1. Probably because not many of them are worth it, and even the ones that might look good after a few years, don't look good for the entire contract. Is seager really going to hit 340 the rest of his career? No. So.. how much are you blowing the last half of the contract that could go elsewhere? These big contracts are only going to new a few great years at best. And that's IF they work out. Spent a lot of money on degrom.. they won't all "work" out and of those that "work" out are still a waste of half the contract. I hate to say it but the astro model is what the M's are working toward.

  2. But why are you disregarding to the first half and immediately pointing to the back half? That’s not how contracts work. You take a risk by overpaying when they’re bad in exchange for having their actual good-great seasons when the team is good, which are far more important than 5 years from now and well worth a trade off.

  3. i think if there was a slam dunk fit they should have gone for it, but i don’t honestly think there was—of the four shortstops, swanson and turner had specific teams or areas they wanted to be on/in, and bogaerts’ hit tool didn’t profile well in our park (at least so i heard—this is on top of the deal he got seeming kinda crazy). we probably could have signed correa, and maybe that would have made sense, bur he was getting massive offers, there’s the scare about his ankle, and also a lot of people just plain don’t like him from his astros tenure, including plenty of M’s fans. i think they were right, honestly, in what they did for our outfield (trading for teo and leaving room for kelenic and trammell)—there was no reason to believe teo would stop hitting like teo, who’s been a monster offensively when he’s right. all this is to say—i am not against signing free agents, i just don’t think the philosophy that lead to the m’s not signing any of those free agents is so unreasonable. teo honestly seemed like a slam dunk for us—clubhouse fit and bat-wise. i truly thought that trading for (and eventually extending) him was one of the best moves we could have made. i hope he turns it around.

  4. I really do think Semien was a slam dunk fit

  5. I don’t watch anyone to get better, but for entertainment I watch Kevin, Dimmu and Koogs.

  6. At a certain point we have had the same manager for almost a decade now and never been able to hit consistently. Even last year we were a boom or bust offense. Something needs to change. Also maybe dont throw out Brash in high leverage situations when he has been horrible this year.

  7. I still fail to see how changing a manager improves offense, but

  8. the only decent hitter he was 100% personally responsible for going out onto the market and acquiring was Haniger.

  9. Well, I guess is this a process based analysis or results based? Because guys like Adam Lind, Jesse Winker, Teoscar, etc are absolutely good hitters that he acquired

  10. It’s so interesting how people differ.

  11. I’ll miss the walking past it, watching the log go down the drop with everyone screaming and me saying “Nope, absolutely not.”

  12. They haven’t been released to the public yet, only season ticket holders

  13. I was going to comment that my reign of terror of having no MLB players be younger than me is coming to an end soon.

  14. There’s everyone mentioned and also Evan White, but I think he’s dead

  15. Hello, say something about the Padres and I'll respond with a cool fact about your team.

  16. I believe Carlos Asuaje remains one adjustment away from becoming an upper tier second baseman in the league

  17. I don’t think sports betting is illegal anymore in Washington the casinos near me all do it now.

  18. Yeah you can bet at the sport books at the casino but you can’t do it online on the DFS apps and quite honestly I don’t ever see it coming, at least not this decade

  19. I’ve taught myself to not rage at this game anymore. But in MLB 20, I played a game where my opponent got 32 check swings in their favor including 4 in a row with 2 outs in the 9th and the tying run on first. And then shocker the next pitch he hits a bomb

  20. Throw less fastballs than what you’re throwing. Even if it feels like you’re only throwing 4 times a game

  21. Nah let's the noobs do it. It just lets me know I am about to load into a guaranteed win.

  22. Definitely the case in BR, but oddly in ranked the people do that in my experience are actually very good, so I don’t really get it

  23. I wonder how many people don’t know Gausman started with the Orioles

  24. I am sure Kolten Wong will do good things and will not piss off the fan base tonight

  25. Surprised Geno is “league average”

  26. I don’t really use DRS much, I always go straight to OAA, which has Suarez at 6 which is tied for 2nd in the majors

  27. In his first full season in 2016 since Danny Espinosa was still around but that was the last time

  28. Yes but it is a miserable experience (although I haven’t played 24 so maybe it’s changed). The AI GM will constantly demote and recall the same reliever nearly every day, top prospects are traded for mediocre players, send down young and very productive players for no reason, etc

  29. I don’t necessarily perform better but the game is way more fun

  30. I like to think that Rich Hill gets absolutely fucking pummeled by the Rangers but, baseball.

  31. A 106 OPS+ in 45 games doesn’t really impress me in the slightest, but sure, i’ll move it from all around bad to average at best

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