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  1. They literally think he’s being blackmailed by his agents.

  2. Do they know he’s his agent’s boss and not the other way around? 😭 And even if they had anything to use against him, no working agent with a desire to maintain a career in Hollywood would ever threaten their client like this? That’s a sure way to get anyone blacklisted in the industry. What exactly does forcing him to be with her do for them? Mind boggling stuff. And scary how they bring so many people into this mess just because they can’t accept a relationship and their millionaire idol having any agency in his personal life. People are way too deep into thinking everything is a huge conspiracy.

  3. No joke, they think CAA froze his bank account and personal assets. They’re getting all their info form inside sources too.

  4. I don't think this comparison entirely works. Skylar is objectively a much less evil character than Walt or Jesse, and it was particularly horrific when fans thought she was worse than the murderous, lying Walt just because she was 'annoying'.

  5. Men on this show get to kill other people, be straight up physically abusive, nonchalantly support nazis and Shiv is still somehow the worst because she accepted to play the game just like everybody else? Sarah Snook has talked about how people expect loyalty and care from Shiv just because she’s a woman and honestly that’s so annoying. Everyone else gets to be a selfish asshole, but yeah it’s just the worst and unacceptable when she does it. Half of the things you mentioned are just dumb moves lmao. How many of those have Kendall and Roman done since day one too?

  6. I didn't say she's the worst overall, just that she's frequently the woooorst (ie terrible). They're all awful people! It's great and correct that no one got a happy ending! I think it's the opposite - people forgive Shiv for all of the terrible shit she's done because she's a woman, without zooming out to the fact that she is a literal billionaire with so, so much power compared to almost anyone else.

  7. I honestly don’t know where you’re see people forgiving Shiv for her actions other than slightly feminist places such as this sub. Anywhere else people loathe her. And that’s the point of this discussion because just like in Skylar’s case the public’s reaction towards her is completely overblown and unbalanced because they can’t grasp the idea of an unlikable woman. You’ve said it yourself, they’re all awful which is why the show is great. They’re all selfish, disloyal, ambitious and willing to throw their morals out the window to seek said ambitions. And somehow, objectively, nothing Shiv has ever done in the show is remotely the worst compared to what the men have done time and time again. Skylar not being bad like Shiv is doesn’t stop the disproportionate reaction they receive being comparable. Roman wanted to fuck up the vote himself, but Kendall got him in line just in time. The mainstream public reaction would not have been nearly the same had he been the one to do it. And they’re all billionaires lmao, it’s not out of this world to want people to be objective towards her just because her privilege is so big. Acting like she is constantly the worst simply for not being a caring wife, a loyal sister, a paragon of girl power and reason when none of those things are expected of the other characters is plain wrong and rooted in misogyny whether you like it or not, like it has happened to other female characters in big shows with terrible men.

  8. On another note, all celebs must really love Paris cause why did this show in particular have so many of them compared to the other Europe shows

  9. A lot of people are in the region atm. Cannes festival going on, Monaco GP weekend, Louis Vuitton show & Cartier event in Italy; Selena is filming something in France as well. Quick transportation between all these places and probably a more high profile celeb experience in the city than they’d get in idk Sweden or Denmark.

  10. I genuinely hate how he seems to mold all of the women he’s in relationships with so they can fit some acceptable aesthetic in his mind. I still remember Julia Fox saying she had to undergo some sort of makeover bootcamp and lost 15 pounds in a month to be seen with him. No matter what people think of the women involved with him, I still feel sorry for them being used as his personal dress up dolls. Some people say they should be grateful to him for allowing them to be taken more seriously in the fashion world, but no one deserves to be controlled that much.

  11. I think the majority of the responses I saw when he posted pointed to Billie Eilish* which made sense to me tbh.

  12. It has been that way since she reset her account in the Reputation era tbh.

  13. What is this article lmao. People getting involved with a TV show and it’s characters, joking about it and discussing it happens with anything with a certain popularity. I agree that some of the fandom talk Succession has gotten is really funny and out of the norm for a show so focused on the corporate world. But this whole thing is really making something out of nothing.

  14. Did you read the article at all? Because you're speaking as if it's just about some silly Reddit post or people liking bad guys lmao the article 100% has a point about the unhealthy and almost deranged relationship people have with fictional characters to the point they're willing to harass real people over fake ones

  15. Yes, which is why I commented that it’s a bad one lmao. People live reacting to an episode on twitter and having intense reactions towards unexpected plotlines is not a legit problem. Throwing the word harassment around for this stupid of a situation is such bad faith. Jesse Armstrong is not curled up in a ball on the floor because some Team Shiv teenage girl got mad at him online, be serious. That visceral reaction is exactly what the show wants from the public. And it’s just that… a freaking tv show. I’d take people being obsessed with a fictional character rather than a real human being any day. Your kind of reaction is taking things a lot more seriously than the fans being called deranged actually are.

