1. The fact you have the video still is wrong on so many levels then showing it without the girls consent secondly is wrong. You fucked up. Leave the poor girl she deserves better.

  2. One day after school I use to ride my bike home with a teacher and her daughter who also went to the school. One day we were playing in the grounds waiting for her mum (teacher) to finish work and go home. While playing in the grounds a car drove into the driveway of the house right next door to my school, another car pulled up behind it and 3 men jumped out and shot dead a mother of 3 kids right in front her kids and me and my childhood friend then drove off. We were 8 years old. To this day I remember her getting shot and her kids and the guys. It's a unsolved mystery still and whenever I google her case it's noted down to a mistaken identity and they where meant to shoot the mum of the house on the opposite side of the school.

  3. If you're going to date a dude with kids, the first thing to learn is that they come first. So the right time to tell would be when the custody stuff is done.

  4. I was not speaking for you. You said BF has a lawyer. That means his lawyer is advising him on the way forward. His lawyer may or may not know about you but regardles the lawyer has probably advised him to keep any relationship undercover. Your BF may have thought of this own his own or possible the lawyer said something. It doesn't matter. BF has told you where he stands. Almost everyone here has says basically the same thing. Stay out of it and don't interfere.

  5. Yes you seem to be if you scroll up as you need to constantly reply to people responses like you know the situation past what I've written. I'm sorry for whatever you've gone through but your first comment was sufficient enough. Do not speak for me. I am reading the responses myself and I will process it myself. You handle you issues on your own and don't speak for me. I have read your comments and you've done your part now plot along.

  6. How can Till's official account catfish her tho? You can say that blue tick determines whether some account is real or not. If it's somehow the official page, things get pretty weird lol

  7. Yep she's shown me and it's his official instagram account. I explained it could be a moderator or worker but was wondering if anyone else has been catfished by his account?

  8. It would be very weird if it was indeed the official IG account till_lindemann_official with the blue tick. If I was you I'd try to make a report through IG and send them screenshots or transcripts of the conversation. I'm sure they would like to know if one of their workers or moderators is abusing the account this way.

  9. There should be a duty lawyer available at the court that can assist you on the day. Make sure you write down a detailed account of the events and et cetera.

  10. Thanks for the reply and advice. We've been to court twice and he has contested and I've had to hand in evidencr and now we have the hearing. He did however agree for the interim the avo be granted so that's in place until the hearing.

  11. It's from the TV show ghost whisper. I've googled and searched any but it seems purple was her favourite colour on the show so I can't seem to find one. I've search purple plaid dress and unable to find a similar one.

  12. I assume you mean harassing. But no. In movies and tv shows they always zoom into a blurry security camera image and make it crystal clear, but that's pure fiction. It's not possible in real life.

  13. Thanks yes I posted this so angry typing was wrong. Someone zoomed in and got it for me. It's not fiction in some cases anyone else reading this it's sometimes possible.

  14. Rightio bud I have a clear photo from the video using a program that zooms in and someone woth experience. You could be talking about another type of situation that's very far or bad quality camera i dont know im here simply talking about mine. I've submitted my photo to the police so yeah its possible depending on camera and position. Have a nice day

  15. Yes an answer we needed!!! Ty OP for asking thus I so needed this answer

  16. Is it possible to park across your own driveway so that he can't?

  17. I saw your other post, I think this will antagonise this situation, the person sounds extremely disagreeable to be doing this kind of behaviour. So I think it's risky. I do think you are best going through your landlord to contact strata. If you have this driveway under the lease then it's reasonable for the landlord to chase this up for you. If your landlord doesn't assist, I would contact a tenancy legal aid service to assist you with the next step. But If he is blocking your driveway by parking on the street or the nature strip, then you can get him ticketed through council, but if it's on the apartment land then you need to go through your landlord.

  18. Thank you, yeah its on my driveway in a unit driveway. So not public property.

  19. There usually isn't a thing such as emergency disability support workers. The NDIA also say that they do not fund crisis supports.

  20. No worries , i just called lifeline and they assured me if you give them a call they can talk to you and help also the lady said they have extensive data base to advise you. Plus i checked they're site in Google they have option to talk , chat by text , chat for support or chat about anything , they don't judge. Google lifeline online crisis text chat, available 24/7, lifeline online crisis chat service 24/7, lady i spoke to in wa assured me that they will help and talk to you. But the chat text service is available to . Also I'm here . if you need support finding help , I'll make myself available all night if you want , it's definitely no problem.👍🙏🙋.

  21. If you have a learning difficulty, maybe you could get an advocate involved to assist you. You could try People with Disability Australia…maybe they could help you navigate the process

  22. They are currently full I'm on a waitlist already this is a great idea though thank you

  23. But it's not complaining. You have an issue you need resolving. If another tenant were to move into your property after you, the problem would likely continue. Seek out help. Call people. Email them. Don't just live with this. Hope it all works out for you mate.

  24. Youre not wrong, thank you it's very true I can't imagine anyone else feeling comfortable with this

  25. You know many people have already pointed out my idiocy for saying specie instead of breed, ok?

  26. People who want a particular animal because it's cute but don't know anything about the animal rarely make good owners.

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