1. Watch looks very nice visually. Dial, logo, indexes - good. Date properly placed.

  2. It took a while. About 3-4 weeks since I believe ZF paused production on the v3 15500 for a couple of weeks.

  3. Ask Eric to tighten the 5 o clock screw.

  4. Congratulations looking forward!

  5. I got a 2.4 mm gasket that worked on a crystal swap.

  6. Looks like a v2 cf with an aftermarket crystal like prof’s 2x AR.

  7. Interested in the review as well!

  8. Thanks, good to know. My VSF DJ is currently being serviced & plated. Curious how it will turn out. What crystal you used for the swap, gen? Enjoy your watch 👍

  9. Nice, in your case I believe that VSF crystal is good quality to keep, so bezel plating is a great mod! I’m sure you will be pleased with it.

  10. Did you have prof install?

  11. V2… crystal in all v2 DJs is bad. Look into replacing it and you will have a much nicer watch.

  12. Very subtle differences in the hands and white ring around the crystal.

  13. Never been a fan of jubilee with smooth bezel for the DJ.

  14. V2 hands… not sure about the crystal. But either way, v2 crystal from CF is not great. I would recommend getting this one and replacing the crystal with an aftermarket or gen.

  15. Watch boxes for sale, I think this has business potential.

  16. CF crystal is very bad. Even v2. Get a Prof Crystal and your watch will be much nicer.

  17. I ordered this with Eric @ Geektime and it was all good.

  18. Is there oyster bracelet option?

  19. I’m sure any TD either has it or can source it for you.

  20. Contact him via WhatsApp, sometimes he has models that are not on the website!

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