1. Yes, the cheese! Mine gets armpit cheese and it's nasty!!! She's such a messy eater 🤦‍♀️

  2. Mine just gets mystery fuzz between her fingers (her toes too, but that's from socks)

  3. While suffering from HG and getting IV fluids every other day "have you tried eating crackers in the morning or taking ginger?" 🤦‍♀️ Like no, I just enjoy going to the hospital every other day to get poked and have to sit there for hours while a bag of fluids hydrates my body... /s

  4. It is a very valid concern. Particulates from smoking settle on surfaces and linger for a long time. These particulates contain toxic chemicals and affect air quality in the home. We stopped visiting my husband's parents in their home because BIL smokes in the house. Instead, they come to us.

  5. I was on a mix of promethazine, zofran, and bonjesta with both of my pregnancies, still having to get IV fluids 3-5 times a week. Both of my littles are healthy and happy! If I had a dollar for every time someone said I was overreacting for a little "morning sickness" or to just eat some crackers in the morning, I wouldn't have any medical bills...

  6. Today my 2yo wanted to go to the park. He was already dressed, just needed his jacket. It is strangely warm this week at 35-40 degrees, so it's not awful out, but definitely still chilly. He refused to put on his coat and I couldn't wrestle him to put it on, so we just went without it. He learned the consequences of not putting on his jacket- you get cold fast and have to go back home. Maybe next time he will put on his coat 🤷‍♀️

  7. How much sleep is she getting at night? How much sleep is she getting in a 24 hour period? I believe from what I’m reading total sleep is more important than sleep time per nap. My little one likes to do 30-45 minute naps but gets about 15-17 hours of sleep in total and she’s almost 5 months old. I believe they need about 15 on average in a day. Some babies need more, some need less. If she’s not cranky when she wakes up…I think it’s okay as long as she’s getting the total sleep needed. I also read that at 6 months, that’s when they learn to consolidate naps as their wake windows get longer :) good luck !

  8. Night sleep, when it was more consistent, would usually be from 9/10pm to 7/8am. She was having one wake per night. Her first nap is usually an hour after waking up and would usually range from 1-2 hours. Second nap in the early afternoon would usually be the longest- around 2 hours, sometimes a bit more. Third nap in the evening would be shorter, around an hour. So we're looking at 10-11 hours at night and 4-5 in the day or 14-16 hours total in 24 hours. Lately we aren't really getting that though with how often she's waking and how short her naps are getting.

  9. Our big one was a bassinet. Everyone said we'd want our room to ourselves and it was best to have baby in the crib in his own room. I hadn't really heard much of anything about room sharing. At the hospital I enjoyed it and then had a breakdown on the way home thinking about him sleeping in a different room. We got home and my husband went out ASAP to get a bassinet. We used the pack n play when he got too big for it. The bassinet just got use again with baby #2 for almost 5 months! I'm so sad to see it go...

  10. I could have written this myself! 2yo rambunctious boy and 4mo baby girl. It's been rough... We are done, even though I had started imagining a third. It wasn't really up to us though as I had an extremely complicated pregnancy and birth and am highly likely to experience the same complications again.

  11. I didn't have this particular test, but I was in the hospital every other day for IV fluids, which usually took a few hours. I sometimes took my laptop and worked a bit (I work remotely already). I often brought a book and got some good reading done. I made it through 4 books in a series I've been working on! I'm not sure what kind of area you'll be waiting in, but napping is fun too. At the infusion center, I had a recliner and heated blankets so sometimes I couldn't resist taking a snooze. There were also other regulars in there that I could chat with sometimes. And if you have any streaming services, you could always watch a movie or some episodes of your favorite show.

  12. Instead of getting 2 bases, we got one infant bucket seat with a base and travel system and one convertible seat.

  13. We did the same thing with our first! Once he outgrew the infant seat, we got a second convertible seat for that car and now use the infant seat for #2.

  14. The extra hour before and after work I get to spend with my family is the best kind of detachment I could ask for

  15. The nice thing about a crib mattress is if it's standard size (not mini), then it will usually fit a toddler bed too. So baby will likely be able to use it for around 5 years.

  16. I would just look up "rsv incubation period" that will give you what you're looking for. It seems like if FIL got rsv, he will show symptoms within 4-8 days. So if he comes over after that with no symptoms I think it's fine?

  17. I was mostly worried if he was a carrier and didn't have symptoms. I hear that's how RSV spreads- when adults don't realize they have it. Of course if he shows any symptoms at all he's not coming over (hoping he's honest about that...).

  18. He thinks he's just spoiled and wants to be held but he falls asleep independently? So obviously if he's waking up and won't go back to sleep somethings wrong. Funny how after some medicine and a small bottle I put him back in his crib AWAKE and he rolled around for about 10-15 mins and fell asleep on his own.

  19. You can't spoil a baby by responding to his/her needs! My 2yo still occasionally wakes up at night and needs me or my husband to comfort him for a few minutes. Kids communicate this way to let us know something is wrong or they simply need comfort.

  20. Solved by myself! Commenting on case anyone else comes across this. The movie is called, "Other Side of Heaven" (2001). It's based on a true story of a missionary who goes to Tonga. The cuts I mentioned on his feet were from rats gnawing on his feet overnight.

  21. If you don't mind me asking, what industry do you work in? And what region? I'm a recruiter so I would be happy to look around my area or some other locations we have reqs for to see if there's something close to you that's remote or hybrid!

  22. I typically schedule stuff first thing in the morning, about lunch time, or as late in the evening as possible. We often ask my husband's parents to stop by. If they're not available, those times work for my husband to be home (he will go in late, take a long lunch, or come home early.

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