1. I don’t care about the different forms, haven’t even evolved any scatterbug, but nice to see how you’re helping the community.

  2. Huge CastleVania fan, any character that isn’t richter (or a Simon copy) I’d love

  3. snail doesn't drop tokens anymore i believe, stuff just goes straight to your inventory

  4. What's the goal? You could build a meta team like Medicham, stunfisk, pidgeot. Or are you looking for spice picks?

  5. Was watching false swipe gaming, and too lazy to edit the screenshots

  6. 24 times 7 is 168, so the highest possible max would be 168 hours a week, but if you play while switching time zones at a certain speed you will be able to add on 6 hours and it will count as 174 hours in one week. It is possible, and easily achievable by a bee swarm no-lifer.

  7. You got pretty lucky this time, next time you get a star egg, you should save it until you have every gifted bees (beside mythics) in your hive so you can get a free gifted mythic

  8. You should go petal wand -> windy bee -> petal belt, you could switch windy and belt but probably not the best game plan.

  9. I would keep it as a shadow, and wait for the mega to decide whether or not to purify. You can always wait, it’s not life or death.

  10. Blud got the young Sheldon sense of humor. Can’t even understand a joke.

  11. Nobody has a grudge against him, it’s just cringe that you’re speaking like a 14 year old and unironically calling a group of people you identify with as chads

  12. Well I’m pretty sure 12 year olds aren’t allowed in reddit

  13. I think it depends, if you want to progress slower and build tabby love, buy tabby, if not, buy photon, I bought photon first and I don’t regret it

  14. If you macro tabby bee doesn’t have to be first. I got photon first, and when I started macroing building tabby love took just a couple days.

  15. I’m just a teen, need to update my counter bc I’ve gone back to my old habits after a 2 week streak bring lost

  16. You can do it. Stop while you're young. The consequences for the last however many years are vast in comparison to this one event. This is just the one that sucks the most.

  17. The good thing is it’s not a porn addiction, but I’m still addicted to masturbating using my mind. I want to stop because it’s unhealthy and for religious purposes.

  18. My hamster looked just like Dedenne therefor I named her after one. She passed away and it really broke me. Since then I’ve been collecting Dedennes in PoGo. I really hope I get a shiny in honor of her

  19. First one is the tropical Oricorio - pink bird in a hula skirt. I caught one on vacation in the Bahamas.

  20. Oh yes! Lots of poke stops and gyms where I was too

  21. I’ll ask a friend to snag one for me, he’s going on a trip there soon

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