1. Awesome drop! I still get Nadda. Am tempted to group up next time but I’m not sure if that’s anecdotal response.

  2. Does grouping matter? I've heard conflicting answers.

  3. They don't do anything, just like the civil engineer hat with +%engineer. It's for the funny ha ha

  4. I premiumified my engineer hat!

  5. I can't figure out the truck, the lettering on the tailgate ends with "TY"...

  6. Super Duty. The company that makes Mega Raptors converts any F series 250+

  7. The "cage" on the back looks like it was constructed out of handicap toilet railings. This thing is weird and questionably constructed, but to each their own I guess.

  8. I would respect it more if they took off the bed.

  9. Tgats not even a gladiator bed..

  10. They can't upcharge you $200 for the 256g version of your phone. When a 256g SD card is $9.

  11. Looks like Firebird taillights. Early 70s.

  12. Everyone employed by the mbta, beacon hill, and the city should be force to commute on the T.

  13. Column shift manual, 3 spd or 4?

  14. He said that he doesn't want any commitments. Having to accept donations would mean making commitments and he stated that he always wants to be free to move on to another project.

  15. I guess saying 'Hay that's $500 here" was also an L comment when 'Here' is Canada and the Seller is in the US, and the item is way less in USD due to exchange rates.

  16. Gen Z only prefers camrys because they got their grandma's go free.

  17. My dog is trained and loves to give comfort to people by letting them pet him. That being said, I ALWAYS ask people if they are ok with dogs before we approach them. Some people just don't like dogs.

  18. Its not like I let him run around off leash in the whole store or anything.

  19. Some people don't control their dogs. That is the problem.

  20. Fair, although i've never seen that in a store, dog park totally different story, half the people there shove their face in their phone and totally ignore their dog.

  21. I think you're referring to Active Drive. When the 4WD system disables the driveshaft and rear wheels, turning the Cherokee into a FWD car to gain MPG. That is done with sensors and tiny little motors inside the transfer case and rear differential. It's an award-winning design and revolutionary really. But.. eventually the little motors fail and the entire 4WD system grenades usually under 100k. Warranty is a must, not something you can replace in the driveway. Because of the electronics you can't just swap 4wd parts out without resetting computer modules which for the most part only Chrysler has access to.

  22. Meaning the 2wd version FWD / transverse engine, and it's built on a car chassis. Like basically every CUV these days.

  23. I know. I was just stating an example of what uses that format. I always thought it was only tires that used that format. Never knew batteries did too.

  24. Batteries use MM/YY not WW/YY was what I was trying to say...

  25. Thats very nice, now time to get going for that greenstack

  26. That only really takes a few days to save up for, doesn't it?

  27. You can buy 30k / day you need 175k per pouch, so 6 days per. Also need to be in W4 to get the other items you need, including the recipe.

  28. The key isn't stored on your account. It is bound to the motherboard. (Don't ask me how this works) I've installed Windows 11 multiple time using a local account (with

  29. This is on PCs that came new with Windows typically brand name pcs HP, Dell, etc.. . They will have an OEM key in the Bios, if you home built a pc it won't.

  30. I updated my home built PC to from win 10 to win 11. Even after reverting to win 10 and back to win 11 again, the key is now locked to my PC...

  31. You can unlock it through MS.

  32. Bald eagles sound more like retarded chickens, the screams they overdub for bald eagles is a hawk (iirc a Red Tail?)

  33. It's not like it's original Lego packaging, it's never been in a package, the thing it came in is generic clamshell the store probably put it in.

  34. The font is wrong and it’s not embossed. Massachusetts also hasn’t ever used that format of letters and numbers. The last number is also supposed to match the registration month, which it doesn’t.

  35. How's that work for November and December?

  36. Tons of cad users in my office, a lot of the Autocad commands require caps, so we get a ton of email / ims in all caps.

  37. I'm just wondering what you have against people parking on public streets in areas specifically designed and created for cars to park?

  38. Because they act entitled that it's 'their spot' the roads are for everyone and not your personal 24/7 storage space.

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