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  1. Brother, a 10-year old girl was severely traumatized for months, before finally killing herself.

  2. Wtf are you talking about now? And how is that relevant to the topic at hand?

  3. I'm referring to the trauma and suicide of Jaehaera Targaryen. Making the point that it'd be a bit confusing how much excessive violence and trauma is inflicted upon children in the World of Ice & Fire, without then any payback or justice to counter it, were karmic justice something that existed.

  4. Jaehaera was killed. They is no mention of her experiencing depression.

  5. Oh yeah, Viserys is definetly the one who made his daughter seduce the King in order to make her become Queen with the intention of keeping his postion as Hand.

  6. No-one forced Viserys to remarry. If he really wanted Rhaenyra to succeed him then he could simply not have remarried. It would have been a somewhat risky move, but not outside the realm of possibility. And if what mattered to him was a smooth succession he could have followed the usual rules and have let Aegon been the heir. And, whichever heir he picked, he could have groomed them better for the throne.

  7. Did anyone force Otto to push his daughter to seduce the King?

  8. He already thought Rhaenys was dead, why would he stop burning Dorne if he thought he killed her? Seems like a letter like that would just make him double down. You think Visenya would agree to just stop based on that alone?

  9. If it was a grand secret, Dorne would have used it again to stop the Targaryens during Daeron's Conquest.

  10. My theory: the Dornish remembered bits and pieces of the water magic that Garin & co used during the original Valyrian invasion. They would destroy the two remaining dragons, literal and metaphorical, but turn their homeland into a greyscale-infested waste. Blood for blood. Mutually assured destruction.

  11. If they did, they could have used their water magic during Daeron's Conquest.

  12. In my opinion, the weirwoods are weapons. Weapons can't be evil. Who handles them, well... GRRM loves the idea of hiveminds and every hive needs a queen bee. I wonder who the queen bee is in the weirwood hive...

  13. I think Bran is a pawn. But then the question becomes: if future Bran is the Three-Eyed Crow that can warg into humans then why is he manipulating past Bran into connecting into the tree? And how does all of this fit into the overarching narrative with the Children, the Others, and the Nights Watch?

  14. Future Bran who is the Three Eyed Crow is doing it because if he doesn't do it then future Bran will no longer exist.

  15. That’s the thing with George isn’t it. It’s either George just not understanding how horrible child generals would be and the general psychology of children, or it could be what you said.

  16. Henry IV of France, Wladyslaw III of Poland, Augustus (Octavian) Caesar, Muhammad bin Qasim, Alexander the Great.

  17. Yes, they could. But no security guard is risking their health for a bag of chips

  18. But you just said security is there to protect staff and property.

  19. Having lived in Africa and have dozens of friends take boats yes. It’s not just rose tinted glasses, it’s a deeply rooted belief that Europe will be that much better. I think if most people knew the actual risks and the actual reality of immigration, they would choose to stay in Africa.

  20. Master Wolf is a bit to unrealistic and reads like a Stark wank. I understand why people like it, but it doesn't do it for me.

  21. I used to be a big fan of Harry Potter. It was one of the fandoms that got me literally addicted to fanfiction.

  22. As a fanfiction writer, I feel like it has to do with the nature of the universe. The world of ASOIAF is much more wide and complex. You'd think at first it gives you more freedom but (for me at least) it's actually harder to write in that universe, because it feels like you have to take everything into account. It feels like I can't change anything without important and difficult to control consequences. Usually you end up focusing on few POV. Focused stories aren't bad, but you can't always take the whole picture like in Harry Potter.

  23. I’d like to point out that the only time female rulers are present in the North was when Ned was in power. Ned, who was raised in the South by Jon Arryn in Andal honor. Before that there was no mention of a female ruler in the North.

  24. Is the South more accepting of female rulers and where are you getting this notion? The only kingdome South more accepting of female rulers is Dorne.

  25. Lady Rhea Royce, Lady Arwyn Oakheart, Lady Shella Whent, Lady Anya Waynwood, Lady Tanda Stokeworth, Lady Johanna Lannister, Lady Rohanne Webber and Lady Danelle Lothson just to name a few. None of them from Dorne, as you requested.

