1. Sorry for the GTA IV video before, I accidentally posted the wrong link.

  2. I know that not everybody likes Lower Decks and I understand why, the fanservice, the unprofessionalism, the tone and tenor, it's not the professional space navy people want, I get that...

  3. What I found once again stunning when I watched the DS9 episode was how effective the TNG art / TNG fonts are in triggering the nostalgia in me. The uniforms, even modified, resemble so much more of the Trek I loved than all the new Live Action stuff ever did.

  4. It's baffling but I'm sure no good writers want to work for Kurtzman and his staff of writers that also worked almost entirely on Michael Bay projects before JJ brought them into Star Trek.

  5. It might not necessarily be the case that no good writer wood like to work on Star Trek and therefore for Kurtzman.

  6. They already did them in Discovery, Season 2. When Pike and Burnham went to Talos IV.

  7. Yes, of course. I guess I already get caught up in the SNW-crossover where at least two of them will be at least 100 years closer to the ENT crew. ;)

  8. There are multiple T Shirt postings with that headline every day at the moment. Seems to be some kind of a bot farm.

  9. As with all the other posts, this is NOT Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

  10. They were cosplaying as Darmok and Jalad, though ;)

  11. They are also often obsessed with writing for Social Media reactions. What kind of reference could I include to get the show trending on Twitter? They often seem to sacrifice logic, world-building or plot cohesion for that goal.

  12. And they are actually quite expensive.

  13. Hey, MISTER! She's still out there with her collective of happy borgified drones.

  14. There were even ice cream trucks promoting it across major US cities. All done to get attention for the re-release of The Wrath of Khan, I assume. There were literally dozens of articles on Khan between June and late August on all relevant Paramount social media channels.

  15. This is the most intelligent thing I've seen posted here from startrek. com in a long time

  16. Let’s say it’s the most satisfying. ;)

  17. It's IMO a pretty horrible episode and the arranged marriage angle is pretty creepy if you ask me.

  18. It’s early TNG. A lot of it regarding the culture of Betazed was still very experimental. But one should point out that this particular plot triggered criticism in 1987 as well. Because Deanna is ready to submit to the wishes of the families and basically give her career away. That particular Deanna obviously has nothing to do anymore with Season 7 Troi who even manages to get a promotion to command.

  19. I would skip the original pilot episode (The Cage) until you made your way through half of Season 1.

  20. I already watched the first episodes so it's too late.

  21. Ok, then I would suggest this order for TOS Season 1:

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