What-if: Civilization VII

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  1. I have the same problems, you can probably check your local universities. For the ones that you dont have there or want to own you should set alerts on the second hand market you have at your country, and second hand online bookstore, make a list of the books you want and search them all once a week. I had a lot of luck with that, getting 200 euros books for 20.

  2. So while the Spanish Legion today are probably just ordinary people. They famously committed a bunch of war crimes during the Spanish Civil War for facist dictator Franco.

  3. Were actually funded by Franco and another fascist, sadly I know some of them and a lot are openlly fascist and they oficially deny their crimes. The Spanish military is the same that the Spanish dictator francisco Franco leaved when he died. My grandfather was military, my uncles are, and a lot of them are a bunch of fascist.

  4. Oh man that was stressful. The entire time before you shot I was like "Shoot SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!" Nice kill though, you got him.

  5. If i missed he would probably had smoked me

  6. I almost always wait for the full game with dlcs, for 15-20 bucks

  7. Give me a situation where the the literal machine gun in your hands becomes less useful than a pistol. Bear in mind that line infantry equipment and weapons scaling is geared towards conventional greenfield warfare and not Hollywood CQB.

  8. A critical failure of your gun, a jam that you cant clear in the next 60 seconds.

  9. In spain they created a special division UME (unidad militar de emergencias) ready at al times for any tipe of disaster relief. The kit they use look more like firefighter than soldier. It is a highly prestigious unit and really hard to get into. If they are disasters in other countries they will also travel to send help abroad. They do everything from humanitarian help, firefighting, flooding relief, earthquake search and rescue and anything they are tasked. They have been in almost all of europe, turkey and south america. They are a real pride for everyone here.

  10. Use a couple of them for your sistem and sell the res, or gift them o friends that also game.

  11. We dont talk about that here, it never happened.

  12. This skins microtransactions are getting out of hands

  13. Loved it when the bird realized he was helping him.

  14. That bird tried to defend itself, it couldnt and entered shock (that when he stops fighting). Look up a video of a bird being carried by a predator, they are completly alive, but dont move or fight, because they are in shock. I am a wildlife rehaber and see this with every bird I rehab. From sparrows to 2 meter wingspan birds of prey. They dont care we are helping. After a while of being traped by predators they will try to flee again, and around that time is when they have better chances of surviving because the predator has probably relaxed from the hunt.

  15. First of all lets state that anybody without training handeling a wild animal is probably going to do it badly. BUT: without your average person finding an injured bird, picking it up an puting it in a cardboard box most wildlife places couldnt work becous we dont have the resources to send people to pick up every bird.

  16. Sorry, I was pretty sure they were gonna kick me out the game

  17. In my experience I have been rarely kicked of a multiplayer game after fucking up, stay in the game and help them reach that point again

  18. This is something I struggle also, I like to do hikes and a lot of them cant be done in a reasonable time if I am stopping for birds. I have to force myself not to stop at every bird. In the end the answer is to get really fit, sou you can stop for a bird, cacht up with the group and dont get tired.

  19. 22 year old here - we're young! Birding definitely attracts an older crowd but it's for everyone, enjoying birds and wildlife shouldn't just be for kids and retired folks. Welcome to the hobby, I may be biased but it's one of the best out there haha.

  20. I made a group of friends that are young birders ranging from 16 to 26 years old, when we appear with a couple of cars at a raritie the 60+ years olds folks that dont already know us get kind of amazed. Birding is hella fun.

  21. I mean to be fair both can be true. It can at the same time cause cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  22. If you still believe red wine is beneficial let me brake it for you. The places this studies have been done have a really good mediterranean diet, where it is traditional to drink wine. But you get the benefits from the mediterranean diet if you drink wine or not. Correlation does not mean causation.

  23. it is well known that alcohol makes blood cells less sticky and less likely to form clots.

  24. If you are actually drinking enough alcohol to act as a blood thiner you have biggers health problems to worry. You need a massive intake for alcohol to reduce your blood density

  25. Lets remember the vaccine is not perfect, but it drastically reduces the symptoms and the spread of the virus. If somebody who isnt vaccinated gets it, you have a lot of chances of getting it if you stay with him. So now you get deployed, you sleep with 30 people in a tent. The unvaxed guy got the virus and is spreading it like crazy to the rest of the people in the tent. A week may past before everyone realise some people have covid and they develop serious symptoms. That week a lot off people have been assigned to do patrols with reduced phisical capacity, space awarenes, trouble maintaining focus, the kind of stuff that can get you or somebody else injured or killed. And pray you are not needed the couple of days you get the hard symptoms and feel like you cant breath even if you are vaxxed. Thats a really bad set of circumstances that can happen because of this.

  26. If you dont get infected you dont spread the virus, you have less chances of getting infected if you are vaccinated

  27. So photos are from: Ukraine Irak Vietnam Korea WW2 WW1 ¿a Franco prusian war? ¿cuba? ¿US independece war? Any help with the last two or any mistakes will be welcommed

  28. I was a kid, I had a 3 month vacation ahead of me without internet. I downloaded every singleplayer game I could in my laptop. Half of them wouldnt even launch, a lot of them had ofline restrictions, so if I had pirated them all I would have had a better experience.

  29. Yo era de los que se cagaban en Gallardón y sufrió los años de obras continuadas. Y aunque creo que se debería investigar la malversación de fondos de parte de las obras, reconozco que el impacto positivo que ha tenido Madrid Rio sobrepasa los daños económicos con creces y que las generaciones venideras lo considerarán como una de las grandes obras que modernizaron y humanizaron Madrid.

  30. obviamente construir todo eso tuvo que perjudicar a mucha gente, yo nunca lo conocí antes pero por lo menos ahora es un espacio para la gente y no un parking o un bloque de pisos modernos, y seguro que hubo pelotazos para los amigos al hacerlo

  31. Reminder that the thread is no longer safe check for similar ones on other subs

  32. Dont know why but they stopped curating it and some of their sites arent safe anymore, check

  33. Thats why I dont buy games anymore, loaded my hard dive with my steam games for a 3-month period without internet and half of them didnt work or were missing a lot of features

  34. I thought only black bears bluff charge? Or is it brown bears too? Guy didn’t look big enough to be a grizzly.

  35. All mamals can bluff charge, and will probably do it if they are not hunting you, but some do it less frecuent than others

  36. A couple of really happy sisters around 6 years old talking to another kid in a summer camp: The doctor has just discover that grandpa has huntingtons disease and all the family is going to a big vacation tomorrow. I knew the mother and she didnt seem well when she come to drop the kids at camp that morning, was kind of a shock puzzling it all together.

  37. What a distopia. And it only covers your household.

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