1. pataday eye drops packaging. Need a knife to open it up. Just add a perforated section with an arrow or line showing where it is.

  2. NTA. Gotta say, when this kind of thing happens on social media, the only way he can show he supports your relationship with him is to stop contact. Anything else is simply not wanting to stop engaging with the other person.

  3. I tend to think that feeling is excitement for change and a bit of fear of the unknown but definitely not a reason to turn away.

  4. NTA. The only thing you need to replace is the retainer. It's all that was damaged by your dog.

  5. My wife and I were having a conversation and I asked her if an alien spoke to you and asked you this question, what would your answer be?

  6. I was gonna agree with hope until I think about the look in my cat's eyes when I go into the kitchen.

  7. Make sure the undead can't get in either then continue with my clueless life.

  8. YEs, poor fellow. Had to tell his family in my cap. They were devasted.

  9. "original" flavor ramen following directions exactly. In a coated paper bowl. Maybe with a flower pattern...

  10. There may be some 800-1000 lb folks able to stand and move on their own. And while 4 starving people could probably be crushed under each fat person, it would be difficult to wrangle them in position to be crushed.

  11. If a pocket universe is a dimensional space created by the inflation of the universe, how is it different from a pocket dimension that can only be created by magic or some powerful entitiy? The logic kind of escapes me but the idea of pocket universes and worlds in a story would be interesting. How does time work? Gravity? Gravity in relation to time? Good luck.

  12. Lobster mac & cheese, 1/2 pecan pie, 1lb bacon, 1/2 cheesecake, sweet iced tea with lots of ice. Heart attack on a plate....

  13. Ya ain't gonna die young and your corpse won't be all that good looking....

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