1. You can get a fully configured NextCloud install with webserver, etc. by installing the snap version. This looks like a pretty good walk-through:

  2. I would suggest the Unifi switch, mainly because you are already going to use Unifi APs. The unifi controller will also manage the switch.

  3. No, and I think you have a misunderstanding of nextcloud. Nextcloud is basically a self hosted alternative for services like google drive.

  4. if the server in question doesn't have IPMI, than "This is the way"

  5. What are you using for a router and access point(s)

  6. Those who know, know this doesn't belong on a wholesome sub

  7. Usually, with Khyleri's work it takes me a minute to see the disturbing part(s). This one hit like a brick...

  8. I don't think these will last you till winter, but they will get you all the way to the scene of the accident.....

  9. If those were an AR, Trigger discipline would go right out the window!.

  10. Video made me double-take, I have driven around that corner quite a lot...

  11. I don’t know what you did on your laptop, but I know that if you have a local dns server like Pinole you can force the domain to resolve to nextcloud’s local IP when on LAN

  12. +1 on setting up pihole. It may not be the easiest fix, but the added functionality is totally worth it

  13. at what stage in the timing belt replacement are you that you're moving the passenger cam pulley? with the belt off and all the timing marks lined up?

  14. Timing marks are vertical and belt off. My understanding is, this places all 4 pistons mid bore, so turning the cams should be safe. The passenger side feels loose, the driver side does not move by hand at all

  15. To which direction are you moving the pulley ? If you are going side to side as if it's rotating, it is normal for the passenger Cam to be unloaded with the belt off and the driver side is is held by Spring pressure only.

  16. I just got the new belt back on. The pully did have a concerning amount of play in and out, and side to side. with the new belt and tensioner, the sound is back, so I guess the cam bearings are trashed...

  17. I saw a YouTube video years ago of this small American town that was falling sick and getting cancer like a plague and it was all traced back to the guy who was spraying used motor oil on the roads. They didn't know any better at first, but once the guy found out he was making people sick, he just kept doing it anyway.

  18. Sorta, they were spraying the roads with used motor oil, mixed with waste oil from other sources. People were getting sick from dioxin from the other waste...

  19. As someone who is into model trains... Only partially throw the switch. Neither set of points will line up, and the trolley will jump the tracks and grind to a halt.

  20. While there are some WJs on 15" wheels, fit is going to vary from wheel to wheel, and it will be tight. If you can find a wheel to test fit, that will be your best bet. Otherwise, the safest bet is 16" or bigger

  21. Get him to buy you a screwdriver (cocktail)?

  22. "I'm pro gun but...." "... But what?" "Nothing, I think the butt of a gun is an important part .."

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