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  1. Thought I would share this render I got from the Wonder AI app, thought it was too cool not to share.

  2. The one on craycroft and speedway plays some gothic classic music. Honestly it feels like it attracts them to the store.

  3. I love stepping out to the Castlevania organ music

  4. Someone needs to put this to a metal song

  5. Working at Subway by choice is all I have to read. Get a fucking life. The condescending prick is calling me a condescending prick! Funny how that works right?

  6. Lmao I hope you get everything out of life you deserve. Bye now.

  7. I will accept this as your forfeit in this rousing debate. Now go make me a sandwich

  8. Probably have to go up to the next level of 50+ a month for a more serious gym. With fitness being the in fad/brainwash on social media, I’ve watched the gym explode with so many broccoli bois and ass-only exercise e-girls, that you can actually smell the body dismorphia in the air.

  9. Evolve, Beast Strong, Tucson Strength

  10. Nice picture, great day to take it!

  11. Transmissions unlimited did me right. Had to replace a sensor on my transmission, quoted me lowest out of everywhere I called. I believe it was 800 vs 1200 and 1600! (Never go to Borst)

  12. I had a horrible experience with them. They ruined my transmission.

  13. Borst quoted me twice what another shop quoted me, and loosened a sensor so my idle was rough, and the manager was so embarrassed he refunded me the diagnostic and sent me a 50 dollar gift card in the mail. Never use Borst.

  14. Very cool. Will definitely keep an eye out for the album!

  15. Definitely refreshing to hear. I’m no music expert but I get like a samba feeling from the hats, but still jazz progression with the complexity of the rhythm, then an eastern vibe from the sax melody. Can’t wait to hear this one finished in particular.

  16. Thanks for this! Have you found any places with a decent amount of wulfenite? I found one stand at Kino last weekend that had once piece, was looking for a few more!

  17. Yes! My partner saw it at Kino, towards the southeast corner! Kinda close to the parking lot. Good luck!

  18. We found some at Kino by the food court! Three pieces ranging from 11-30 dollars. Bought two of them! This other booth had flats that included wulfenite from Milpitas, but they were sold mixed in flats. Thanks!

  19. Ah the wildcat house. Multiple lines for booze so you know you’re getting hammered, the “wall of shame”, those damn shooters they walk around selling. I miss that place

  20. From what I remember I do too. Those cheap ass long islands always did it for me.

  21. Oh yeah the Long Islands! How could I forget those!

  22. Yeah but why is she talking like that?

  23. Because she’s making a video to put on social media, so she thinks she has to act like an actress

  24. It’s funny because they just went back to the same prices/percentage off that they had before going rec. Shows how they just tried to make a quick profit.

  25. Are they trying to brag about taking six weeks to crash their jars?

  26. I thought it was usually 2-3 weeks.

  27. I’m going to assume this sign is heading south on Campbell and not north.

  28. North is prescription drugs, cocaine and botox.

  29. I thought this was well known information already?

  30. Trust me, nothing like what the TO offered in terms of culinary delights can be replicated at Tanque Verde. The food truck park might end up being cool but it's not the same as having a dozen restaurants that are built out of plywood and stay in one place, competing with each other every weekend. There were niche Mexican and native foods in a setting and place that you can't get anywhere else.

  31. Yeah I love El Taco Rustico and I believe it started there.

  32. Homeboy’s ghost gun turned him into a ghost 😂

  33. Not all autos are created equally, many are not good. Who do you recommend?

  34. Mephisto Genetics or Night Owl. You can check my post history for some Mephisto grows I did

  35. Now that's what I cwqs hoping to hear! Rocbudinc is amazing too! You can't beat tge flavors and quality!

  36. What’s the harvest date and thc percentage? There are two different percentages listed at different locations for me figure I would try and match up with yours

  37. Nah that’s perfect I think one is 22.7 so that works! Thanks!

  38. The Velocity of Love is well worth a listen

  39. The original mosaic is one of my favorite songs

  40. Someone posted a picture of him in the post about the umbrella lady’s passing and someone commented that he passed away. Don’t know how to verify but that’s what I read.

  41. I like g4 have you tried the Marilyn Monroe?

  42. No but I have heard it’s pretty skunky so definitely want to try it

  43. I’ve grown fatter, more solid buds than this without PGRs and autoflowers…. Show me the proof

  44. Ak 1995, Lemon Vuitton, Sour Leopard, Chemistry #1, an Cherry Punch were all pretty solid. I know there are maybe 1 or 2 more I'm forgetting.

  45. The Las Vegas Triangle Kush recent batch had a good gassy smell, harvest date was December.

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