1. I had zero experience as well when I did it for my RG351M a few years ago. And it WASN'T easy the first time. There are things the videos assume you know, and it can be intimidating. Retro Game Corps videos are amazing, and if you are patient and ask questions here or on another forum you will find a lot of help. It's absolutely worth the effort and updating firmware on a new handheld takes only minutes for me now. Also, you won't hear this often on these forums, but the stock firmware that comes on these systems usually works just fine out of the box. Although you'll read over and over that the sd cards will fail... I can share my experience and tell you that has not once happened to me and I have 30 of these handhelds. I could just be lucky, but that has been my experience so hopefully you will have the same. The stock firmware keeps improving. Yes... you will absolutely have a better experience with new firmware and your own rom library. Also true... you can get plenty of play right out of the box. I understand why most responses focus on improving the system and getting the most out of it, but I wonder sometimes if that isn't keeping some people from jumping in and starting what could be a great hobby.

  2. You can't go wrong with either of these systems. And the 351v is the exact size of the original gameboy. I have bigger hands and prefer the feel of the 351V. With the systems you want to play, you're going to get good performance.

  3. For PS1 games, did the analog stick feel to low? Somebody mentioned being uncomfortable with its placement and since I plan on using it for PS1 I'd like to hear your thoughts.

  4. Honestly I would get the RP3+ so you can load more Nintendo 3ds and GameCube/Wii kid friendly games on it. Plus I did hear about the porn issue on those Powkiddy consoles as well so I’d steer clear of those.

  5. That was fixed after the first units were shipped. I got mine about 2 months after release and it isn't on mine. Retro Game Corps' initial review video addresses how to easily fix that if you happen to somehow find a used unit that hasn't been updated.

  6. I say go for something well made. You want something that is specifically for emulation so Anbernic is your best bet. They have lots of options for your price range. I usually recommend the 280V, the 280M, and the 300x. Emulation is good up to PS1. That gives you all the Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance Pokémon. DS pokemon is always going to be best on the original hardware

  7. They're not all bad. I even have about half my 350/280 devices with their original firmware and never had any issues

  8. I have each of these and I enjoy playing GBA SNES and PS1 most on the 503. SNES and PS1 don't fill up the screen the way GBA does but the OLED display is amazing. For systems more advanced than PS1 I prefer the android side of the 353P. The 351V isn't bad but it's the least comfortable of the devices and also the least powerful

  9. The RGB10 Max or RGB10 Max 2 come wirh the best Rom library and the roms are all in Engliah and all named properly, without any numbers and no duplocates. Most of the systems up to genesis and super nitnendo are basically complete libraries. PS1 and later consoles are not as complete. If you can get one of these consoles, you'll have a great library.

  10. it's easy to download whichever roms/libraries you want. you should set the device up properly anyway. I'm pretty sure there's better firmware for the 10max. I've never seen a single emulator that is fine out of the box. they're just not.

  11. All true. I was just stating one more option for collecting roms.

  12. 2d games work well, but even as updates to CFW come out... PSP is never going to be perfect. 503 just isn't strong enough. However, some 3d games are just fine. Ff3, kingdom hearts, and NFS most wanted all run great, some even at 2x resolution.

  13. Thanks! I had a feeling I may have to invest a bit more to get a device that plays it well. I appreciate the information

  14. If it helps, I was surprised at how well my son's 7 inch kindle (2022) does with psp. 2ghz cpu, 2gb ram... It's almost twice as powerful as the 503 and 351. Add the price of a tablet controller, and it's easily a bigger, stronger, more versatile device for around 100 USD.

  15. Follow up; I got a Razer Kishi gaming controller on sale for $44 so now my Samsung phone plays all my PSP games perfectly. Thanks again for the idea!

  16. Fantastic work. Very useful. Thank you for sharing!

  17. It depends where you purchased it. Mine came with a 64 GB card with a good selection of games for each system. You'll hear a lot of warnings that the sd cards they send are prone to failure. In 3 years of buying these emulators I have never encountered that. If it does there are a lot of ways to fix it. You're in the same situation I was in when I got my first emulator. I watched Retro Game Corps channel on YouTube because I am addicted to getting these things and his videos are so easy to follow along. I also know very little about computers or tech so if I was able to figure it out I think most people can. For me eventually it was worth trying it out. I would see how much you enjoy using it as is and check out his channel if you want to get some more performance out of it

  18. If you're not interested in improving performance on Dreamcast Saturn or N64 you can use the stock firmware and it works fine. Using it in Android mode might work well for you because it's more like using a cellphone. PSP plays better on Android anyway.

