1. Saudi Arabia is a very bad country. The only reason the US or the West does business for them is because they have oil. Saudi Arabi funded 9/11 attacks and recently kidnapped, murdered, and chopped up a US/SA journalist.

  2. Totally not news propaganda, you've been fed alot of stuff yet don't bother doing actual research

  3. Spoiler: I don't get my "research" from facebook post /4chan /

  4. Bro imagine the exmuslim Reddit when they see this🤣. Thank you brother this information is very useful for some of the doubts I’ve been having recently

  5. You're welcome, if you have any other doubts then feel free to DM me

  6. Why leave salafiyyah? it's the haqq

  7. He isn't talking abou Salaf as Saliheen but abou Salafi Sect also known as Wahabis.

  8. There's no such thing as wahhabis akhi

  9. Yes but don't use that term then.. The sahaba didn't use it neither should we

  10. Some tariqas are deviant I agree with you on that. But there are pure paths that only worship Allah SWT and follow the blessed sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w.

  11. What ahadeeth is he talking about? The fact that they're alive in their graves doesn't mean they can help in this dunya, the barzakh is completely seperated from this world in terms of reality

  12. Why are you adressing a strawman? Either you adress my point or it's over, may Allah guide us both

  13. I do disagree. I stand with scholars who have an opposing take on this subject Just like extremism in breaking wudhu etc.

  14. But that's not how it works, Allah said that we should ask the people of knowledge if we don't know something, if we go by your principle then everyone can have a different opinion even in matters that are clear cut halal/haram! If something isn't clear cut, then scholars are in the best position to do Qiyaas (analogy) because they have context (knowledge about the many ahadeeth they memorized etc..)

  15. Sigh… because the scholar, May Allah bless him, talks about micro sense and essence. Where all ayat of holy Quran related, state intoxication and behaviours, impurity of liquid of which I argue all this time 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Uh I have no idea what you're trying to say but.. Just reflect on my advice dear sister, you seem to be humble and sincere so watch out with taking laymen opinion(s) over scholarly substance

  17. Brother, major scholars like Imam Ghazali, Ibn Hazm, Qadi Abubakr ibn al arabi, And many more said that the hadith in bukhari is weak and so music is halal as long as it doesnt take you away from allah

  18. Bukhari isn't the only one who narrated that hadith though, and on top of that there are different versions narrated by different sunans, and they aren't da'eef

  19. He's not even a sunni, just a delusional wannabe scholar

  20. Nope. Been there, tried that. Quick way to get dissilusioned of the faith by the people. It is a harsh test of faith. You will find that the politics and authorities are just as corrupt and social problems are still there. Sure, you have a few more mosques, but...

  21. Even if the authorities are corrupt, you're still living around majority muslims who also practice unlike in the West where it's somewhat difficult

  22. Kitaab at-Tawheed, Sharh as-sunnah, six fundamental principles, the disease and the cure (ibn al-qayyim)

  23. At least we still have Mufti Menk that is a prominent muslim scholar without many scandals (or at least i hope there isn't any scandals).

  24. I thought he is the grand mufti of Zimbabwe. But at least his lectures are mostly reliable.

  25. Well there's a huge flaw in his methodology which is made apparent by answers he gave to questions asked to him in the past (they are on youtube)

  26. Here is a link showing that wahhabis called themselves wahhabi, bro hajji is anti Wahhabi but he is quoting their own books

  27. YQ doesn't even quote from MIAW's own books..

  28. He is talking about the movement? Doesn’t need to be quoting Muhammad ibn Abdul wahhab for that

  29. Well if Muhammed ibn Abdul-Wahhaab is the founder according to him then he sort of does, just like we bring up Abu Hasan Al 'Ashari when speaking about 'asharis

  30. If Muslim nations dont give a damn about other muslims then dont expect other people to either. Think a about what the response was from muslims nations during the following conflicts.

  31. My brother, Saudi was bombing Yemen because the houtis (rebels) were bombing saudi

  32. What stops you from accepting islam?

  33. What do you mean by Salafi? What madhab is that under?

  34. No, Yasir qadhi has HUGE deviances that go AGAINST the Qur'an and Sunnah;

  35. Tahlil is basically doing zikr together with your neighbors to commemorate the loves one that are recently dead, to eases the suffering of your neighbor who left behind and remind them that they're never alone. it's more of cultural thing rather than religious thing. How it's become a bad innovation when you're not even harming yourself/others or doing shirk.

  36. But a smartphone isn't an innovation IN THE RELIGION, it's a WORDLY innovation, tons of new things were invented even in the time of the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wassalam), and he didn't rebuke any of it, but he and the sahabah DID rebuke innovations in the religion

  37. Then either that hadith has context as understood by the 4 schools, or your phone is bidah?

  38. Phone is a bid'ah in the linguistic (and wordly) sense, not the religious sense

  39. No, you're absolutely 100% incorrect. You can read any number of fatwas and it will still prove you wrong because you have never been taught what Kufr actually means.

  40. "I'm saying: Do the Quraniyoon abstain from these things? Many of them still pray and they give Zakat etc. So what's the verdict? It's in the fatwa, you absolute fool. Read it."

  41. Oh come on give me a break, clarify yourself when it comes to important topics like this,

  42. It talks about evil and hypocrisy in songs, yet this SPECIFIC song has neither of that. It's a song about working hard lol, its not the same. There is a clear difference. sorry, im not convinced.

  43. Musical instruments are haram, this song has it

  44. JazakAllah. it'll affect my focus on studies but ill stop listening to it

  45. There are conditions of being a Muslim. Salah is one of them. Whoever does not pray is not a Muslim. I don't know why murji'ah beliefs are so prevalent in this comment section. The Prophet ﷺ told us that the dividing line between a polytheist and a Muslim is prayer.

  46. There is still ikhtilaaf among the scholars though so you have to watch out, even though the majority position is what you said, Allah knows best

  47. There is no ikhtilaf on this. The ikhtilaf on salah is regarding neglecting some prayers or not praying sometimes out of laziness etc. All major scholars agree that completely neglecting salah is kufr.

  48. No, there really is ikhtilaaf when it comes to abandoning out of laziness whilst believing it is waajib to pray, but like I said the majority position is clear I would say

  49. Take the 10kg make off most girls and they'd look 'ugly'

  50. As far as we know, heaven is eternal. However, Islamic scholars have debated the topic for centuries. In fact, Ibn Tamiyaah argues against the eternality of hell. Here’s a link to a discussion about the diverse opinions on the subject and—as always—Allah knows best.

  51. A scholar talking about a possible finite nature of (people residing) in hellfire doesn't mean he adopts that view, sometimes scholars just adress a certain view as a possibility and speak about it without actually believing it, but there is no doubt both have no end

  52. There are scholars. Who else did i learn then from. I dont remember who they were and who said what but i do remember the main points.

  53. You have to re-check your understanding of innovation in Islam my brother, it's not because a deed seems 'good' that it isn't free of blame (misguidance), for example someone praying 5 instead of 4 for dhuhr or someone praying 4 before fajr instead of the prescribed 2, or someone giving 40% of his wealth for zakaat instead of 2.5%, all of these would be innovations while they look good on the outside

  54. 5 instead of 4 is a clear action of going against what has been specifically commanded.

  55. The point I was trying to make is that innovations aren't excused because they seem 'good'

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