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  1. Snippet from my Qebo live setup experiments. More synths will be added in the next steps.

  2. Best A4 sound I’ve heard, most folks make standard bleepy 80s beats with them, whereas yours actually sounds like good music. Would you recommend the A4 MK2?

  3. They force you to click "I want to receive emails from Wavesfactory", that's sleezy 😂

  4. Coin Center is awesome, and this is a good legal analysis of a terrible bill. Those of us in the US should contact our representatives.

  5. Are you guys doing that? cuz this is crazy. I’m not US but I’m rooting for justice.

  6. usually lofi snares annoy me cuz they stick out like a soar thumb, all bright and annoying amongst lofi warmth, so I cant enjoy the musical warmth due to the annoying snare... but not yours, your snare sounds absolutely gorgeous! nice layering.

  7. I've been speaking spanish fluently for about 20 years and I've never heard anything resembling this formulation. I tried to think of some better ways to say this and came up with "He tenido ganas de leer eso", "Tenía ganas..", "He querido leer eso" or even just "Quería leer eso" (imperfect which expresses an ongoing/persistent desire)- all of these would seem to work much better. But open to the possibility I've just never come across it before.

  8. Quick side quest, why would you say “tenía ganas…” (he was excited) instead of “Tuve ganas…” (I was excited)? Or have I got that wrong?

  9. You use the imperfect (tenía) to describe things that were ongoing/habitual for a period of time.

  10. Ok, but what’s wrong with “he tenido”, for things that were ongoing? Or maybe that’s not ongoing, just something in the recent past?

  11. A wu is an old witch with saggy breasts.

  12. If you try again, be sure to pat down the top of your substrate when you add everything to the tub to make a flat even surface

  13. Ok, makes sense, thanks! Do you think I’ll get something out of this batch or should I look at starting fresh?

  14. Personally, I'd keep it going (off to the side) because you're still getting side pins, and just start another cake. an even surface with extra care around the edges is the best way to prevent side pins too. You want to pack the edges in more to prevent that microclimate which is perfect for fruiting sidepins

  15. Gotya, last question, climate is a bit too cold here, so it would find to add a fresh one into the same propagator, right? 🤔 There’s room for another one but I wonder could it affect the new one somehow

  16. I love how boofing is the same thing over in

  17. It is not very productive to think about words, especially function words like "que", in isolation. Think in terms of entire phrase schemes. "Tienes que ..." means "you have to..." and "tienes mucho que ..." means "you have much to ...". The question "what 'que' means in this construct" doesn't make a lot of sense. It's not the word that has meaning, it is the sentence as a whole.

  18. Ok, but would "tienes mucho aprender" be wrong?

  19. Yeah, ok. But smarter to buy hex then and Get the copies and exchange for pulse x dont you think?

  20. No, id say too many ppl will want to exchange pulse hex for pls, and that’s why you could get a bad ratio.

  21. Circulating supply and total supply are different numbers

  22. I already accounted for that. ~140T total, ~14T circulating.

  23. Due to the amount sacrificed during the sac phase not including the big OA sac after, pulsexlead estimates it at around 17T circulating but I round it down to account for data errors.

  24. Thanks - but do you think that testnet v3 will have the pools enabled?

  25. Dark chocolate 1h prior, then do lemon tek or just eat a lemon, even apple cider vinegar works fine, but you won't laugh as good as with a lemon. Chew as good as possible, until it's liquid, all of it.

  26. Why do you say the lemon will reduce giggles?

  27. Yes can do that …. I would cut them up as finely as possible and steep in lemon juice for 20 minutes …. I use a coffee filter to put the mixture into and then pour hot (not boiling) water over it, leave for 20 minutes and drain so you don’t actually have any of the truffles in the tea. Add lemon, honey and ginger for taste ….. all the benefits of the psilocybin and less of nausea

  28. It seems like all of it wouldn’t get dissolved this way, maybe wasting a lot 🤔 you’re saying the psilocybin gets transferred to the lemon juice and passes through the coffee filter with the warm water?

  29. Or in a couple months in a potential dip, as OP asked lol

  30. No thats timing the market. Better buy now and be happy when it goes up. And if BTC goes down then you buy some more. So don't go all-in

  31. A dynamic DCA strategy isn’t to be snuffed at either, to pick a price range and make proportionally bigger buys in the lower range and smaller buys when it’s higher (the Cryptoverse guy talks about this). Without having a range at least, you’re the guy buying in the $69k exuberance.

  32. Except RH, he actually warned ppl to take self custody of their crypto before those platforms crashed.

  33. What was the change to implemented, anything exciting?

  34. Sure! I think most ppl just aren’t bothered to withdraw from the vault, and bridging ETH to nova etc, also the penalty from future distributions if you sell keeps ppl in the vault. I figure a Reddit token could take off down the line so I’ll wait till a relative asks me about it to consider selling.

  35. Correct, FTX was bullshit and crypto is the solution.

  36. It's like people forgot all about the crypto platforms that fell apart just months ago lol

  37. They were basically banks dealing in crypto, that’s what people misunderstand most. The FTX collapse was proof for why we need self-custody cryptocurrency.

  38. I mean it would be like 16g dry/wet per bag, so I can't exactly tell lol. Definitely possible that it's dry. Up to the imagination xD

  39. It actually looks dry, in which case there’s enough for this entire sub for a year, pack it up boys, lel

  40. That's true it's a lot. I meant how some measure in wet but don't say how much it was in dry, and vice versa. I didn't have nearly this much my first try, but I got my bags cooking right now 🙏🤞

  41. Ah gotya, maybe OP can clarify. Nice, best of luck to ya! 🧞‍♂️

  42. I mist for 30sec when I make tubs. Open to harvest. Whether it's unmodded 6qt or modded dubtub/monos. Using this tek. They never get opened. They hardly lose any water at all. They stay swamped. Put the lid back on for the second flush.

  43. Is there a specific humidity % level it should be kept at?

  44. 32c is a crazy price for a token almost everyone here have and choose not to sell

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