1. I usually run a glaive or wave frame gl in the energy slot with osteo

  2. There's a seasonal activity from last season called psi ops Battlegrounds. It's 3man strikes that are tied to last seasons story and have they're own weapons that can drop there. They're very similar to.a vanguard strike with a few extra mechanics for the final bosses. Acces it through the HELM.

  3. It's legit mandatory to have the companion app for this game on your phone or pc. While you're in orbit, you can check every Vendors inventory (shaxx, banshee, zavala etc) for what armour/weapons mods they have that day. You can also purchase the daily bounties from all of them (gambit, edz, throne world etc) while in orbit only. This saves running planet to planet looking for them so an obvious must. The real MVP of the app is the inventory. You can move weapons and armour between any character and the vault, at any time. Mid strike you can decide you want that awesome bow and grab it from the app instantly.

  4. Yup I have all my destiny apps still downloaded on my phone lol I never deleted them when I uninstalled it a while ago

  5. He’s in the event crafters it’s tmeli number 1 king 2 and tOne 3 then these characters are the shit ones for the banner lol

  6. So it dropped for me, I killed the two things, killed the boss down below got the Oleg summon. Fast traveled someplace, saved and quit last and I loaded back in today and it’s not in my chest or inventory under anything. Any ideas??

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