  16. Like, this isn’t the first nor the last show to depict evil/villainous people that still manages to get viewers to root or sympathize for/with them on certain situations. Especially when it’s a show that’s so good in showing how not black and white most of those characters are. Weird to try to make it into some new kind of phenomenon.

  17. I actually think the submission in the screenshot makes a very legit point. Maybe it is what people in this group mean by the term PR because these things are discussed frequently here, but the general public still thinks of PR relationships like they describe. Just about every move of a celebrity is so calculated nowadays to forge their paths that everything to some degree is PR so you might as well make the most out of it. But we need to shred this idea that PR relationships mean some studio head made two people sign some crazy contract obliging them to pretend to be together for x period of time.

  18. This notion that you have to undyingly support any celebrity you like in everything they do "if it makes them happy" is so fucking crazy.

  19. 🎯🎯🎯 People are very comfortable with the idea that the celebrities they like are above criticism and deserving of their support no matter what. But I guess that’s the result of an fandom culture that was raised by expressions like “protect x at all costs”, “x is such a small precious bean” and the constant equating rightfully calling someone out to cancelling their entire existence. People want their idols to be unproblematic sooo bad they’ll brush over anything they don’t like if they’re too deep into being a stan. These past few years have been really eye opening and taught me to be against any misogynistic hate campaign to a female celebrity so I’m not calling for that, but seriously fuck her for giving this man a bigger spotlight. She’s not some clueless being like her fans keep trying trying to paint her whenever she puts a foot wrong.

  20. Maybe Eiza Gonzalez? Didn’t listen to the podcast so that’s purely based on the post’s description. They just finished filming a Guy Ritchie movie and pretty sure the photos she posted about it were all taken by him because I remember her highlighting it and they being very gushing of each other in social media. But it seems they deleted whatever interaction/comment/tag ever since the divorce news came out.

  21. you’re so right that’s why I hate the “this is how you age when you’re unproblematic” bullshit, Jared Leto aged fine like wine and he’s still a horrible person !!!

  22. That’s exactly what they did when he started dating Olivia. They used to act like Camille Rowe was the antichrist reborn while they were dating, ridiculing and overanalyzing anything she did and losing their minds whenever her and her friends made fun of the absurdity of the situation. And they haaated when his songs seemed to be about her or she would show up at concerts. But ever since Olivia people did a major 180° and started to claim they missed Camille and always preferred them together. It’s a horrible dynamic and it always makes me feel for any woman who comes near him.

  23. Not to beat a dead horse with the “old money”/Sofia Richie conversation, but am I the only one who finds it kind of embarrassing how regular people go about this conversation? Like how did the internet meta go from “eat the rich” to praising old money and “stealth wealth.”

  24. My two cents is people are obsessed with labeling aesthetics and acting like they’re in the know of everything. Like thanks to the surge in celebrity gossip these past few years everyone acts like they’re an authority in PR relationships and pap walks. The amount of comments from people you’d never imagine to care about it on pap pictures saying they’re staged because they have Backgrid’s mark on them you can see anywhere is insane. And it shows a profound lack of actual knowledge on the subject, but the most shallow ideas get propagated nonetheless. The same goes for tiktok girlies who label everything in regards to style. Every week there’s a new thing. Clean girl aesthetic, cottage core, old money, dark academia and whatever else. So normal people think they know old money now because they can recognize basic signs of it and start bashing people they think don’t conform to it. It’s a really weird phenomenon that I think the pandemic has made worse. There’s too much information going on at all times and everyone wants to participate.

  25. OMG is clean girl aesthetic a real thing?

  26. Could be that numbers don't matter to her anymore? She's big enough that she sells and a studio can make money from/with her, but she strikes me as someone who has reached a place where she just wants to release her album, go on tour, and mind her own business

  27. I don’t doubt that could be a desire of hers, but I can’t imagine a record label being ok with it? Especially since they’re the ones who receive the majority of the money the more exposure, streams, radio plays a song gets and marketing undoubtedly plays a huge part in it. Feels counterproductive to sign a big name and not make the most out of it. Especially because a lot of musicians tend to be very reserved, but they still go out to promote their new stuff. I can only think of Beyoncé doing something like that in the past few years, but she is.. Beyoncé.

  28. Columbia have that way with their big artist. Harry Styles rarely does promo, Beyoncé rarely does promo, Adele rarely does promo. At least compared to other artist to put out music. It could just be they are taking this approach that once the music is released, they will allow that to do the talking.

