1. I’d like to just point out how many times s&c have been married and divorce, married and divorced, rinse, effing repeat. So when she does come back, I think they’ll figure it out, and I noticed that Sam was eyeing the back of drew…. So…. Possible weird love square with lante, sante, sdrew and drewly??? Who knows, but it’d be somewhat interesting for me to see how all that mess plays out when/if it happens

  2. Oh, I just loved her on AMC and I loved them together. wouldn't that be great?

  3. I like Spinelli. But I don't want him with Britt, and I don't want Cody with Britt. She deserves much better! Like Austin.

  4. What I think she / the writers need to do is to make Nina stronger.

  5. I'd love her to be stronger! Stand right up to Olivia, hire Obrecht, tell Sonny either he's in or out, but just do it already!

  6. Where is the "Nina needs to hire Liesl to work at the Metro Court" petition?

  7. She’s a nasty person in real life. Her Twitter rants are the stuff of a very disturbed person. She was responsible for viewers losing Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher.8

  8. Steve Burton and Ingo were responsible for getting themselves fired. Alexis is opinionated, and I like what she says. Because someone is strong and doesn't share your outlook doesn't make them nasty.

  9. I don't know if this is unpopular. I love Alexis, and her scenes with Gregory reminded me of why I love her. I wish she was on a lot more. I don't know if Gregory is up to her level of a acting or not.Maxie is starting to sound shrill.And they've totally changed Trina's character, she's starting to remind me of Minnie Mouse.She seems so tiny and squeaky--not the actress exactly, but just how they've written her.

  10. Carly, Ava, and Sonny face no consequences at all for their bad acts, which has a negative effect on the drama and tension levels on the show.

  11. When--and it's when I'm afraid, not if, Carly gets back with Sonny, I might seriously ahve to stop watching. If Esme comes back would help.

  12. To understand Jason, you have to go back to the beginning of his character and see how he became Jason. He is one of the most unique characters in soap history.

  13. Jason is a hard one for me. I actually liked Steve Burton's Jason--but the way he made not getting a wax into a crusade, first he tried he tried medical deferment, then he tried religious deferment, then he had to please guilty, no he hadn't been vaxed. I'm glad GH stuck to their principles and let him go. But if he and Carly had truly been together--then Sonny wouldn't have to go around apologizing for loving Nina! And I liked Britt and Jason. In the long ago I liked Jason and Sam and Jason and Liz. I was never a fan of Courtney.

  14. Everything is Nina's fault. Global warming, platypus on the brink of extinction, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding. All Nina's fault. /s

  15. Carly told Joss to stop focusing on Cam not telling her about Spencer's plan, she said move on--when Carlyles is absolutely fixated on Nina!!

  16. Hopefully, in a later plot - we find out Comet is cousins with Mr. Ed - and he can talk too. Perhaps he can share Cody's treacherous ways with Leo.

  17. Poor Sasha, she is constantly breaking my heart as the writers are doing her.

  18. I'm sure the actress is really happy with her story line--so m much drama!

  19. Idgaf I'm shipping Cody & Maxie!!! There's actual chemistry there.

  20. Of the latest influx of newbies, Dex is the one I find the most palatable. I'm not a fan of Cody or Rory.

  21. Rory is just an awful actor, I hate to dis--but I can't stand to listen to him.

  22. Trina has joined the Sainthood Of Port Charles along with the likes of Sonny, Snarly, Jason, and anyone else in their orbit. 🙏

  23. The other Trina seemed to have more spunk and spirit. This Trina, although she's a lovely girl, is written so meek. And Rory--OMG, he just get worse and worse!!

  24. Joss should stop nagging away at him about what he knew of Spencer's plan. Cam has a life--a busy life.

  25. I hope he comes back. His character had good moments.

  26. I'm torn. I like Jason, but I wouldn't care if it was recast. But more Jason means more Carly.

  27. You know who was also in the cemetery?: JORDAN!

  28. If they could just forget Jordan entirely and retire her, give Anna her job. Much better!

  29. Their date was so annoying and stupid. Cody will say one sentence, then Britt will yell at him (over nothing). And it kept repeating. She is just awful. He is not great either, but at least he is able to converse with people without yelling and attacking them. Maybe one reason Jason liked Britt was because all the yelling and fussing reminded him of his friendship with Carly.

  30. I think the writers have just made Britt so ridiculously mean with Cody. I don't like Cody, I don't get any chemistry, I don't think a sophisticated woman like Brit would fall for someone Cody, but her reaction is getting annoying. And it's the writing!

  31. I don’t want Willow to lose the baby either. She’s been through a lot, and I like her character. I agree with you about Joss’s anger. She’s just a teenager, and it feels like she gets a lot of hate solely for being Carly’s daughter. I can completely understand Michael’s anger towards Sonny but he’s been a bit of a jerk lately, especially to Ned, so he’s not my most favorite character rn. I’ve really just disliked Nina’s character for the past year, so I’m glad too!

  32. I think Michael's reaction to Sonny is way, way over the top! The guy got his memory back, came home, tired to make it work with Carly--and he was honest that yea, while he had amnesia he had feelings for someone else. Carly's reaction is ridiculous too, except, we know that everything is about Carly and she has to tell everyone about how hurt she is. And Michael taking down Sonny is ridiculous. Michael couldn't take down a lemonade stand .Michael and Joss shouldn't be so invested in their parents' lives--but with Carly as a mother that's a given. Get a life, Michael. Joss focus on something else! Just a few months ago, you were using Sony to threaten Esme!

  33. No way a villain as great as Esme gets killed.

  34. I hope not! I love Esme, she brings real fire--and I want more scenes with Ava and Esme.

  35. Laura and Luke on their first adventures. I also loved Sonny and Brenda.

  36. I’m going to get major hate for this, but I don’t think the man who plays Mac is a good actor.

  37. Yes, I ahve problems with Mac, too. He seems like a really nice guy and projects this, but he isn't much of an actor.

  38. I was not watching GH when MS played Nina, but I recently started watching Y&R and Phyllis is my favorite because of MS. But I kinda like this Nina with Sonny. Is there a huge difference?

  39. I like Nina and Sonny. I think MB tries in their scenes. I'm on the fence about MB. I used to really love him--but he's lost a step or two. I find Maxie not very good.

  40. I’ve loved her since ATWT. she always brings her A game. And I’ve gotten to meet her a few rimes at events and she is so kind!

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