A video uploaded and later deleted by a Han Chinese man. In the video you can see him beating up three young girls, who cry out "apa, apa". The word Apa means mother in the tongue of Uyghurs and Kazakhs from East Turkestan. The man in speaking Mandarin.

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  1. MashaAllah!!! You're husband is lucky to have such a loving wife!😍 BarakAllah, my dear sister ❤

  2. This is one of the best posts I've seen here in a while, JazakAllah khair for sharing it!😍

  3. Yes! SubhanAllah isnt that such a beautiful observation??

  4. Yup. This is something I have mentioned multiple times on this sub. This mentality that the guy has to be the sole provider of the family is unrealistic and placing an unberable burden for most men in this day and age, making marriage only exclusive to men making six-figure salaries or men with rich families willing to generously support them. The average man making an average salary will not be able to take on such a burden in this day and age, not until he's several years into a job and has managed to save a good bit of his income, ie in his 20s. Doesn't matter how it was back in our parents' day. The World is changing and we have to adapt ourselves to the changes.

  5. I know obligation isn't a very nice word, but if 2 people love each other, you don't just get married and do nothing for each other. You do stuff to increase the love, and perhaps obligations is a harsher word I get that.

  6. Read the dua of Umm Salama and the context around it when her husband passed away sis.

  7. You're the man! And Engineer in Saudi Arabia? Broooo that sounds like a dream 😭. May Allah bless you and grant you success both in this life and the true life.

  8. I agree this guy's story does sound like a dream, MashaAllah! BarakAllah

  9. That’s why my friend always says she’s funny enough for the both of them 😂

  10. Two of my grandparents were arranged, and the other 2 had a love marriage, (they actually fought to be together for the sake of love. The ones who had a love marriage, and sadly their marriage unfolded terribly); although they never divorced they had not an ounce of love that I witnessed towards the end before my grandfather sadly passed.

  11. Maybe it's just a different way of showing love? Different times, different cultures, I guess

  12. This is the most interesting reply here imo. First of all, consenting to an arranged marriage to a compatible partner, and then falling in love with each other over time in my eyes are the best love stories. Why this reply resonated with me the most was actually because my family has both love marriages and arranged marriages. Besides may be a couple exceptions, and those that had love marriages, their marriages sadly unfolded miserably. The ones that are arranged are now very much in love after many years together. It's an interesting observation.

  13. As a buyer on Etsy I hate that I have to check Amazon before I buy something to see if it's a reseller or if it's actually handmade. I genuinely want to buy handmade things, not cheap junk I could find on Amazon. (drop your shop names, if you do jewelry, clothing, stickers, art, witchy stuff, or animal-related things, I'm interested!)

  14. Wait a scary thought just came to mind, is it possible that sellers in china are replicating cheap versions of good handmade stuff on etsy?? I hope to God not

  15. LOL since when do "northern Indians" look like bottom left? Are you seriously trying to tell me people from UP look the same as northern Punjabis or Kashmiris?

  16. K I have family from both UP and Kashmir, theres definitely a difference but up might be diverse because my grandpa from there was super light skin green eyes, his son the same but with blue eyes. His wife also from UP was very dark, so yeah it's very beautifully diverse it seems. Unlike kashmir, where everyone looks white middle Eastern.

  17. Yeah maybe that description wasnt very good, I was mostly focused on their nose. They have a very distinct middle Eastern nose. I take that back white middle Eastern folks are caucasian, which some pashtuns do though

  18. Dang I wonder if that's why I'm having a good run lately...

  19. Yes! Ya never know having a good day might literally be because your future wifes been making some duas that day

  20. i know the school is wrong for demanding short skirts, but she clearly had an option to wear normal trousers. thats what my sister did in school, her school had either the option for a short skirt or trousers.

  21. Trousers arent as modest as long skirts

  22. My knowledge in my faith has taught me a completely different perspective than yours. Muhammad pbuh, has always advocated for humanity and the oppressed, weather muslim or not. Standing up for the oppressed regardless of beleifs is crucial in our faith.

  23. Humans will never take full responsibility if they believe a higher power will do that for them.

  24. That's a very good point, thanks for bringing it up. If we leave everything on a higher power, and do absolutely no responsibility do no action, you're right, we will quite frankly be getting ourselves nowhere.

  25. My mom has always warned me of this very thing some guys are so good at doing. Alhamdulillah

  26. I grew up watching him, haha. That cartoon would have been cancelled so fast in today's world.

  27. I did too! Wait, why would he be cancelled? : ( Am I forgetting some of it lol

  28. I’m sold. That’s going to be my goal for the year.

  29. I'm sold too, once again. The start of the year just gives me one more good reason to kick this off

  30. He also lost both the men who were like his dad after his biological dad passed away. His wife and mother of his children died as well. He went through the murders of dozens of his tribesmen, many of whom were his cousins, uncles and nephews. And watched his followers tortured and killed. He was hungry almost every day yet he still told us to be patient subhanallah

  31. I'm not ashamed to say I cried reading this comment.

  32. Yes! May Allah accept our love for the prophet pbuh and help us carry his legacy as best we can

  33. We can never even slightly compare our pain and losses the the prophet pbuhs. He absolutely deserves every single blessing from Allah swt. Think about how difficult the best man on earth, Allah's most beloved had it vs. How much easier we have it? Like we deserve it even lesser than him(pbuh)? If we count our arrogance and ungratefulness.

  34. Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of every night, and he says: Who is calling upon me that I may answer him? Who is asking from me that I may give him? Who is seeking my forgiveness that I may forgive him?”

  35. SubhanAllah wabihamdeh. This is why you've gotta love Tahajjud man. The intense closeness is so real, and I promise you Allah is listening to anything and everything in the Duaas you make during this blessed time. They will never, ever go unanswered inshaAllah.

  36. And in Islam men and women are equal in the eyes of God so...?

  37. They absolutely are, and that's because men and women are different to begin with. For example, women had to go through the pain of menstruating every month since the beginning of time and men didnt. In fact they have to bear no pain physically to procreate. It's all on women. Do we tell nature that she has done us women an injustice? No, because naturally we are also given some superpowers that males typically dont have. We have fields that are female dominated because of our gifts. It equals out once all the math is done, just not literally on every single level as some may find to be ideal.

  38. I was 6 when I first heard that when non muslims become muslims, all of their sins are cleaned. So me being a dumb 6 year old, if I did something wrong, I would say "I am not a muslim" and wait five minutes and then go like "ok I am a muslim again" thinking it will clean all of my sins or sumn

  39. This has to be the cutest thing I've seen all day hahaha MashaAllah I agree with OP, it was innocent Taqwa/Faith at such a young age MashaAllah

  40. Honestly, organizing and writing your thoughts down before finally forwarding them is one of the best ways for us introverted people to begin healthy communication. And watching videos on people with expertise on this is always awesome too. I'm glad it's working out for you, Alhamdulillah!

  41. I don't think most people know that cheap ice cream isn't even dairy. Unless it specifically says dairy ice cream on the tub, you're buying vegetable oil.

  42. Someone we know of worked in one of these ice cream factories. They never wanted to have that ice cream again... this is probably why.

  43. Wait, how did this happen all of a sudden? Do the English say this in the UK lol?

  44. I'm also an immigrant from a muslim country, and I also feared those differences. For me those differences have to do with culture/tradition. I beleive in a traditional family system as opposed to a modern western one. And almost every person I know born and raised here doesnt share similar values.

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