1. Stick with it. Like someone says, you learn some fundamentals and helps you talk the talk in interviews. It also looks good on a resume.

  2. Mine was Joanna Russ’ We Who Are About To… and Nick Bilton’s American Kingpin about the Silk Road creator, Ross Ulbricht.

  3. The Exorcist. I have no idea why - it has everything I like and seems like a movie I would absolutely love. Have tried so many times to enjoy it and just cannot.

  4. In terms of writing style and theme you'd struggle to get closer than James Tiptree Jr.

  5. Thank you! I’ve seen her mentioned so often and never really thought to check her out until now. Going to grab a few if her books now.

  6. For more disruptive voices from women of that era, I'd recommend Ice by Anna Kavan (especially if you are a fan of Ballard's "World" books) and *The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith * by Josephine Saxton.

  7. Thank you! I’m a huge Ballard fan so will definitely check those out. I’ve seen Ice mentioned often.

  8. The field is stupid competitive right now for entry-level work. This question literally gets asked a few times a day

  9. As someone else looking to change into DA from a completely different field, what would make someone stand out in an entry level position from everyone else trying to get the same job? For example, we’re all going for the job with, for the most part, the same required skills - is there something in particular that would make someone stand out more to a future employer? Hopefully that makes sense.

  10. There’s so many but I think my absolute favorite is in the episode Diamond in the Rough when Sophia goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water

  11. Dorothy didn't mean to get Mario deported. My choice for her worst moment would be blowing off her friends for Thorndyke.

  12. Totally agree. Every time I see that episode with Thorndyke I get so annoyed with Dorothy. It just seems like something we would do (or did) in high school.

  13. I think Dorothy had a valid point when she said it was okay for her to have her own friends with different interests, and I think that she was just so blinded by adoration for Barbara that she didn’t really process what an ass she was.

  14. It’s totally fine to have other friends but the way she acted towards her real friends when Thorndyke came into the picture was unacceptable.

  15. First time I saw Altered States I was on mushrooms. It was a strange time, to say the least

  16. Thanks! Feeling mostly back to normal and have (most) of my smell and taste back. What an adventure.

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