable. What is the point of paying for a service when bottles are listed way above msrp? Last I checked Weller Special Reserve was like 120 bucks lmao

  32. Dude pepto makes you not shit. Need to eat some fibre lol

  33. That shit hurts. Literally. I didn’t have rib issues, but I pooed later the same day I had abdominal surgery. Not fun.

  34. If a woman doesn’t find you attractive, they should at least find you handy

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