1. I reported a post for hate bc the jacket had sunwheels, odinist runes, generally nazi shit, and it said they went over the post and saw nothing that fit the bill. Hate this place

  2. Old nordic symbols, runes and staves are a hard one to work around. While the imagery has been vastly adopted by neo-nazis, there is still also a large population all over the world who consider odinism, asatru, nordic paganism, whatever you want to call it, a personal religious practice. They see these symbols as sacred to them and their beliefs. When something is tied to an organized religion recognized around most of the world it can be difficult for mods.

  3. I knew about the swastikas and Hindu temples but not how Odinism is purely cultural for some, thanks for educating me

  4. That's so sweet and it looks sick! How'd it go?

  5. He loves it and my family took a picture of the two of us side to side in our vests :) he said he can't wait to put more patches on it too

  6. "There aren't enough windows on earth that can break us free" slow clap

  7. Not necessarily wise. A sword is a useful tool in plenty situations, however a sword cannot fulfill the purpose of a needle.

  8. Hatebreed. I once listened to 5-6 of their albums across a single month and I only liked one song

  9. I would die for the pursuit of antifascism, but I'll be damned if it's a fascist that kills me.

  10. Black flag. They have 0 riffs and my war is one of the worst, most boring pieces of music I've ever painstakingly sat through

  11. I dress visibly punk when out with my friends, and once, a friend of mine, who is gnc, and I were sitting down outside on a bench and got our picture taken very obviously but the person who took the picture thought we couldn't tell. They just turned very inconspicuously towards us and pretended to be on their phone scrolling through social media or something and turned like ~5 seconds later. They then started talking to their friends in a huddle and at a volume only they could hear and walked away later. So my friend and I walked over and asked them about it, and they got SO defensive about it. I just said "you wouldn't get defensive if you had nothing to hide" as I walked away towards my car and drove off. I felt like I had the power then, not the other way around, but if you don't want to do that I totally understand. An individuals safety is paramount.

  12. If you are a strong supporter of any politician or political movement you are a fucking idiot, author of the meme clearly is.

  13. Come on you guys, why can't we just shut the fuck up and grill and have lots of gay sex afterwards?

  14. Nice infant annihilator patch but the battle of yaldabaoth always gets the girl

  15. Hey man I wish I thought about a battle of yaldabaoth patch but I just wanted to fill it in a bit more lol


  17. You'll look back on this one with pride in a few years, vest clad, featuring patches from napalm death, doom, amebix, zyanose, etc.

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