1. Yeah I liked how they included that scene.

  2. Didn't the Brits go from Battenburg, to Windsor? I've read some of the downstairs servants called the queen Betty Battenburg.

  3. Wow ... that's interesting. I sometimes forget - that people haven't watched the old time history. Which makes sense seeing most of Reddit is significantly younger than I am.

  4. Love Laura--but she needs more. I hated here going insane story line--that was cruel to the actress and character!

  5. I am going to guess that like all things on soaps/tv shows - there perhaps is a rivalry between big fans of Anna/Robert couple or Anna in all things or Holly in all things or the Holly/Robert duo.

  6. You to Laura and Kevin. They could do with a shakeup. I'd love to have the early Laura back, when she was a troubled teen and doing things! She could have a mid life crisis. But I don't think they're in their 60's.

  7. Definitely the most sociopathic leading man sense Tony Soprano. The first time watching The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, you find yourself rooting for guys like Walt and Tony but when you rewatch it, you realize they were monsters. I wonder if it will be the same with Daemon when the series is done.

  8. That or just cut down on the length of tribal segments when it’s a bunch of filler questions

  9. Well he already threw Cody under the bus saying it was his idea to get noelle out to Gabler.. so I think he has planted the seed for Cody. Jesse has gotten to cocky and I think it will actually be him next.. Cody will be on the outs and will go to scramble mode

  10. The original ice princess storyline started out with Alex quartermaine stealing a formula to manufacture diamonds. The extra large diamond was painted black and mounted like a piece of modern art and the formula was hidden in the base of the “statue”. It was shipped by Alex to port Charles along with other pieces of art, but the particular crate it was in was stolen. Supposedly the quartermaine’s entire financial future hinged on recovering the stolen “artwork”. That is why they hired Luke to find it, setting up another adventure for Laura and him. Unfortunately, there was a writer’s strike and the story took a wild deviation into an earth freezing device.

  11. Stage 3 is "God get me off this show and away from Cody"

  12. I know Cody is supposed to be a hunk--but he just comes off so slimy!

  13. Krystle Carrington & Alexis Colby they (Snarly& Nina) are not 🙄

  14. I loved original Dynasty and loved Alexis, and her fights with Krystal were great--we had maybe one fight that was good--but the rest of the time they just over the same stuff like two old Yentas.

  15. Thank you. This new Trina just isn't it w soencer. She needs to find her own way. That's why I was excited about Rory but he's flat too

  16. I think Jordan's acting has improved, but yes, Rory is still flat.

  17. Me, too. I thought Cam and Esme had some sparks in their scenes together.

  18. I'm sorry, but if I was "adopted" and found out I was dying of leukemia while pregnant, I would be shouting from the rooftops to have people help me find a donor who could save me.

  19. The Willow story line is just dumb. She didn't tell her main support for a long time, her husband, now she's not telling people taht are close to her--and yes, wouldn't she want help?! Willow is just annoying.

  20. I love Nina and even I’m annoyed by her intrusions

  21. So Daemon is an anti hero, right? Am I weird that I think he's cool?

  22. I was doubtful about House of the Dragon after the first episode. I've watched the entire season now and love it!

  23. Don't know if this is unpopular. I really liked Nina and Sonny, I was cheering for them, they had chemistry and Sonny looked happy when he was with he. Now the writers have made Nina a meddling busybody and ruined her for me. I don't want Sonny back with Carly, although that's certainly what will happen, but now his scenes with Nina are boring, too. Give Nina her own story--or give them a dramatic story of their own. But maybe Maruice doesn't want to work that hard.

  24. NuJordan has actually grown on me and her acting skills have greatly improved since her debut

  25. This king, the silver haired one, seems rather dumb to me. I can't get with the young princess.

  26. Felicia is being SO extra about Cody "not" being Mac's son and idk why everyone is acting like if he IS Mac's son they're all being gifted a time machine and Mac will have a "child" of his own. Dude is like 33; does Mac think having a relationship with him now will mean coaching Little League?

  27. I hate that they made Mac say he wanted a child that was his own--when the step kids he's raised are his own, and he's felt any differently.

  28. At least Sam has sense not to consider Cody a friend

  29. Yes, I kind of liked Sam when she told Cody she had doubts about him. And he comes off as so slimy about this whole necklace thing. How could Britt possibly like him?!

  30. Nina is a nosy gossip. She sees a situation and misreads it constantly. Instead of working for a fashion magazine, she needs to switch to a gossip rag mag.

  31. I like Nina--but then writers are ruining her. She needs her own story instead of being the yenta of port Charles.

  32. I would like more Ava and nava fighting Ryan and Esme and not letting him win by putting their marriage back together.The “free Ava” crowd wanted her away from Nikolas and they got their wish. What they failed to realize is, Nikolas & the Cassadines are where the story is at the moment and Ava away from them makes her “free” to not have a storyline and just be a talk to for Nina,Trina, and sonny. But hey as long as she’s away from Nikolas🤷🏾‍♀️

  33. Trina looks like an 11 yr old child....she looks like child...every one looks down on her even when she wears 5'' heels they look down at her....

  34. James and Ryan had like total opposite reactions to getting voted off. James is fuming on the jury and Ryan was just like “at least I got to fish like I wanted :)” lol

  35. I'm not sure Ryan actually knew he was on Survivor! He was so chill and happy, and especially happy he could fish.

  36. Agreed! If they get them back together ever again, I'll be done watching.

  37. Today, Wed, it seems like Sonny was jealous--and we're going backwards again!!

  38. Omg Gabler talking to Karla about splitting up Cody and Jesse! I’m here for this!!

  39. Of course Cody and Jesse are the targets now--but they're also my favorites. I see doom ahead.

  40. Genuine question - why do people like Nina outside of thinking Carly is worse?

  41. I like Nina. she helped Sonny stop drinking, she was compassionate with Sasha and Ava.She did't want full custody of Wiley--she jus wanted to see him once in a while.But the writing for her is crummy. She needs to do more than creep around listening.

  42. Can we not have her be the town crier? She’s better than that and it’s just lazy writing.

  43. I'm waiting for her to insert herself into HatDaddy and co's storyline next. She'll probably take his clarinet when he isn't looking 😂😂

  44. She cares about Sasha, and Ava, helped Sonny quit drinking. I'm a fairly new watcher so what I see is what's happened over the last year. And yeah, she should have told Sonny who he was--but this is a soap, people. If a well known crime lord disappears--his f'ing picture is in the paper! The whole story was ridiculous, because soap stories are ridiculous.

  45. It will most definitely come back to haunt her when she's begging Nina for her bone marrow. Lol.

  46. Each timer Laura returns it is awkward at first. I love the character and GF, but find her returns after a long or short absence to be odd. Almost like the writers don’t know what to do with her or GF has some trouble settling back in even after all these years.

  47. Give Laura a really juicy story line! She has a breakdown, she has a mid life crisis, she ingest a spoor or some chemical and goes off the rails, anything!

  48. YES!! And it’s made her kind of boring. And yes, I love the manipulative, scheming vixens of Ava, Esme, Lucy Coe, but I also LOVED Robin. Back in the day, she was my favorite character. She was a good person, but she had faults and she was smart and had agency. She would get in fights with Carly, but still manage to be friends with Jason and Sonny. Trina needs some edge

  49. This Trina doesn't seem like she'd have an interest or the ability in setting up the cool art exhibition the other Trina set up.

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