1. A database is a great idea, I can create one on AWS free tier. Just need to create a program to pull all new SPACs from the SEC website and parse info. Any other developers that want to start working on a project with me?

  2. I'm interested but I'd like to hear more about what you have in mind.

  3. You can do the project with Python standard library and 3rd party packages such as Tkinter or PyQt, which are implementations of popular GUI frameworks.

  4. If you're inside, open a window for smoke.

  5. You could use a static variable to keep track of how many times the function is entered

  6. Hi everyone! I've been leading development of this product so feel free to AMA!

  7. Are you required to have a GitHub account to use the service? Can this service be used on local machines without any sort of web-based version control service?

  8. I suppose I was thinking of system that would automatically run your tests when you make a commit to the local Git repo.

  9. wow, im an idiot, haven't slept in a few days

  10. I am using ripple currently to store metadata. I should be able to to store file with IPFS and just reference the hash in the ripple memo field I suppose

  11. I don't know enough about ripple but yes what you described sounds reasonable.

  12. Watch Rectify on Netflix. It does a deep dive into this.

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