Why is Christianity the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted?

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Joe Biden is everything Democrats and the fake news accused Trump of being

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Breaking: FBI has raided Mar-A-Lago

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question : why is reddit so massively anti trump and so pro Biden even though regardless of trumps flaws, Biden is unquestionably the most incompetent, senile & crooked old fuck in US history ?

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  1. I gotta say, I'm tired of the shit show. The pro trumpers and the TDS liberal loonies

  2. These "both sides suck" arguments miss the point. You don't have to love or hate Trump to be able to point out that the way's he's been treated by the establishment is highly unusual.

  3. Not very specific nor does it explain the unusual treatment of him by the establishment.

  4. Maybe don't use a WS dog whistle if you want to be taken seriously Marcus.

  5. Please continue throwing a hissy fit about the WS bogeyman - in this case apparently advanced by a PoC - while your material conditions degrade.

  6. Seems like you've owned yourself. Pretty amazing that you went from denying the use of antisemitism (to shut down criticism of billionaires) to doing it yourself. What other billionaires do you carry water for by billing it "white supremacist" to criticize them?

  7. I mean we have 10 a day about hunter biden and he hasn’t even been in office

  8. Hunter's just acting as a bag man for the president's influence peddling. No biggie.

  9. Legos and Star Wars, together in a video game??? What a great idea!

  10. I'm holding out for the to throw Doritos into the mix.

  11. You do understand that the FBI is not the ones who make the decision to conduct a search warrant or raid. They are the one ones carrying out an order. That doesn't make them a deep state.

  12. Boring and flimsy argument? You're the one that started the conversation with deep state and conspiracy and provided zero evidence to support it. And you still can't provide any. And your defense for that Is your can't waste your time. But somehow you can waste your time replying to my comments. Which tells me you don't have any valid arguments. I'm the one who's wasting my time not realizing that I'm in a conspiracy forum. I guess I was just bored today. But hey. If you can honestly give me a valid reason why Trump should be able to hold on to those records and not turn them over to the presidential archives which is required by law. I'll concede and agree with you it's nothing but a deep state conspiracy.

  13. 😂😂😂 He's a republican, just because he says things doesn't mean he believes them. His actions speak louder than words. Words mean nothing.

  14. Ron Paul was a Republican too lol. Shallow argument, but what one would expect from someone using the crying laughing emoji.

  15. Cool story,bro. I don't recall the FBI having been caught before talking about how they'll stop a democratic candidate from being elected, for starters.

  16. Wrong. It's because Christianity is the predominant religion in the western world. Look at the U.S. and see how many laws we have that are based in Christian doctrine despite our "separation of church and state." Therefor any mockery of Christianity can been see as "punching up." Christianity is the Amazon of religions, people are more than happy to rip on Amazon and Jeff b and most people won't bat an eye at it, but as soon as you start ripping on some little mom and pop shop, a lot of people with think that's pretty rude because it's punching down. Same goes for other religions to an extent. Also fuck Christianity for thinking its cool to rape the whole world.

  17. My problem with the mockery of Christianity isn’t because Christianity is mocked, but because you can’t really mock Islam or Judaism without some sort of outcry or backlash. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but it is a double standard for sure.

  18. It's a double standard that's been culturally engineered into existence. Terms like "antisemitism" and "Islamophobia" were vigorously promoted and folks seen to be engaging in them shamed in media. There's no popular term used as a cudgel against critics and open haters of Christianity.

  19. I forgot... the shills here support the duopoly.

  20. Trump is deliberately risking prosecution to help with the midterm? Lol.

  21. Yeah, he's never done that before, lol.

  22. It really appears that someone is trying very hard to create a global food shortage.

  23. What a cool coincidence that, while the third world is likely still reeling from hunger created by the pandemic's economic disruption, countries are trying to restrict fertilizer use even while the Ukraine conflict removes at least 60+% of the world's fertilizer supply.

  24. Restrictions started to get imposed years ago in some countries. It's all part of an agenda to deindustrialize the West and lower its living standards.

  25. I always thought it was so wierd seeing all these leftists progressive types covering for and cheering on the same governmental group that have a history of going after black activists. The left flipped in 2016 when Trump won the presidency and instead of "fight the power" they're now "fight FOR the power"

  26. Neolibs figured out how to hack the brains of weak minded leftists way back in the Occupy Wall Street days. Old school leftists understand that these institutions exist to protect oligarchal power.