  26. So you're point to prove that the South is more accepting of female rulers is a list of female rulers from the South?

  27. And this is exactly why magic is avoided. Anyone with good control of magic breaks the game. As proven by Melisandre basically turning a guaranteed loss into near perfect victory for Stannis against Renly

  28. The Andals brought Westeros out of the Bronze Age and shaping it culturally and politically.

  29. Run it with which council? The small council? Does the King derive his authority from the council now?

  30. Not trying to be snarky but do you know what an absolute monarchy is? The fact that the king has vassals should be enough to tell you that the Seven Kingdoms is a feudal monarchy, not an absolute one.

  31. I know what it is, that's why I said it was close to an absolute monarchy because of their dragons.

  32. Genuinely have no clue who the artist is I found it on 4chan and google images gives me nothing so if anybody knows just reply

  33. To my understanding, the major sources for the 'conspiracy theory' are Marwyn and Lady Dustin.

  34. Your reasons to discredit the two sources are quite lacking.

  35. Is it so hard to believe that after all the smallfolk have been through and their religious beliefs being constantly shit on by the literally "we are gods among you" Targaryens, especially Rhaenyra and Daemon, plus the stresses of a war, famine, high taxes etc. that they would be in a state where a good leader could get them hyped enough to do something completely insane?

  36. How were they religious beliefs shat on when the faith preached the doctrine of exceptionalism?

  37. If it is an SI, than the Strong Boys mean nothing to her. So you can just throw them under the bus, in the matter of succession.

  38. Would the Velaryons be angry since the Strong boys are technically Velaryons? Plus Lucerys can be betrothed to Baela?

  39. Figure out a way to change the timeline or the ages and it would be doable. But I’m fairly certain writing the story with the book/show ages/timeline would violate the TOS of most fan fiction sites and gross.

  40. Nothing would happen between the SI and Aegon untill he was of age.

  41. This notion that people should be ashamed of their heritage is disgusting.

  42. Everyone's heritage is tainted by tragedy, oppression and injustice. Some were victims and some were oppressors.

  43. I agree everyone's heritage has some history of oppressing and being oppressed.

  44. Eish. I dont know any afrikaans people that took it seriously. It is just bloody funny. It was an offhanded comment from someone that doesn’t live here and whose grasp of the language is frankly quite shitty. It was just a bit of fun all around.

  45. You should see the people who are offended on multiple platforms. She really hit a nerve.

  46. Because she has a platform. She had the opportunity to build or break down. She chose breaking down. She deliberately broke down a piece of herself and her own journey, history and ancestry in public view for clout. Afrikaners have always held her in high esteem and she decided to piss on them to sound funny and escalate herself as someone that came from nothing.

  47. Clearly she doesn't like that part of her heritage for obvious reasons, and that's her choice.

  48. Hanging the Shepherd was well deserved since he's the man who orchestrated the storming of the dragon pit.

  49. My problem with it is the scene with the raped girl, the actress did an amazing job, and we got to see the victim just a few moments after the act, it gives a much stronger feeling to the audience, which makes us despise Aegon, but Tywin Lannister gave his son's wife to be gang raped by dozens of men and then forced his son to rape her last and pay her as if she was a prostitute, and still there are thousands of Tywin fanboys, I think it is because we did not get to see Tysha at all.

  50. I agree, it's much more impactful to people if the victim is given a face and a name.

  51. It was the fastest growing recently i believe so dying seems like poor choice of words at best

  52. Personal experience. It's indirectly helpful for netherlands but outside of that no so much. I've gotten way more mileage out of German and wish I had learned french instead of Afrikaans as a third.

  53. Personal experience is not an accurate measure that can be used as a valid point.

  54. i feel good about it, my dads a 45 year vet of fedex, and my ex was fired from there 5-6 years ago for repeatedly (documented) singling out women for criticism. this guy is toast. especially if there is a police report.

  55. I mean this is also assault.. I don’t think a bike touching your leg is self defense worthy. I think he might have a rough time in court if the guy pressed charges…

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