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  1. The m2 on your machine is pcie, not sata. Just get a pcie one, I have a couple 970's in mine.

  2. Taking Beer goggles to Alpha level. How long after it heals will you tell her it is?

  3. That's not how it works. No icon-Bluetooth off, icon- Bluetooth on, icon + connected - Bluetooth on and connected. It's worked like this since I got the phone. I agree that since the wifi icon acts like you want the Bluetooth icon to, they should act the same.

  4. Because you have windows power management selected instead of Asus silent or performance. the bar at the bottom where it says windows, Silent, performance, click on them to change it.

  5. Garlic is nice in that eventually it sends up little green flags to show you where it is.

  6. You downloaded more ram? Apparently it wasn't applied evenly.

  7. It's in time machine mode, not duplicator or transmogrifier mode. Which is good I guess.

  8. Wow man.. that's a great improvement. I'm on FA506II... still waiting for the BIOS update, since last year 🥲.

  9. Even on silent mine won't go below 850, using windows power mode drops as low as 680. Sigh, thanks asus.

  10. Also, check for hidden worksheets. Had a hidden sheet that someone setup to do the pulls and hid so it wouldn't get broken by others.

  11. No, listens 100%. Agrees and does 70%

  12. So cows do kill more people than sharks.

  13. A stretch, don't know where you are located but are you somewhere that the solar flare could have some impact? It was weak but maybe enough for the led bulbs to show it?

  14. Microsoft used to want four to five hundred bucks per office license every couple years. We were a family of three. Maybe I wore an eyepatch then. They came out with 99.00 / year for the family plan. It's now easier and cheaper to pay that and get a terabyte per user of storage. They don't care who I share with and I don't think about it. Meanwhile, Netflix has lost/removed stuff I want,band want to tell me where and when I can use it. All while raising prices. The biggest difference is that I/we need office and storage, I don't need Netflix. Lots of luck Netflix. Tell me how this works out for you in 3 years.

  15. The biggest/best thing with this phone is 65 Watt warp charge. In the q/a section they state it comes with a generic charger that isn't . Find one that come with a warp charger.

  16. I have such a hard time finding fresh dill in NorCal. I never had trouble finding it on the East coast. I’m about to give up and grow it myself.

  17. Am on the east coast and never were seeming to find the herbs we needed. This led us to an aero garden. We now finally always have enough basil for pesto. And the aero garden is a great place to start stuff that we end up replanting in pots so we can start more in the aero garden.

  18. You have a collect call from "momthemoviesoverandwe'reoutside", will you accept the charges? "no"

  19. 7726 is S-P-A-M. Official t-mobile

  20. And thus, the auto make/model subs on xda began

  21. Orange blossoms. Nothing quite like driving through a huge grove when they're blossoming.

  22. Do you have the epic game launcher installed? I had the same issue and I exited the launcher for work stuff and the temps dropped and the Fans slowed. I fired it up later and even though task manager showed nothing going on with epic launcher, temps went up 10 degrees and fans were running 50-60%. Exited again, same thing, temps and fans dropped. Steam nor origin cause this.

  23. As for the spinning up, emby checks for new media, subtitles, updates etc. on a schedule, and the defaults for most are daily or a couple times per day. That's configurable.

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