  27. We're just at the start of a wild ride that may last decades.

  28. You can find lists of all the politicians who have been convicted of sex crimes and the list for Republicans is way longer. I'm talking convicted in a court of law too. That doesn't really get mentioned in this sub and I wonder why lol

  29. I always mention the Franklin Scandal when talking about the scope and history of elite child trafficking. The fact that Bush Sr. fucked kids might explain why Bush Jr. seemed to have an issue with his dad and why he made some unconventional choices, like being a male cheerleader.

  30. No, pedo's are trying to normalize pedophilia and created the MAP identity. They tried to conveniently rebrand themselves extrapolating from neolib rhetoric on sexuality and to be clear, no one even neolibs bought that shit

  31. Hopefully the saner neolibs will prevail if it's not part of their agenda. Some neolib-aligned corporations definitely support pedos hiding behind the fig leaf of "preventon".

  32. He botched the COVID response. Idk what your right-wing sources are telling you, but he did lol.

  33. You're asserting the validity of an opinion without making a real case for it. Given that neoliberal propaganda leads you to believe things like "[Trump] recommended people inject bleach" you might want to consider reading some more objective sources, as well, like the dissident left.

  34. I literally just gave you a link debunking this. He didn't recommend anyone inject anything.

  35. Lololololol... that, too, is perhaps even more possible.

  36. I hate to go there but Biden was, what, 77 or 78 when he was elected. So if Shrillary is 76 or 77 at the beginning of the next term, she arguably has a shot at it.

  37. The FISC court clearly laid out the shoddy work of the fbi…

  38. The "deep state" confirmed its existence in its efforts to spy on and unseat Trump, a democratically elected official.

  39. It's pretty terrifying. Social media is probably the secret sauce. People not only receive propaganda but get to participate in it, emotionally investing in it.

  40. Okay, to be more accurate the condition of this sub is pretty representative of any establishment-controlled platform. They're all full of shills, bots, propaganda, and censorship. While using an establishment forum one has to deal with this stuff and this "noise" makes it hard to achieve any meaningful social cohesion among dissidents. You usually have to "leave the plantation" and go to platforms that aren't yet dominated by the establishment to escape the "noise". And, outside of the digital realm, we're likely going to have to do similar IRL. Parallel society.

  41. For me now it says : "It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search"

  42. "We haven't ideologically curated your search results yet. Check back soon to see approved links!"

  43. Welp, I guess you can just keep flying that flag my man. Stand back, stand by, and sip on some chilled Flavor-Aid while you're at it.

  44. If anyone's drinking Kool-Aid it's Milley. Obvious ideologue.

  45. Not sure why that is much bigger, when Trump with his hotels did the same.

  46. Trump made the bulk of his money out of public office and his net worth *declined* over his time in office which, if he trying to enrich himself through public influence, wouldn't make much sense.

  47. GDP of Texas is 1.7 TRILLION and bigger than all but 11 countries in the world. Interesting you keep framing Russia that way. Seems dishonest.

  48. Such a huge scandal - Trump changing a public position on whether or not it was likely that a nation with the GDP of Texas meddled in the US election (never mind that a ton of other nations also employ astroturfing in the US to influence things) - that I'd forgotten all about it.

  49. I have a feeling they have access to all of our passwords and can easily lock any of our accounts if they wanted too

  50. Imagine the proverbial "airbrushing out of history", but automated, instantaneous, and pervasive. An automated "unpersoning framework" is easy to imagine in which, when your social credit score drops below a certain threshold, every aspect of who you are will be "cancelled". We already have the capacity to generate deep fake audio "confessions" and deep fake video of your "crimes".

  51. So now that we know this is happening...are people okay with it? Seems like they are, which is a bit confusing

  52. People literally pay for always-on microphones to be put in their homes (Amazon Alexa, Google Home) and cameras too (Google Nest, etc.). Normalcy bias. The alliance between corporations (able to collect data with impunity) and the state (about to use our money to buy this data) is consolidating its power.

  53. Where the fuck did this take place? I live in ny state and almost nobody wears a mask anymore. When I do see someone with them I automatically think they are not so smart and they are the problem by showing how easily we can be controlled.

  54. I’m just saying that if I were a father and this old hag would have said that to my children, I hope that she was at peace with her life and family because Burger King is one hell of a last meal choice.

  55. Let's just say a "self defense situation" might end up arising in the parking lot where there aren't cameras.

  56. Holy shit they’re putting vaccine skeptics on the same level as Holocaust deniers?? This is insane

  57. Their "red lines" reveal a lot to anything who gives them some thought.

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