  29. Do they tho? Because for the last album I recall Adele going on talk shows, doing plentyyy of interviews, tv specials. And she’s super private. Columbia also pushed Harry to promote the hell out of his first two solo albums and with the third one it felt like they simply didn’t need it because he was already in the media thanks to his film releases approaching, headlining Coachella and his relationship with Olivia making so much buzz, and he still did radio and print interviews to promote the album and his obligatory stop at James Corden.

  30. The reboot fatigue is real. Are we fated to endless adaptations of these franchises forever? An endless cycle of new Batmans, Supermans, Spider-Mans, Harry Potters, X-Men, Terminators, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and whatever else. I get that these are incredibly successful franchises and an easy money grab. But I can’t imagine this being a sustainable business model forever. What’s next? Rebooting The Hunger Games after they release the prequel? It’s like everything that gets made has an expiration date. I know reboots and remakes aren’t new in Hollywood, but it’s getting too much. There’s barely any time in between these things anymore. Harry Potter and Twilight are still watchable as hell, find the next big thing instead.

  31. I really have no idea why you included Game of Thrones in the list. Many of the shows are literally prequel shows. It wasn't some entirely new stories that the show producers pulled out of their own ass in a last seconds. It's based on an existing book franchise that the original author wrote.

  32. Yes, sorry, I meant to group it with The Hunger Games and didn’t catch it after posting. Although I think the millions of prequels and sequels they keep pitching are so bloating and uninteresting, it’s fine. But it will be rebooted to hell and back once they need some serious cash, just give them a few more years.

  33. anyone else enjoying the timothee and Kylie dating rumors as much as me?

  34. I was just about to post that too lmao. The reactions in the other thread were kinda unhinged tho. I don’t find the rumor to be credible, but nonetheless the way people are acting like poor baby who can do no wrong Timothee is so above someone they deem trashy and vapid like Kylie felt like too much. I need people to stop acting like they know celebrities personally, especially male ones.

  35. His stans are particularly annoying because they all think they're cinephiles and he's the purest artist ever. Like don't get me wrong Timmy is a great actor, but he isn't above Kylie for that.

  36. My favorite comment in the other thread said something like he dated two women who speak French so that had to be his type and Kylie does not fit it. I kept looking at it waiting for some hint of sarcasm but they seemed dead serious about it. They’re grasping at straws. Also I kinda hate the implication that he’s this paragon of intelligence just because he has French roots that I keep seeing whenever his stans talk about him.

  37. Esteban Ocon: legendary beef since he was a child with Pierre Gasly. They stopped being friends after Ocon started to get a bit too competitive and try to wipe Gasly out of track. They both never talked too much about it but Charles also said Ocon tried to kill him once or twice on track as a kid so you know, where there is smoke there is fire also. There is a blog Gasly kept as a kid (it reads as if his parents did actually) and you can actually read as he stops being friendly to Ocon. It seems to me a lot of it was also about parents being competitive to each other because two kids wouldn't get that petty with each other.

  38. Carlos’ and Isa’s relationship is very interesting to me. They’ve been together for a long time, but if you’d take a look at his social media you’d have no idea about it. I’ve noticed that at least publicly they have distanced themselves ever since a Brazilian commentator let it slip during a broadcast about the time Carlos went out with a girl during the GP weekend there. (The commentator’s son was a part of the group going out with Carlos at the time and gossiped to his dad about it). Ever since that their interactions have been at a minimum, she doesn’t go to as many races as she used to and when she does she’s never accompanying him, only his family, and the last time they were seen next to each other was at his sister’s wedding in which he also didn’t seem to acknowledge it online at all – her being there, not the wedding. Maybe it’s a decision to avoid getting people talking about them, maybe their relationship is more open than we’re aware. But he’s legit doing what Daniel used to do with Heidi and it’s a bit trippy because I definitely remember them seeming more close than that before.

  39. THANK YOU! I forgot to add this bit on Carlos’ part. I remember also that in Monaco Charlotte and Charles fought, she left the party they were at and then Isa fought him and Carlos and also left, then Carlos got wasted. If I’m not mistaken they fought bc of a party Gasly had invited them to?

  40. Checo’s cheating really overshadowed everything else. But yesss I do remember those things now that you mentioned it,

  41. That must be trolling, I can't believe someone could type all of that seriously???

  42. I swear I thought it was some sort of copypasta so I had to go see the tweet and the profile for myself. Absolutely bananas. And the stark contrast between the replies and the quotes was so funny. Everyone in the replies was so serious and supportive of her going through something so ‘rough’ and the quotes were absolutely roasting them.

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