1. Dang. No drilled out passage from the under bridge to main cavity? I’m guessing you’ve ruled out drilling one?

  2. I was actually wrong, there is one! It was smaller than I imagined and I couldnt see it once I painted it, completely over looked it! I ran the grounding up though to the bridge, and its currently sitting under it, but now theres buzz unless I touch any of the metal on the guitar lol it didnt fix the problem, only expanded it to more than one place.

  3. Easiest route would be through some active emgs in it as they don't need a bridge ground but otherwise finding a way to get it to the bridge maybe take the bridge off and drill a hole from under the bridge to the cavity.

  4. Considered the EMG's but I dont have any way of cutting into the body for the battery hook up, etc.

  5. Yes, the end of the wire is bare and lays flat between the body and the bottom side of the bridge.

  6. Thank you so much for providing a link! I was actually wrong in my post, there was a hole for the ground wire! I thread it through, pinched it between the bridge and the body, but I'm still get a hum, this time it just stops whenever I touch the strings/tuners/etc. Which, is a definitely improvement, but it cant lay idle without making noise.

  7. The Toasters reminds me of ITC Juice or Fontdinerdotcom

  8. Yea I saw a few on Font Diner that were similar!! Thank you!!

  9. I dont have an answer but cheers to this! Such an incredible album. Was just talking about it this morning at the record store I visited!

  10. Might you be talking about the white hot guitar which they pushed even further into what they started calling "nemesis"?

  11. Yes!! Nemesis!! Perfect. Thats exactly where I last heard it!! Thank you! I was racking my brain all night ahaha you rule, thank you again!

  12. Just had a listen through AKG K240 mkII and you really got me questioning my ears haha. I’m just hearing a little saturation and/or distortion with reverb but there may be some chorus too. There could be production tricks too like double tracking and moving them out of sync slightly, perhaps having one lower in the mix etc. Probably something only the producer could answer.

  13. I'm definitely a beginner in the production world, so I'm sure you're right. I'll have to play around with all of those a bit more and try and push and pull them to possibly achieve the sound. It may be everything all at once magically coming together. He's also been using the sound effect live, he seems to have a pedal for it on stage. You can hear it a bit more clearly

  14. Great brand! Really enjoy what theyre doing!!

  15. I was thinking the same thing!! Those YSL cheekbones aha

  16. I believe its in a pencil sharpener or his hand ahaha that would be an insane detail

  17. Agreed. No way they wouldve fumbled this type of detail

  18. They sold these years ago, probably somewhere between 2005-07. They looked a little bit different from this one, as the ones that went into production were fake leather and were more of a biker style than the one above. The Rev's is more of a collard jacket. I've seen 2 surface online, both badly falling apart and deteriorating, neither for sale. I think your best bet is to have one made!

  19. Have you tried a 'reverse image search ' on google? I'm on mobile right now so I can't help atm.

  20. This is made by Friedrik Munch, the long lost half-brother of Edvard. He wasn't as fun to be around, but he grew up in Austria so it explains.

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