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  1. Thanks Gherk. With the meltup coming to an end what mechanics do you see leading to an equities crash? Wondering what specifically you see that still is correlating with the river runs dry dd.

  2. You can stuff them into newborn for 4-6 weeks. It starts looking really funny at six weeks for my kids lol. They look like little hulks with their rubber band wrists trying to burst out of their sleepy suits.

  3. Thanks Gherk! Merry Christmas and a festive Yule

  4. I've been here long enough to know you put a ton of time and work into trying to understand market mechanics along with the quants. Trying to understand such an intentionally complicated system is not easy and anybody who expects you or anybody to have all of the answers is being incredibly unreasonable. Thank you for your continued diligence.

  5. This whole sub needs to be deleted if you can't allow actual research posts. WTF

  6. Thank you, Gherk! I hope your appointment goes well. <3

  7. I'm probably sitting this one out after being burnt the past three times I've played opex. So yeah we're gonna fucking moass this time

  8. I know we’re likely not getting a reliable sample due to selection bias.

  9. People can only tolerate bullshit for so long.

  10. Can you expand on the major ftds? How much are we expecting?

  11. Can you find a way to track implied volatility on screen of the stream? Like with the Greeks? But updating throughout the day?

  12. It could be green, it could be red 🤷‍♂️

  13. That's interesting, JFreshes data showed that volatility will increase (which may not be equal to a price improvement)

  14. Thank you for the Revlon tip. I'm up $1400 today

  15. Can you explain how to do it on fidelity? Do you have to do it when placing the initial buy order? Because I'm not seeing any kind of edit, set up a stop loss on my positions page. Or do I just have to set a sell order with some kind of stop loss option?

  16. Submit a sell order, instead of market or limit, change it to trailing stop and select either a percentage or a dollar amount.

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