1. Burned in my brain. I could not stand them in Amazing Race. I just watched WaW, and I was glad Natalie went out first because of the Amazing Race, but then as the season progressed, I really grew to like and respect her!

  2. Already annoyed with the people twitter will stan for no reason (tbd who they are)

  3. I fucking despise all renditions of case/casen like that isn’t a name

  4. Thor’s entire story is based off Norse mythology, including the valkyrie. I’m sure they have altered it though lol

  5. Oh my fucking god…lactose…its lactose in milk…. Not lactASE

  6. I loved Silas from S3 and hoped he one day would return but yeah turns out he isn't a good person at all

  7. I loved him too as a kid and then I googled him as an adult after rewatching and…well….yeah…..dont like him anymore

  8. 50k would be lifechanging for me…hell 30k would cover all my student loans and I’d be free

  9. I poked around as long as I could so you don't have to. It's truly an abysmal place like OP says.

  10. I also looked through the accnt… “men are always undervalued in society”….. SINCE.WHEN.

  11. The entire thread is just a circlejerk of hatred. What they expressed about the final three is something that EVERYONE (except Cass stans) understands about the final 3. They explained that they voted for Gabler because of his connection to them.

  12. They’re also there for like 26 days and that’s not a long enough time to really connect with everyone. So a final 3 very likely could come down to who connected the best in such a short amount of time

  13. Her clothes all look like something I got from aeropostale in 2010

  14. Ahh yes, I choose to wear shorts in the summer because I like the attention men give me from exposed legs.

  15. I think people are having a really hard time accepting that Cassidy was the Xander of the season. I had cassidy pegged as a noncontender around the merge while doing edgic, she really did get undermined quite a lot. I think they leaned a little more into the dodo roll for Xander since he fits the young clueless dude archetype. If people would go back and rewatch the season knowing what happens at FTC and actually watch it without bias they'd be able to see Cassidy's losing edit and Gabler's winning one a lot more clearly.

  16. When I rewatched Kaoh Rong recently, Michele’s win made SO much more sense to me. At the end of the day people just aren’t going to give a million dollars to someone they don’t like no matter what game they played.

  17. The only answer I've gotten from Cassidy stans is a vague, "Gabler didn't play a better game" type of answer.

  18. I hate to say it bc I myself am a radical feminist, but stan culture just liked her bc she was a woman and if a man played the exact game as cass, no one would gaf that they lost. I think they also hate gabler bc he liked some tweets that were making fun of biden or something.

  19. Damn I feel like everyone in this sub frequents

  20. Is it just me or does no one in this family ever look clean

  21. Also grew up in a large family with one bathroom. Never shit my pants but had some close calls. A few years ago , prepandemic, a group of friends were planning a trip and one suggested four people share a hotel room to save money. Nope, not me I had enough of that growing up.

  22. I grew up with one bathroom for 6 people and we basically just had to let people in if they had to poop and we were showering. It was gross but unless you were literally on the bowl you had to let the person in to poop.

  23. Without spoiling too much, Kaoh rong (32), if you get to the merge

  24. i subconsciously memorize people’s individual footsteps and it took a therapist to point out that it’s a defense mechanism i had since i was a kid.

  25. It's actually pretty tricky to pronounce correctly. The Swedish "o" sound isn't really used in English. "Oh-vuh" or "ohw" for example are not even close to correct. The "o" in this context sounds similar to the ooh in ooh-la-la. Another close (but also not perfect) approximation is the "oo" sound in the word hoover. The "ve" sounds like the beginning of the word vegetarian.

  26. Damn, I read the entire book saying ove like the beginning of the word over😂😂

  27. Yes, that’s rather integral to the plot of the book. It’s a managed suburban neighborhood (like an HOA) and the main character is (at the beginning of the story) a busy body who does not appreciate anyone breaking the rules.

  28. Wait is this based on the book “a man called ove?” Like some weird, non swedish version?

  29. Benson to me is Olivia Benson from Law and Order svu

  30. Didn’t know her after her first or second season

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