1. I'm on team Tom needs to grow a spine and be very blunt about where he's at with both of them. Olivia and Zara seem to have two completely different takes on the situation and that boils down to unclear communication and they're getting mad at eachother because they think they have all the same info as them and are acting in spite of it.

  2. I think you've elegantly summed up all my thoughts on this situation. When Tom was saying that he didn't like the drama that went down between them, I couldn't help thinking, "But part of why it went down in the first place was because YOU didn't communicate effectively!?" I know it could all be highly edited, but that was my overall take.

  3. Searching for creature food helped me finish this time, since it takes about the same amount of energy as a 1 hour class, but gives 4 HP and 4 Clean Sweep tickets. I was able to do it every few hrs and I just did like 5 or 6 rounds of Clean Sweep back to back today to get the rest. I finished with 4 hours or so to spare.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the messages from home but why didn’t Paris get one??

  5. Raven said on Twitter that Paris actually did get a video, so I guess it just wasn't aired.

  6. I'm at 1439 right now, without any gems. I triggered two duelling events as well as a TLSQ...and I've done all friendship interactions, Quidditch, and two creature expeditions. It's a not-so-hectic time of the year for me so I've been able to play more than normal.

  7. It triggers at Year 4 Chapter 11, so I think you have to be there or later for it trigger. You can always check with Jam City if you're at that point and still no TLSQ.

  8. My bestie told me about the show, so I caught up online and then started watching season 3 on NBC as it was airing. Interestingly, I found out about Childish Gambino through the show instead of the other way around like OP. But I started with Sick Boi etc because I don't even think Camp was out yet.

  9. I live in Jamaica and you can get jerk chicken Alfredo at a couple places. Jerk chicken pizza too.

  10. Sorry slightly off topic but - I think Bartise brought up that conversation with his family, because he knew it would blow up his families perception of her and he’d feel better about not wanting to be with her.

  11. I could be way off base here, and maybe it could be editing. But to me, it seems he's been doing that little by little since the end of Episode 4. Even when they had that talk about his love usually fizzling out after the honeymoon phase...it's almost like he was giving her a heads up so he can be like...I told you so! Also, his comments about her ex, and his reaction to her conversation with Andrew (while forgetting how he was talking about Raven being a smokeshow) , all feels like him taking attention off himself and shifting blame on to her. It feels like he's sabotaging things. Again, I know things are edited and I may be reading too much into a silly reality show. But those were the thoughts I had while watching.

  12. English may be the first language but fluently reading, understanding, and speaking a language are all very different things! SK has an accent so it seems that English may have not been his first language or his primary language.

  13. This is tricky because I am from the Caribbean and while I speak creole, English is my first AND primary language. But my Caribbean accent is VERY strong, to the point that North Americans often don't realize I'm speaking perfect English. Nigeria's official language is English but I know they have over 500 languages there, so chances are that SK may have more than one primary language, but understand English perfectly.

  14. The token rewards were the same last time, but this time they seem to have raised the token requirements for each activity by quite a bit I think. I’m not sure if they also raised the ticket rewards. The saving grace this time as that you really only need to get to 600 in a week versus 1700(?) in 12 days. I’m not sure how the math works out this time vs last time considering the increased costs. I’m nearly at 600 right now, but I was also able to do a TLSQ and a dueling event. I don’t know how it would feel without those and without any ability to do 1 hour or 3 hour 5 star tasks.

  15. Yeah, once I saw that a Halloween Carnival event was coming, I stopped my Quidditch progress so I could trigger that TLSQ right as the event started. I also have been saving up my pages like crazy, so I was able to do 2 duelling events back to back, and I'm currently on my 3rd (with over 1000 pages left).

  16. I literally JUST named my Opaleye Spyro this morning, loooove that game so much!

  17. Along with others you guys have posted, Through a Lens Darkly is up there for me. Also liked Road Worriers.

  18. The Matagot outfit would be so cute but something about it looks a bit odd on the MC to me. I actually don't like the FM dress so I'll be able to relax a bit there. Thanks again

  19. I’d thought so too, but she didn’t seem to go into another role. She only has a few one episode guest spots and minor roles in a movie for a good couple of years after OTH

  20. Didn't she star in Awkward on MTV for like 5 seasons around the time she left OTH? I just assumed she left for that role.

  21. Amy Sherman-Palladino is not big on characters saying that on screen, if I recall correctly. She prefers showing love through the characters' actions.

  22. I'm not in STEM, but your experience sounds soo similar to mine. I moved from the Caribbean to Calgary, Alberta in Canada for one of my grad degrees and I felt all the things you were feeling for most of my program. My cohort went out to drink quite a bit, weekly even. I used to go with them because I had no other friends. One night I went with them and basically didn't drink, and realized that while we got on fine we didn't really connect. The turning point for me was branching OUT from my grad program into other activities and meeting people there. The other friends I made either drank very little or not at all, and I actually had very in depth conversations related to my research with them. I've moved back home but I'm still friends with them, and one even came and visited me in my home country for 2 weeks. When you're comfortable or more settled, try looking into your grad school union or any meetup groups for hobbies that you enjoy. You may not get close friends out of it, but it's worth a shot.

  23. Congrats! I'm just missing the rugs. Can't wait til we get the chair next week, it's my favourite part.

  24. We got the chair already today? I opened up the game about an hour or two ago and there was a pop up telling me to claim the chair.

  25. Wait nvm I just checked and it's the quidditch chair, my bad 🙈

  26. I won with like 1700 points over my nearest competitor with under 400 points, and I didn't really try. I'm worried the next FM will be unnecessarily difficult now though.

  27. I have all 40. Not a single thing happens, unfortunately. I'm assuming it's because they're still steadily releasing new cards monthly.

  28. Nadhja was on Siesta Key. Her type is Isaiah. She cried over Isaiah for days. She is 100% jealous of Sydney and is projecting because Isaiah didn’t give her the time of day - so she’s low key trying to type Phoebe up to get under everyone’s skin. She’s playing Jeff. She has no real interest in that gem of a man. She’s being nasty to Mackenzie because either Jeff told Nadjha she was interested in him or projecting because Mack was the one that got his heart rate up. These girls girls are a match made in heaven lol. They both absolutely suck. Lol

  29. What do you mean she was on Siesta Key? Are you talking about Canvas?

  30. I thought she was smug as soon as she said healthcare is about money. The wellness space is about money too. She had judgey organic mom written all over her.

  31. This!!! From the first time she was by Nalini's house, to when she went in to see her, to the Acai date, I just got bad vibes from her from those initial appearances. I've also been in a situation where someone appears to be understanding my mental health issues/breakdowns only to turn around and throw it in my face. So when I saw the scene with Devi I knew what was coming next.

  32. ...didn't Episodes start 7 or so years after Friends ended (meaning he wasn't necessarily grey yet)? Or was he already greying during Friends but dyeing it? Either way, I prefer the Epsiodes hair too, the salt and pepper thing is pretty attractive.

  33. I just found out about this! I wonder why the US seasons don’t work. Perhaps the people in US are just fake money grabbers.

  34. The contestants in the UK tend to live nearer to each other, since it's smaller than the US. While I agree with the points re false closeness and clout chasing, distance really makes things more difficult in the US in comparison to the UK.

  35. Jamaica, and oddly a (Jamaican) friend of mine from school recommended it. It's not particularly big here, but it's exactly my type of humour.

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