1. Probably about 50p. Not rare, and who has a 360 these days.

  2. You can try. You might be lucky and someone made a note of an abandoned item. Probably not though.

  3. Scam. My feeling is that the card and pin were stolen or cloned, and purchases made by your friend. They may or may not be traceable to him directly but they're probably on CCTV. It will probably come back to them eventually, or they may end up on an arrest list if they ever return to the country and are spotted. Make a record of as good a description as they can of the person who asked, when and where, and report it now, before any other CCTV is wiped. If they're innocent then be innocent and admit a stupid naïve mistake.

  4. Only the sender can claim from royal mail. Your claim is against the seller. Contact them first, dispute with eBay. Last resort is credit card company.

  5. It does show that spell check is not a substitute for proof reading, or even just re reading

  6. There's a road called "cup and saucer" in cropredy village.

  7. Why would you. You'll have to clear it up eventually.

  8. Don't annoy the reverend mothers.

  9. It's Saturday, people have got time, and there's been so much salt and grit on the road you can barely read number plates. Spontaneous mass action.

  10. It's better than what was there before. If I recall, two mini roundabouts, right next to each other. No-one really knew what to do. They're ok really when you get the hang of it.

  11. Looks good. How is the egg cooked please?

  12. Thanks. The eggs are hardboiled and peeled. Then they are added to the pork for the last ten minutes while the sauce thickens.

  13. I traveled there 5yrs ago, got curious and tried. Taste like old wet beef jerky to me. 1/2 of the slice was thick fat. One of the very few Japanese things I'm not impressed. Love everything else.

  14. I've never been anywhere that serves it. I eat most things at least once when offered, and this is probably where I would draw the line.

  15. That would be from scientific whaling then. Not commercial at all..

  16. It's not stolen, it's just not yours. Ip addresses are usually assigned dynamically in this sort of situation. At some point the device you're using may have been set to a static IP which the WiFi system has already assigned. There will be a setting in network properties where you can set to a dynamic IP. Should fix it. If you have admin rights. Google is, as always, your friend -when you can connect.

  17. What does Sony say. Do you need to adjust the ps5 output

  18. You can see them in use here. Underwater pipes are wound around it.

  19. Seems the same, but I wonder why it's still turning. Looks all wrapped up?

  20. While I admire the architecture, I can't help thinking what better use the money could have been put to in a country with much abject poverty.

  21. No, because that would be illegal

  22. And the fact it takes them half hour to make a basic cheese sauce

  23. Yes, I wouldn't buy Mac and cheese at that price. Half an hour's work to prep and cook, and about £1 for ingredients. Edit: per portion, you can buy à load for 9.50, I would say at least 5x this much.

  24. Probably considered potential weapons.

  25. You can use it but probably shouldn't.

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