I've built a wood & copper, open case, steampunk PC

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  1. I would rather sit on a nice couch than a gaming chair, and play on a TV rather than a laptop

  2. fair enough. you could also just connect your computer to your tv and get the best of both worlds

  3. Was bout to say, can’t believe so many people sleepin on This Machine. Excellent close to mid range utility. classic M1 Garand PING sound. .308 ammo rounds easily available.

  4. the reload is so fucking satisfying

  5. youre offended by a circlejerk subreddit. lmao

  6. It literally ended in 2013, you have had time bro.

  7. and it surged in popularity only recently? there are always going to be people who havent seen it

  8. sick. what keyboard is that?

  9. Not OP but that looks like an Azio classic.

  10. This is just tinfoil conspiracy nonsense. You have reddit account. You probably have Google services or apple. Complete waste of time using an inferior speed browser.

  11. ah yes because adding a middle man is much safer. unless you have access to the source code and computer hosting the server, you cant trust a vpn

  12. I mirror it from the PC to the steam deck and use it as a controller. It works the same as with the xbox controller. I don't know if the game works on steam deck yet, I'll test it. Partial functionality is indicated there..

  13. Oh me too. And every time I die I will get angry at the game when deep down I know that I only have myself to blame.

  14. to be fair the grab attacks from crawling zombies are fucking bullshit

  15. If it is so difficult for you to read and understand a discussion, then its better if you do not reply.

  16. If China’s so bad, then why does the US love to exploit her people so much?

  17. Another scam site advertising their shitty service through bad memes and low effort posts.

  18. actually tradeit is fine, used it for the last 3 or so years. only for tf2 though

  19. theres always the easy way out

  20. Display computers rarely have internet access… Walmart isn’t connecting displays to their Wi-Fi because they know the typical Walmart shopper would beat off to porn, add porn as the background or screensaver. Do things like download Roblox and play for hours on end.

  21. the ones at my walmart did... but i just set the background to a stock photo of a guy enthusiastically eating salad lmao

  22. You can actually build a solid pc for $400 used, it could easily run at 1080p low settings at 200fps, but obviously not everybody likes buying used parts and hunting deals so I get it. Also not nearly as portable. I resell pcs and in my area you can build a pc with 16gb of ram, 240gb ssd + 1tb hard drive, i7 4790k, gtx 1660 ti, and a bunch of other specs but I don’t want to ramble on.

  23. whats your strategy for buying used parts? my friend bought a gpu and it died a few months later (im going to assume it belonged to a miner)

  24. tree mod for those aspens? and any texture replacers on top of that for the bark? ty

  25. The problem is in other modes, for instance, Deathmatch. You can't just shoot 5 bullets and then reload in such drastically fast match like that.

  26. maybe dont awp in dm you shitter

  27. Start with Fable TLC, avoid anniversary entirely.

  28. I installed this thing and imma be real with you chief - I am not understanding a goddamn thing about this mod. Definitely has the same vibe as some mods for Minecraft where you need 34 word pages and at least 3 excel spreadsheets just to understand basics

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