1. i quit a lil while ago and this is making me want one more than ever

  2. For the first time in my life I feel I need to take up smoking. 👍

  3. This is crazy I swear this was yesterday and not 10-15 years ago

  4. I just rewatched the Scarlet Johansson "Ghost in the Shell" recently and it was actually so surprising how similar (in scene inspirations) it was to both Cyberpunk and Blade Runner 2049 - obviously they are all the same genre, but some scenes seemed like prototype inspiration for the others

  5. Yeah, I have had similar experiences - I find the lag so ganky. It was especially disappointing with the Charizard raids - would get to no HP and suddenly back to half and a shield would pop up 💀

  6. tear the sign down and set fire to their house. also steal their garden plants

  7. Ok I really love Pokemon and I don't wanna sound like one of those fans but.... this new gen has some of the absolute worst and laziest designs in the history of the franchise. Usually there are one or two that are camp duds, but this gen is rife with them :( It actually breaks my heart

  8. Finally, I can retort 'its just a bunch of magnets' or 'its an ice cream' with 'those are white mice with no detail...standing next to each other'

  9. and their evolution is... more blank white mice icons 😬 Also Paldea form Taurus is just black. No design changes. And a flamingo, that's just a flamingo?

  10. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/the-story-behind-the-cryptic-drawings-appearing-on-melbourne-footpaths-20181129-p50j26.html

  11. Very qualified, good feedback, correct advice based upon clearly explained experience (such as talking about working with the lighting etc), knew what she was talking about. She was an excellent judge for this particular challenge.

  12. I really did love the final designs of X and Y starters and didn't mind the Sun and Moon starter final designs, but it's so crazy the final designs for Sword and Shield starters are all so jarring and for me, don't really work when compared to the first and second evolutions. Well some more than others. Just my two cents.

  13. Also lets talk about how insanely excited I was for a fire/dark starter when Litten was announced. A breath of fresh air from like four generations of fire/fighting types.

  14. I know right? And even to this day I forget it's Dark and not Fighting.

  15. Tried it, confirmed that I didn’t like it, haven’t used it since.

  16. really? I feel as if it's worse / more generic and more confusing

  17. Oh no he understood before the conversation started. He was trying to guilt his way into some upgrades

  18. this is 100% correct - I watched this tik toks natively and the OG does a follow up post to say he cancelled his reservation cos it was too expensive (therefore losing the double queen room) and made it via booking which got him in this predicament.

  19. if you think Boronia is depressing, stop off at Albion

  20. It's actually two collars - one is a really lovely longdog / greyhound collar which we got online, in small but was too large for him and he could slip his head out of it, so we got a second smaller collar from Kmart for $6 which goes on the outside and tightens it.

  21. He is so beautiful. Do you have issues with him bolting? I only have had one whippet raised with Great Danes. I feel stupid asking this, she has been my only sight-hound.. She has a perfect call back, has never once took off, literally ever. I see so many collars like yours, is it just because the slender neck and sighthound face that those collars are used?

  22. I think it's because of the neck yeah. But he does get super excited around other dogs and will run off to greet them but does come back pretty well

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