Pic I nabbed of Cody Rhodes’ return to MSG tonight.

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  1. I don't know the model name, but the brand is LI-NING:

  2. Pro SB Corduroy Dusty Peach. Search for BQ6817-201.

  3. There is a difference between rent going up commensurate to inflation/taxes, and rent jumping by massive amounts out of nothing but greed. I expect my rent to go up a bit each year, but if you were my landlord and came to me with a 30% rate hike I'd have some questions and would be understandably upset if the rate hike was due to your greed alone.

  4. I’m replying to the screenshot of the tweet, not imaginary if/then scenarios (that we agree on)

  5. Dude, within 6 months of moving into my last apartment, the rent went from $650 to $750 without notice, then when the new lease agreements started getting passed out, the new rent was $850.

  6. Nice. They're a collab with Montana Cans. Search for Reebok CM9612.

  7. Cheers, might just be reebok’s quality is looooow.

  8. If you don't mind losing the gum sole and switching out the gray branding for blue, the 'TV' version of these has better leather / materials and is based on the original from 1987. Search for GZ4962. Not sure what your size is but Footpatrol delivers to Norway and

  9. Fantastic. What size are those

  10. Lol this reads just like a sophomore who took too much acid and "unified physics" over the weekend. "First I had to figure out the whole space-time thing, then I realized our brains are like 'quantum' n-shit, and like then I time traveled"

  11. Can you put that in layman's terms?

  12. Have any Tool fans nearby? They’ll tell you all about it, you don’t even have to ask

  13. I met someone like this in the science section at a Barnes & Noble in Philadelphia like 15 years ago. He told me how he had actually figured “it” all out by reading comic books. He was dead serious so all I could muster was polite nodding. I’ll never forget it. He was trying to find books about “all the dimensions.”

  14. Yes, especially if you get a variant with "vintage" in the name. They're very soft, flexible, and comfortable.

  15. Why do so many people, mainly dudes, seem to think that men and women can't be friends? People got so bent out of shape when that picture surfaced of Austin Theory and Mia Yim goofing around at that photo shoot for yogurt. too.

  16. Glad someone's posted the clip that demonstrates what everyone who actually listens to Kliq This already knew. Nash was fucking around then and he's fucking around now; that's what he does.

  17. Yup. Good rule of thumb: avoid participating in threads about podcasts that you don’t listen to.

  18. “Oh is sportsball on??” - you on Super Bowl Sunday probably

  19. Tons of office spaces are liquidating furniture on places like FB Marketplace. If you don’t mind buying used, your $300-$350 range can take you a long way there.

  20. Anyone who witnessed the rise of Eli Drake in TNA/Impact should not be surprised at this

  21. I stopped watching in 1999 and only got back into wrestling during the recent podcast era, so I missed TNA/Impact completely, but I loved his shit in that first season of NWA Power. He stood out to me even then, knowing nothing else. That’s where I first discovered Eddie Kingston, Serena Deeb, Thunder Rosa and Ricky Starks too.

  22. Holy shit… it never really hit me just how talented of a roster NWA of all companies had at the time. Think they even had Sandow in there, what a crew.

  23. They even had Mongrovia’s national hero, The Question Mark.

  24. Cool. After you reboot, run a gpresult /r just to be certain no GPOs are applied. Then test.

  25. Not OP but learned about rsop.msc from your comment, ty for posting

  26. Nice! You got it. It’s useful not just for showing any applied domain policies, but also any applied local policies (which you can edit using gpedit.msc).

  27. Border collies can be a little obsessive. The dog will do that as long as you let it, even if it hurts.

  28. I know a border collie who can’t go for walks in the rain because she spends the whole time trying to eat the rain out of the air.

  29. I have a vague memory of reading a thread that mentioned this on USENET back in the 90s and, lo and behold, here it is:

  30. He looks like a very patriotic nutcracker, I mean that in the best way

  31. Go to the NPR / Tiny Desk YouTube channel. I’ve discovered so many great artists there.

  32. Did they ever release the teal/purple jazz solo cup colorway in the states?

  33. Doesn’t look like it. Not yet, at least. It’d be pretty weird if they never did.

  34. Not sure about other countries, but March 25th @ 12:00am EDT on Reebok US:

  35. I don’t know much about cosplay. Is this much digital manipulation representative of a certain style? It looks more like CGI than a person, to me.

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