1. Do you think you're putting Jordan Peterson in the center of your head for a reason?

  2. The irony in that statement. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not like Sam Harris isn’t wrong on a few things but calling him the one with ‘crazy ideas’ is just insane while you have one guy here that takes Alex Jones seriously and another one is in deep end of the religion.

  3. When someone proudly states that their brand of ideology could literally have a mountain of dead babies in their basement and they wouldn't care? That's a you problem.

  4. She's not a fraud. She explicitly and clearly operates as the initiate to the Crone of chaos and murder, it's just she has a pretty face while doing so. If you find an AOC supporter in public, you'll find they are more intelligent than you give them credit for. A smart dog is easier to train than a dumb one.

  5. She defrauded many of her supporters, even if she knew all along she was faking it.

  6. Wokeism is the screeching of the Crone- the Hillary's, the Pelosi's, the View, even the AOC's (who are initiates of the Crone).

  7. That's all socialism is. There will always be centralized power that "distributes" wealth and that centralized power will always help itself to your top dollar.

  8. They'll murder you in the streets and blame black people, republicans, klan members or otherwise and you will feel SO seen and THANK them for the opportunity.

  9. Sorry, shitlibs, I like him way more than creepy Biden.

  10. He absolutely is. His foreign policy is the stuff nightmares are made of. That said, I don't want Desantis for pres, I want him to be emperor of FL. Hes done decent work there.

  11. Socialism - a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

  12. Those definitions of socialism vs capitalism are so fucking skewed to political purposes I don't even know where to begin.

  13. Spare me the ad hominem bullshit, Horatio. I spelled it all out in plain English for ya. Yer the one having comprehension issues here, projecting your woke shitlib "revolution".

  14. The "attacker" is Paul's lover. This entire story is Nancy punishing them both.

  15. This story is more about Laura Rozen being a hack and making up lies and smears.

  16. Sometimes I suspect you're Aaron Mate himself, but then I realize I also thought Michael Malice was Glenn Greenwalds husband for a time 🤣.

  17. They set the precedent today for you to cheer on then they take your property tomorrow.

  18. I don't like civil forfeiture. Nonetheless, I'm pleased they are working to hold those who committed this arson accountable.

  19. Be a real shame when you're pushed into a federal backed crypto and the government decides it doesn't like your politics and seizes your property.

  20. Yea Reed Coverdale (the Naturalist Capitalist) is livid about this, having campaigned for her multiple times.

  21. Just wait until the Republicans sweep the field come midterms, they'll toe the line. They'll exhume McCains corpse and have it dance a jig selling nuclear armageddon. Then his daughter will make out with it and the Democrats will clap.

  22. The US will detonate nukes on our own soil and blame Russia/ China for the attacks.

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