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  2. There is the Beak em hand sign. But I feel like that’s pretty old school, like 70s era. No one really does it any more. You put four fingers together and your thumb underneath them.

  3. I would say it is mid 2000's. I'm trying to buy the game and I'd like to make sure it is the same one.

  4. Johnnys North and J Wilson’s has a great Bloody Mary. They use a local spice blend that you can actually purchase at The Merc and Cottins Hardware. It’s called Roots Bloody Mary mix. It’s the best for making them at home too! I prefer to use tequila. You also get to pick your own tomato juice, I like to use Cambell’s tomato and a splash of Clamato. Don’t forget a splash of pickle juice!

  5. I have four tickets for the 2nd session if anyone is interested. I won’t be able to attend..too much going on that day unfortunately.

  6. I don’t think I like the sound of this..

  7. Since Tom Brady stepped down on Patty’s Day, do you guys think he is paying tribute to the real goat?

  8. This is by far the best angle. Tells more of the story than any other footage.

  9. K-state has always wanted to be KUs rival. But if KSU played West Virginia, I would want West Virginia to lose more. Huggins has gotten closer to Mizzou's status than anyone else so far. I'd even pick KSU over Iowa state or Baylor right now.

  10. Am heading down to Abe and jakes to sell the tickets. Call me and meet me there if you still need them.

  11. But really now, who doesn't like a good ol' fashioned sex barbecue?

  12. Looks like a crazy cheeseburger liquor party, Lucy!

  13. Alright, this gif is seriously starting to scare me. There are dark forces at play here..

  14. Where did you get that ring? I wanna propose my gf

  15. Oh honey!! I love it! How did you know!?

  16. Plot twist; you get invaded by vampires with no reflections.

  17. Vampires can't enter your home unless they are invited. I'd still like to believe gestures do not count.

  18. Somewhat relevant: My roommate brought home this girl a couple months ago. The next morning, post coitus, they were talking about their families, where they're from, etc. They eventually figured out that my roommates aunt is her gyno.

  19. If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

  20. Base unscrews, can be a hammer or tenderizer, depending on which way you screw it. I store it this way so it doesn't mess up my shelf.

  21. Can you post a picture of the top side with the screw in it?

  22. Im currently fond of poop slinging tree climbers

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