1. In my experience of people coming to the UK to study, there's a standard exam that demonstrates sufficient competence to be allowed to study.

  2. Canada, but I actually really don't care wherever use English because it is only language that I can use fluently except my own mother language lol.

  3. Thx I really appreciate it!!

  4. You mean '기쁨의 소식' or '기쁜 소식'? Well, it is really common word to say about 'gospel'(not only cult, but also just for ordinary Christianity, too) So it is hard to guess about what you discover just with that word.

  5. What. Maybe I'm northeast asian same as Kiriko so that's why I feel Kiriko looks younger than her actual age.

  6. If you're on switch turn on gryo aim and get good with it. You more or less won't even need aim assist anymore

  7. I feel reallly horrible when I aim with jyro so I turned it off as soon as I find out how to turn it off but.....if you're saying that, I'll try.

  8. 뭐래 등신아 내가 한국인이다

  9. How about the Italian woman in the second clip? Was she penalised for that? For the same reason? Seemed clean to me

  10. No, there wasn't DQ in second clip. I just thought there are similarities between first and second clip so I posted it. I respect ur opinion.

  11. That sounds like accepting Christ to me. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the one Unforgivable Sin, not failure to attend church. Hoping she can get to Heaven means she believes in God and wants to be with Him; atheists say that even if God turns out to be real, they'd rather go to Hell. You don't accept Christ unless you love Him. She's good.

  12. Do you honestly believe as loving and caring and all knowing and giving are both Jesus and God are that they would simply turn their backs on someone such as your friend by time judgment Day comes?

  13. Wow. I got what you want to say. Thx.

  14. Awesome! Can I translate it and post it on my blog?

  15. As a Korean, I almost freaked out for mention Korean as Japanese. Come on Westerners, there are plenty of differences.(no offense!) In addition, this translation have so many mistakes. Even hearing and writing the korean lyrics have mistakes, too. And they make totally differences in meaning...

  16. Lol it was just jk I'm not offended at all

  17. OMG I REALLY LOVE IT!!! I love how you express their personality in face......stunning🥺

  18. People can have power over you if you allow that to happen although if you are young which is quite possibly the case, your elders are simply looking out for you.

  19. Is it okay to find my own way to Jesus alone?

  20. Much of what we learn of Jesus is personal. The word alone is better called personal. A personal pursuit of Jesus is possible and many people find Jesus exactly that way.

  21. Thanks. I'll keep it in mind.

  22. I wouldn’t say it’s inappropriate. Dark, sure. But that’s fine. You’ve gone through some trauma; dark humor is a decent way to respond to it imo.

  23. Aww thanks! Actually, what really traumatic wasn't the fact that my parents divorced. It's the way people talk about it. 'The child who have divorced parents will go wrong!' Things... yeah, as you said, Dark humor was a good self defense.

  24. Lol thanks! I really appreciate it🥺

  25. What the point do you think as a lie?

  26. Well, the reason why people are mad at her is that she didn't apologized, rather making excuses of her action and claming to sue people who scholded her on her twitter account. She was dumb enough to paste her bank account (to get donations, revealing her real name) and photo on twitter.

  27. Oh. I got it. I just assumed that the 'she' that the comment above mentioned is me. But my opinion that everyone deserves second chance to make their mistake right it doesn't change.(Of course she must apologize.)

  28. Thank you for saying 'it's ok'. I felt really guilty to hate someone because I know Jesus don't want me to hate someone... And pastors advice me to forgive and accept them... It's hard to try not to hate someone.

  29. Oh. I did not mean straight up "hate" but i think it's normal to get angry (but not lashing out against someone) and it may take time to heal a wound so that you can truly forgive and accept a person (hoping they would change).

  30. Ah yes. What I wanted to say is 'to get angry.'(You know, English is not my first language so I have some difficult to express my thoughts.)Yes I feel anger. I just...I should admit that I am angry and confused because I don't know why such thing happen to me, and rely on Jesus to deal these feelings. Thanks.

  31. Asia countrys had influenced each other's culture during literally thousand of year. So of course there's some similarities between Korean, China, Japanese culture. But it's such a bullshit if someone want to claim Korean culture is from China culture just because of some similarities. Also, I don't want to debate about tradition with somebody who already burned all of their own culture.

  32. I'm a Korean. When I was a child, I wonder why there are more men who born in 80 '~90' than women born in '80~'90. Teacher explained me that people wanted son than daughter so there are more boys than girls. I was confused, like, 'Wanting boy' can't change fetus's sex, right? So I asked again to teacher-if someone really want to have a boy, he/she will have child until he/she got a baby boy and that baby boy will have many older sisters but no brother. So in that situation, it's more likely that there are more 'WOMEN' than 'MEN'. Teacher couldn't answer. And...imagine what I feel when I finally know what was truth...Now, I can understand why teacher couldn't answer me.

  33. Never thought about that. I just realized thats probably what my grandparents did. I have like 7 aunties and one uncle who is the youngest.

  34. Same here. My grandmother have 5 sisters and one youngest brother who passed away because of accident.

  35. It's freezing./I'm not baseball person. Sorry. /It's rChristianity. I'm christian and Sadly, Diversity isn't welcome value in Korea christian community, especially in protestant. There's a pastor who got punishment because He prayed bless to LGBTQ+ people at queer parade. So... It is really overwhelming experience to watch people having different opinions and debating about it./My username is just '40' in Korean wroted in alphabet./떡볶이./Black coffee./Reading books,and these day, Animal crossing new horizon lol.

  36. Hey ditto!! Even I have the UK on mine. I wanna visit Britain during Christmas time man! And Germany too! Perhaps when i get older and have saved some coins. Yeah you're correct and these places are totally awesome!! I once watched this mini documentary on YouTube where they went to a museum in the UK where they showcased all the stolen artifacts from Africa, Asia and more places that is basically from where the UK had ruled and had colonies. Now the Africans are demanding back their own cultural stolen heritage from the Brits as they should!!

  37. Wow 'UK in Christmas season' sounds fantastic!

  38. R u okay now? Did you see a doctor?

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