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  1. The concept is central to Buddhist teaching. But I think you may be being too literal. suffering is inherent to being, but it is not the only thing being involves.

  2. And then lied about it. But secrets like this never last, someone will leak.

  3. That guy is nuts. No one listens to him anymore.

  4. Google/YouTube better get it figured out quick. Musk could integrate a video platform in Twitter and really pinch YouTube fast.

  5. Dr. Peterson is left-wing and believes in all the things you believe in. He is Canadian, supports their national health care, and believes in low-cost education. There really is not a "right wing" party in canada -- the Conservatives are to the left of the American Democrats.

  6. JP's not exactly politically coherent, but I do think his misunderstanding of Marxism, and his consistent conservative takes on every social issue mean I can call him right wing. I haven't heard him talk about economics much, which is somewhat surprising because he has no problem ranting about other issues he knows very little about

  7. oh you are a "that's not real communism". hope you never get to find out.

  8. Who are Glitch Poachers? This movie has already bombed so they are late to the party.

  9. Mini-skirts are not very practical attire.

  10. Technology. You would be surprised at how little barrel you really need to get accuracy -- a 2" barrel revolver is quite accurate. What barrel length gives you is increased muzzle velocity. The barrel length muzzle velocity for black powder rifles--and all the WW1 rifles were designed with black powder propellant in mind--was considerable, With a smokeless powder, we have high-pressure cartridges which will give that end velocity and accuracy with a much shorter barrel. There is simply no need for a long barrel and hasn't been for a while now.

  11. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." If you are not free to discuss ideas the assumption is they go away. They don't go away, they fester. Then things get worse. So who decides, exactly, who is allowed to speak and not to speak? People on the left seem to be of the opinion that danger only lies on the right -- their go-to is Hitler. Fair enough, but the left killed more people than Hitler managed in the 20th Century. Stalin alone killed more than Hitler. Mao--we don't even know what his body count was, but it was horrendous. Pol Pot, a straight-up Marxist. Vigorous debate and free expression are how we keep the wolves at bay, and the wolves surround us on all sides, not just the side your friend is looking at.

  12. The OP said he was sued. So, I guess you can be sued for that.

  13. I should have been clearer--anyone can file anything. Frivolous Lawsuits. The trick is not to let it be a default judgement--you have to show up and point out this is a frivolus lawsuit. The judge will toss it, if he doesnt then get a lawyer and countersue for court costs as legal fees, you will win at trial.

  14. To "Sargon": This is not how Jordan Peterson missed the mark, this is how your opinion differs from his. Generally, he is smarter than you are.

  15. woke scientist is an oxymoron. You can be one or the other.

  16. My friend the internet is not a good place for this issue--I have seen what the "manosphere" has to offer, and it tends to be full of resentment and "on the spectrum" takes of women as objects. The fact is that many women out there feel exactly the same way you do. Society has isolated people, sold them on the idea that happiness is in being a good corporate cog in the machine, and anything that distracts from that (family, children) is a bad thing--it is making everyone miserable.

  17. I want to sincerely thank you for the time, effort and thought you've put into this response. Although I'm not used and don't feel comfortable sharing my burden and thoughts (especially to a specific person, in comparison to the unnamed Internet masses), I will try to explore professional help in the hope that it will help me as you described.

  18. p.s. 12 Rules for Life was really written for you, get it on audio and listen to it...

  19. 538 is notoriously inaccurate. Prediction models based on betting have been proven to be more accurate.

  20. he is always that way--warm and genuine, and you feel a real connection.

  21. Ya'll need to think this through. Americans are only listening to carefully curated pro-war propaganda. Russia has more nuclear weapons than the united states and if only 10% of them work that is enough to destroy the world twice. This is real Darwin Award territory.

  22. In 2022 New York Virtue signals it will do something in the distant future.

  23. The term for that used to be "whistling past the graveyard".

  24. You do need to have something to offer a partner. Success is a great thing. Fame also works, some great skill, physical beauty. But yes, give someone a reason. You don't have to be wealthy, just have a good job, be a good provider.

  25. Many of the drivers you encounter here learned to drive in different countries. My wife from Mexico City joked about how festive Americans are because they keep their red and green Christmas lights up at intersections all year long...

  26. The Governor has asked for funds rather than clothes--obviously warehouse space storage and distribution is at a premium now and it needs to be different things.

  27. This is news? Gender Fluid Celebrity backs Ethnically Fluid Democrat?

  28. And how exactly was a snake supposed to feel about a large animal apparently trying to eat it?

  29. and what would that look like to a snake? snakes do not kiss. they do eat.

  30. What is your criticism? What is your point?

  31. Yet another reason TSLA is a great investment.

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