1. And you’re just a sad person that needs to make derogatory comments online to feel better about yourself. Good work.

  2. Since you’re an afl player- what did you think of ginnivan getting booed every game last year, despite the toll it was taking on his mental health? What did you think of Sydney fans booing him when he got subbed off injured in the prelim? Pretty sweet. When Scotty pendlebury won the anzac medal - did you boo him? Did you play this Anzac Day? How come none of the essendon players clapped Darcy’s speech? Zero respect shown. Have you posted a message to your supporters regarding their disgusting treatment of junior Rioli this weekend yet? I’m looking forward to reading your letter of support there.

  3. I think it’s pretty clear I am against booing all people.

  4. You haven’t answered those questions. What are you doing about your clubs treatment of junior folio this weekend?

  5. Yeah sure I can answer your questions if it will make you happy. Jack getting boo’d: I am against booing of all people as I have previously stated. Obviously I did not boo Scott Pendlebury. I did not play on Anzac Day, and I most likely never will have that privilege. I have no idea why the players didn’t applaud Darcy’s speech. My supporters did not abuse willie Rioli since I am not an Essendon player. I denounce any act of disrespect shown towards other people, unlike you, who supports booing a kid even though every afl player and coach thinking it is cringeworthy and inappropriate behaviour. There you go, thanks for the quiz, my response further proving how wrong you are to support booing.

  6. This is an excellent initiative by the city of Melbourne! There is a very influential city planning book called “the high cost of free parking” by Donald shoupe that I highly recommend reading :)

  7. Can someone explain to me why people don’t like Elon musk? Genuinely curious

  8. Booing is pathetic behaviour. Here are some reasons why people boo at the footy:

  9. Please be respectful. No need for for personal attacks or insults

  10. I genuinely feel sorry for you that you are such a sad person in your own life that you get joy out of booing a person

  11. The Shadow Hamlet Ruins and the Water Reservoir were somehow the holdouts. Can't tell ya how many times I skirted by those two places and just never quite got there. Shout-out to an older post a fellow redditor made that highlighted all %-based locations on a map that I turned to after giving up hunting on my own.

  12. Ah, found it again! I'll edit my comments to include this link:

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