1. I don't think "weak" is the correct word, "simple" describes it better. Given the type of person Gon is its suits him well.

  2. Thanks a lot, this was a really helpful answer!

  3. He took an extended weekend off and I'm happy for him.

  4. That would be great lmao. I know the guy's pretty private but he radiates chaos gremlin vibes and honestly just seems like a fun person to be around.

  5. Can we please try to comment more on his posts so the memes arent the only thing in the comments ?

  6. Honestly this, I just dropped a google translated comment basically saying "I believe in you" with that one Netero meme lmao. He probably won't see it but I just wish he knows how much the fandom supports him.

  7. Yeh it is true. The chairmen elections take place in August then the Whale expedition sets sail exactly a year later in August. These dates are written in the manga.

  8. Ohhhh I see, thanks for confirming! But wouldn't that mean that Gon and Killua 15 now or at least on the cusp of turning 15? Cuz I remember them saying they were 14 in CA arc.

  9. I think it’ll happen when the next round of new Big 4 debuts start happening. We won’t know until a big media outlet first brings it up like it happened to 4th gen. 2nd gen went from 2004/2005 to late 2011, so around 7 years. 3rd gen went from 2012 to late 2017 (until the first set of rookies qualified for 2018 awards appeared). 4th gen could last 5 years as it could last 10 years.

  10. That was a very helpful answer, tysm! That is true that 4th gen could last either for 5 or 10 years, maybe its just 3rd gen that happened to be so short. Which in fairness I could definitely feel the need for the kpop industry to transition from 3rd gen to 4th gen, maybe because of how big kpop got internationally.

  11. That was underwhelming. And I had already found their music underwhelming, so it's not like I had high expectations.

  12. I wasn't referring to the choreo but the song itself,sorry if my wording was unclear

  13. Ahhh well looks like i'm the one who made the mistake here, I misread chorus for choreo. Sorry hehe :)

  14. Wow. Listen I don't wanna sound mean, but somehow I didn't even know Lightsum existed? Maybe its because I only recently got back into k-pop but even still shouldn't a Cube girl group be somewhat of a name you talk about when it comes to 4th gen gg's? This really puts into perspective how badly Cube handles their group's.

  15. Just imagine, if Soyeon was a man who is an all rounder can produce and write lyrics, kpoppies would LOVE HER but because she is a WOMAN, she gets called annoying, a b*tch, selfish etc.

  16. that video you linked was disgusting and to think people enjoy this stuff !?

  17. ah yes... an idol with a stonned out duck face that makes people want to punch him

  18. I respect your opinion but I completely disagree with you.

  19. I've also noticed this in the kpop industry. For example, a male idol with a straight face at award shows or anywhere else would be called a "savage" while a female idol they would be called a "b*itch".

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