  19. The Miyoo Mini is a standout handheld when it comes to sales. I got my version 1 when you could still get it for $55. Then Taki Udon did his video and the price for the version 1 went up and never came down. (Other good reviews came out later and that was another factor.) Most handheld prices follow a few familiar trajectories: the price never changes except on sale (RG351M, Powkiddy RGB10 Max2), some start too high and adjust lower based on less than stellar reviews (RG280M, Powkiddy RGB10s), and a few just keep rising in price due to popularity and/or supply. The Miyoo Mini is definitely in the last category and there aren't many. I love my Miyoo but I usually use it less than many others unless I'm traveling.

  20. I agree. If what you want is to play PS1 and earlier systems, you can't go wrong with those consoles. I play my RG350M more than my 351V just for the comfort factor of the landscape design. Don't get me wrong, I still love the 351V as well! But since GBA and SNES are the game systems I play the most, I use the 350M or 280M when I want something smaller. I have a RG 350P as well and there is no difference in performance, I just have a special love for metal devices

  21. Why do people hate on the anbernic logo so much? Like people buy those nintendo/playstation stickers. Imo it's super weird, why advertise a product you're not using. It's like buying a Nissan and slapping a Tesla logo on the bumpersticker that looks worse.

  22. It is amazing how much my buying interest is impacted by aesthetics and I'm right there with you. It looks weird/bad

  23. I was just asking myself.. "Is it okay to call this thing ugly? After all none of us had any problem saying the Powkiddy RGB20s was ugly and it has a smiley face in the middle ... which is actually a nose..."

  24. Make sure to use the power off function in the settings tab, don't just turn it off with the power slider. Then... don't forget to also turn off the power slider or it will drain your battery. You can purchase a second battery on Amazon with a charger for less than $20. Maybe you can find it someplace cheaper but for me it was worth it to have a back up.

  25. Thanks that's exactly what I was looking for!

  26. Maybe a little late for this but I would like to add - The case I got for my RG351V is now my case for the 353P.

  27. I have the grey one and the multi colored one. I don't understand why this one seems to be overlooked by so many. When it was first released it was overpriced but now you can find it below $80 on Amazon and both of mine were on sale for $55 when I got them. That metal shell and up to PS1 performance along with the size make it a perfect travel companion for me.

  28. I think it's in that little pit of being more expensive than budget devices, worse performing than powerful devices, and priced right in-between. If it's not on sale, you can pay less and get a 280v, RGB10, or any number of other "Atari-to-PS1" devices. Or you could pay maybe $20 more, and get either a more powerful RP2+ or even like an RG350m.

  29. It's true!! I'm laughing because I am playing Pokemon Crystal on my RG350M right now. I love the RG350M at home but there is just enough difference on size for me to prefer to take the 280M with me. I have a specific love for both metal and small devices and my sweet spot is GBC, GBA, and SNES. When you add up those preferences the 280M is uniquely a perfect device for me.

  30. If you want good info about handhelds, what they're each capable of and how to update and add games check out Retro Game Corps on Youtube.

  31. 351p have low res screen so Stardew Valley doesn't play very well.

  32. Agreed. Stardew Valley can't be fully appreciated on a screen that small

  33. Ordered mine a few weeks ago and Amazon has updated the delivery date to Thursday. I already have a red, black, and yellow one and even at the $40 usual price it's an incredible little handheld.

  34. Well it was due to arrive by today. Surprise! It didn't. Contacting Amazon about the order just refers you to "contact the seller," who in turn... you guessed it, tells you to contact Amazon. Don't waste your time, people, let alone your money.

  35. They've got them back up again today. Found a couple sellers already for 3.80

  36. I have one on the way and will be doing a few videos on my channel if anyone is interested in the x70

  37. That's great news! I haven't ever seen a Powkiddy or Anbernic product release before a review and wondered how this one got passed up

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