1. I'm sure there will be way less shooting in the city now that he doesn't have guns.

  2. Ironically, I'm sure he's the type that says "gun control won't keep criminals from getting guns" while having several illegal guns.

  3. doesn't matter to him if what he thinks he's doing is justified.

  4. I don't think a scam involving physical visa prepaid cards getting delivered would work very well for someone based in India

  5. that's a good point, but usually they coerce the shopper into messaging them the info of each card via promise of a bigger tip

  6. Years ago, the Seniors released a dozen chickens in the halls. We caught 11 really quickly and everyone was on the lookout for the 12th chicken all day. Kids kept making (or playing) really realistic chicken noises in class and I the halls. We were frantic trying to find the last one, someone even checked in the ceiling.

  7. Sad thing is those kids will likely forget about it by the next class period.

  8. OK, thank you. I just worried that it was too much work to ask of one person, even with a decent tip.

  9. No it's not. Not with Kennedy. Senate races are state wide, so gerrymandering plays no part.

  10. Actually, my wife knows my wife also knows she’s the best sex I’ve ever had if you’re in a relationship that you’re afraid to discuss your past even past sexual encounters, then I don’t consider that a very healthy relationship. First and foremost my wife is my best friend and then my partner, and then, my lover. I know you were trying to stir some shit up but you’re barking up, the wrong tree here I’ve never in 15 years lied to my wife, nor tried to conceal in anyway, my past, she knows how many women I’ve been with, and again she knows out of all of them. She’s the best I’ve ever had, and she will be the last I’m ever with because I was fortunate enough to find my soulmate.

  11. i drank a bottle of this and when i finished i was like hella

  12. that is super close margins for this state. usually it's around 8-10.

  13. If anyone doubts how low the Republican Party can go just look at Kavanaugh. To me he clearly lied during his confirmation hearing. Even if you believed him, he was a total emotional wreck, not the type of person you want to have a lifetime appointment as a Supreme Court judge. They could have pulled him and put up someone just as conservative but not a liar and rapist (or emotionally unstable if you believe he was falsely accused). Instead they supported the rapist who likes beer, has Devil’s Triangles which is a drinking game and definitely not a 3way and ultimately comes off as a spoiled 10 year old when he was questioned during a confirmation hearing for lifetime appointment as a Supreme Court justice.

  14. I’ve never encountered a single dasher who wears a DD shirt.

  15. Let’s put the real shit on shelves. The longer they wait the less tax dollars they get

  16. well thanks to Republicans, the real shit isn't coming to the shelves.

  17. yes! i just cannot zone in the way i need to with a video game anymore when i have a little one to always be aware of!

  18. Fluid intake includes fluid from drinks and foods. Not just water. An easy way to tell if you’re hydrated is enough is the color of your urine. Thirst is a sign of dehydration and ideally you should be consuming fluid before your brain signals you’re thirsty since you haven’t gotten enough fluid intake.

  19. Also, dehydration can suppress the feeling of thirst as well.

  20. and nothing will be done. see yall at the next thread.

  21. What could actually be done realistically? Are we just supposed to legislate ourselves into peace and prosperity? Are we going to legislate away the part of human nature that does this?

  22. no bro, i just don't want firearms to be the fucking number one cause of death for children in this country jesus fucking christ

  23. ok well when they're released, then make sure you update your comment so we can all see how right you are

  24. Lol not triggered, I just downvote asshole comments is all.

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