1. I knew this movie was popular in the 1990s, but I never got the chance to see it. Is it any good? Would anyone like to talk about it?

  2. Tbh the wah CS2 is looking Valorant might lose me for a month or two... I'm sure a lot of people are thinking the same. But the games are different enough that I'll likely play both after the newness of CS2 wears off.

  3. agreed. Im sure if we stopped listening, clowning on him and begin ignoring him he’ll just become irrelevant forever

  4. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it'll be easily available dum dum.

  5. I think its more "desperate game company" looks for way for their failing game to stay relevant while the game they copied still goes strong

  6. Are you on PC with a controller or console? Everyone already said it's modded but I didn't know that stuff happened on console

  7. I know people who still think he shot three black men

  8. My friend (shortly after it happened, he knows now) thought that he just started unloading on a crowd of people.

  9. BL2 wasn't really a pinnacle of writing either, Borderlands has never been super strong in the writing department but good enough to be a reason for the game part of the game to exist. Tbh taking things too seriously is kinda the antithesis of what Borderlands is about to me.

  10. Borderlands 2, especially in the tutorial levels, shoves joke after joke down your throat. Exactly like BL3 did (granted, BL2's jokes were actually kind of funny, at least in my opinion).

  11. I agree, a lot of 2's "great writing" was just Jack being Jack and making the plot feel more compelling than it is. I feel like BL3's biggest pitfall that makes it feel poorly written was the Twins, like you said Katagawa and the others were actually pretty fun villains and (at least in Katagawa's case) could have probably been better main villains with the Twins as side antagonists.

  12. He really wanted to make the characters suffer, not just get them out of the way ASAP. If killing Roland right then and there wasn't convenient and wouldn't lead to him capturing Lilith he'd probably try and capture him as well to drag it out for a long time.

  13. On Twitter specifically, usually via the Bloodborne topic section, there is a heavy overlap of transgender accounts and transgender activist accounts who are very passionate about Bloodborne’s aesthetics compared to the other Fromsoft games, relating the gothic aesthetics to transsexuality. These accounts are very open about conveying their theories that Bloodborne is about transsexuality, and relating the game as much as possible to real life political events concerning reproduction and sexuality.

  14. I don't recall who it was but it started with one dude pointing him out, then someone calling BS and checking the steam profile and confirming it was actually the guy, then the server basically just said "wow" then played like normal. After the match it was a couple "cool playing with you _____" but nothing else really

  15. Or (more likely) it doesn't look very good here. But ofc this is reddit so it's all tantrums and mockery when someone disagrees

  16. What if they just made a new white character instead of changing April from Asian to white?

  17. Yeah seriously I don't know what I'll do if I don't have a few banners and wraps that I'll never use

  18. Surely you have heard the phrase "better to have it and not need(want) it, than need(want) it and not have it" these are time limited exclusive cosmetics that you may (or may not) use one day, and their sole purpose is to entice players to get them in order to avoid FOMO

  19. I've only ever seen that phrase applied to life saving or home defending equipment. It's not that deep to not get a few things, may you want them later? In all likelihood no not at all, but if you did then whatever, it's just an icon.

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