1. Grateful Dead… purely American music and lyrics. Created and whole culture that still presides today. Plus the biggest catalog of any band ever (with all the live show recordings).

  2. Clearly sleeves would only slow this band down.

  3. I'm not gonna lie, the show is like 3-4 hours long lol. And yes, it does get wild, those of us who are absolutely Dead to the core have a hard time containing the excitement that comes with seeing the band. I'll tell you what I told this chick I was talking to at Wrigley night 2 who had never seen them before:

  4. We're like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice. Jerry Garcia

  5. I have mine in my garage. I live in Los Angeles so we just open up the garage and it’s like I am riding outside.

  6. Unfortunately, this is coming from a Conservative argument where they believe that since Bill Gates is starting to create lab grown meat that he is starting to take out heards of cattle and blowing up food processing plants.

  7. This is not a record deal,it's a talent management company which every artist needs. I don't know what his previous management was but he might have just changed it for a new start. Although I do think he will eventually sign with another label.

  8. Not talent management… booking agent. Pretty sure he is still with Full Stop for management.

  9. The article says" books with CAA in all areas" so i think it should be everything and not just bookings . Idk i could be wrong.

  10. Books in all areas just means any appearances, concerts, film, TV. Technically in the state of California talent agents (CAA) hold a listener that allows them to negotiate money on behalf of talent. Managers don’t technically carry this license and have much different roles.

  11. Tell me you live in Silver Lake without saying you live in Silver Lake.

  12. As former ED of a non-profit I know your intentions are to always be helpful and try and give people the benefit of the doubt… that’s what you do. Please find the person in your organization who has a vengeful side to them and clear this chick out. Your board and supporters will absolutely understand.

  13. Damn, I just started this hobby.

  14. Looks like they stole and drove it till the wheel comes off.

  15. Blue Ruin by Watchhouse. It’s about the Newtown school shooting and it’s relation to the holidays.

  16. I believe the real campaign we need to run is a notification on whether a pump’s credit card reader is a insert and leave for a chip or insert and remove quickly for the stripe.

  17. Bacon egg and cheese should be just that. No tomatoes, no sprouts, no ketchup. The name is the ingredients and only the ingredients.

  18. I am going to write a strongly worded letter and start the campaign to get this back on the shelves.

  19. Going to Dodgers stadium tonight… streaming the game on my phone. Worlds colliding

  20. Me too! How are you streaming in your phone? The game day stream link never works for me

  21. Ponied up the $6 for ESPN+ and can stream it from the app.

  22. Whatever happens to dancing guy at MSG?

  23. Already packing my coolers and rolling some js for shakedown. Don't forget your sunscreen. It's going to be super humid too

  24. Do you know if they are allowing vending (aka Shakedown) in the Dodgers parking lot? I know for baseball games they are pretty strict about even drinking in the parking lots.

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