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  1. I am enjoying them, thanks! So far I love them, but honestly I haven't got the time to really get to know them - still fiddling around with the connect app, eqs, settings and whatnot. On top of that, trying different music apps and multipoint scenarios so it's gonna take a few days until the new toy fever wears out and I get to truly enjoy them.

  2. I have the xm5 and xm4 (greedy I know), absolutely love my 5s when I'm out and about, but love the comfort of the 4s for watching TV via Bluetooth. 4s don't get hot where the 5s do for me after a while. Still a great buy, little tip,,, I always leave mine out the box with the cups facing up, somewhere warm so any moisture can evaporate naturally. Condensation inside the cups can cause a problem on both models..

  3. la nivel decent ajungi dacă exersezi, teoria te duce doar o parte din drum. sursă: am învățat chitară și cu instructor, și pe cont propriu și nu sunt bun de mare lucru, pentru că mi-a fost lene să exersez mai mult decât acorduri simple.

  4. I'll just wait for the digital release so I can watch it on my phone whilst taking a shit, as the director would want it.

  5. I fully support this. I've been a redditor for almost 17 years, but if the app I'm using, I'm gone. I tried reddit app, and really tried it, and it is not a good experience.

  6. Am denaturat în mod intenționat adevărul la spițerie

  7. Isn't all solar power space based?

  8. I am in the 17 year club on this site (yes, honestly ... check it out ... since 2006).

  9. How do you do fellow 2006 member

  10. I got my first playstation (ps4) at 31 (which was a while ago) and really I had a lot of fun playing the exclusives: uncharted, last of us, until dawn, ghost of tsushima, god of war, horizon, spider man etc

  11. Nah, the problem is with us that build our backlogs and never get around to playing anything

  12. Ofertă valabilă pentru TV & Audio stuff. Linkul către newsletterul online (cu oferta completă) e

  13. I too love my fellow Romanians, I hope to have a chance to follow them to Italy one day

  14. Suntem peste tot acasăăăăă 🇷🇴☸️‍🇷🇴☸️‍🇷🇴☸️‍🇷🇴☸️‍🇷🇴☸️‍

  15. meh, e o ocazie bună de a mai vedea ce s-a mai ales de foștii colegi, vă regăsiți, vă bârfiți unii pe alții, vezi care s-a mai îngrășat, cui i-au crescut țâțele, te uiți la toți cum se laudă cu mai mult decât au realizat de fapt, mai bei o bere mănânci o măslină ceva

  16. Locul perfect de laudă cu "cum îmi trăiesc eu încă tinerețea la maxim"

  17. Glimboca, mi se pare că sună ff sexual

  18. No they are not. This is a blue-flavored ice cream. What does it taste like? Blue.

  19. I also gave up thrice 5 episodes in, but then it clicked

  20. Când eram copil n-am avut porniri din astea. Acum la aproape 40 de ani mă gândesc de ce doamne ia-mă nu m-am făcut, că în 5 ani ieșeam deja la pensie.

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