1. sure, because every single crime anyone ever commits is always prosecuted!

  2. This is even that big deal if a deal. Real crime should be to animal testing.

  3. “I can excuse crime but I draw the line at animal cruelty”

  4. Sure shady launch is a equal or bigger crime than animal cruelty

  5. Kuch bhi! No need to over analyze everything

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/onyngiYITZiecYsBTj

  7. The comments did not pass the vibe check. As many people have noted here, it’s a very common cultural practice in many regions and has historical basis.

  8. Salman Khan for obvious reasons. I havent seen any movie of his since Bajrangi Bhaijaan

  9. I have actually never seen a Salman movie in theaters & never will.

  10. "Hyderabadi" is not a language. Change my mind.

  11. Making her stand beside Disha who is looking like that in the picture and asking this question is quite brutal

  12. I like Suhana better than Disha here. Suhana looks like an average Indian girl compared Disha who I can’t relate to at all.

  13. I have been using cage for 7 years. I like it a lot

  14. Also she smoothed out all of her body. Looks so fake.

  15. Omg! I can’t unsee it now. My OCD is activated

  16. That means I do not like Tamanna & Vijay can find a better women.

  17. I will definitely give my opinion if I like too. Everyone does that here. Also the reason I hate her is because she is a big supporter of Sajid the Pervert Khan.

  18. Yeh kaun hai jo Bollywood ki movies Mein logic dhoond raha hai?

  19. I really love Life Partner starring Fardin, Genilia, Tushar, Prachi Desai & Govinda.

  20. Ya. Right. Buckingham murders isn't even a Hollywood film. Why is it mostly in English then? Have you ever heard Korean films being 80% English?

  21. There are several good Indian films that are in English for example Morning Raga. I am Not understanding the problem here.

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/l2JhtKtDWYNKdRpoA

  23. Please update us after you see the avian vet.

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